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2022 homemade Christmas Card

Eva's 2022 book and movie lists

Eva's first animated feature (138 seconds); Alternate link direct to YouTube.
Eva's practice animated short (50 seconds); Alternate link direct to YouTube.

A graphic short saga based on a true DNA discovery.

35 35-word stories by MaryDan and Eva.

Herman D'Entremont, 1931-2015 RIP

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Pages at this Site:

The Chinese character for Go Go-related:

Go Page
Sign for Go Club's outreach events. Go rocks
Election-related Go windows/A>, 2008.
"Take Out" Go Windows, 2007.
Go Windows 2006. Circular sign utilized.
Go Table at the Dragon Boat Festival June 12, 2005
The 2005 Go windows Go is World Serious.
Guo Juan Workshop at the Woodlands
Go window display, April 2004 Two mannequins
Go Windows 2003 Go sculptures
Go Windows 2002, A Beautiful Mind
Go window displays, 2001 April, July, and September. Go Past, Present, and Future.
Results of the MGA 2019 Fall Go Tournament held October 6, 2019 at the Boylston Chess Club in Cambridge Massachusetts.
Results and photos from the MGA 2020 Winter Go Tournament held January 12, 2020 at the Boylston Chess Club in Cambridge Massachusetts.
Santa Fe, NM U.S. Go Congress & birding.

binocular icon Birding-related:

Birding component of my January 2018 trip to Phoenix
Bird photos I took August 5-21, 2017 on a vacation to San Diego (the US Go Congress), Rancho la Puerta near Tecate, MX (a spa, with my sister), and the Salton Sea.
The only part of the vacation that was a birding trip per se was the last two days when I drove alone from San Diego to the Salton Sea via the Anzo Borrego Desert State Park.

I got photos of about 65 avian species during the 16 days.

Birding Nantucket at New Years
The Ballad of Sir Glenn by Oakes Spalding
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2018
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2015-2017
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2014
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2013
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2012
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2011
Birds photographed by myself in Massachusetts in 2010
Birding France, May 15-22, 2019 with friends Stauffer and Jenny
Birding Ireland, April 26-May 6, 2016, with my cousin Anne Gunshenan
Birding Montana, Wyoming, and northern Utah, August 9-August 21, 2015
Birding Hawaii, May 30-June 9, 2011
Birding Arizona, August 2-12, 2010
Birding Utah (and the Grand Canyon) April 20-30, 2009
Birding Guatemala. September, 2008
Birding Kansas (and OK and AR). March, 2008
Birding Mexico. March, 2007
Birding Florida. March, 2006
Birding Texas Columbus Day weekend, 2005
Birding Panama Feb. 21-28, 2005
Birding Belize March 11-March 18, 2002
Ecuador, birds
Birding Peru
Birding Trinidad
Birding Colorado
Herman's home page
Birding California trip notes (Text)
Santa Fe, NM U.S. Go Congress & birding.
Bird drawings, etc. plus java Typewriter applet
Birding Panama Feb. 21-28, 2005
Non-avian Fauna in Panama
The rest of the Panama trip (Flora, habitats, people, nests)
Harlequin Ducks. Jan. 6, 2007 at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport MA
A whale-watching trip out of Boston May 4, 2007
Glenn's Brookline Bird Club South Beach trip off Chatham, Cape Cod, MA Saturday, August 4, 2007.
I call this movie Tampopo, which I heard means dandelion in Japanese. The Mt Auburn rabbit in it is eating a dandelion like it's a noodle. Other wildlife pictures I took are linked to my video page.
Hummingbird gathering nectar from Marie and Larry's flowers in Madison Wisconsin 9/2015 (video)

The Scream by Edvard Munch Art-related:

The Eva Healy Collection
Exhibition of Christmas Cards at Genesee Community College, Thanksgiving 2001 through January 2002.
Special Exhibition of Bicycle Art
School-of-the-curator wing
Contact sheet of homemade cards
Art Gallery
Paintings by Jirí Keller Have easel, will travel.
Silkscreening our 1995 card (Mostly text)
Images of our 1995 card-in-progress
Homemade cards 1977-1986
Homemade cards 1987-1995
Homemade cards 1996-2005
Homemade cards 2006-2015
Homemade cards 2016-present
Toys as folk-art
hand-painted rolling stock

Homage to the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Go Granny Go sculpy diorama
Sketches made at the Harvard Museum of Natural History in 2010 while between jobs.

house icon Personal:

Our Home
music,books,movies including mpegs
The 100 Prisoners Problem
Information on my mother's ancestry. She is Alice Kilty Casey (1911-1989). This info is also linked to her Memorial Page.


husband Herman's home page
Eva & Herman (32k) in Ecuador, 2/99.
George R. Casey's Memorial Page
Alice Kilty Casey's Memorial Page
nephew Ezra took up rock climbing in Seattle. I'm relieved to have heard no more about it since he moved to San Francisco and then Edinburgh.
Emmett McCann and Randy Illian's visit , Jan. 7, 2002 Chicago: In which Eva visits her old neighborhood, South Shore, and her cousins, in the interstices of the U.S. Go Congress Aug 3-11, 2002.
Paintings by Jirí Keller Have easel, will travel.
Ellie Miller, friend This site includes birding articles
Enjoying the player piano with houseguests, February 2019. Video by Craig Jordan, singing by David Fisher.

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