Bird Photos Taken in Maricopa County, AZ Jan 2-11, 2018
in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Mesa, AZ by Eva Casey.

I photographed 63 avian species birding every morning and, on Jan 10, after my friend (who isn't a birder) flew home, all day. I was guided by Birds of Phoenix and Maricopa County Arizona by Janet Witzman and Troy Corman, and by (I never got beyond Areas 4 and 5), plus I went on the Monday morning birdwalk at the Desert Botanical Gardens January 8. That group cumulatively got 37 species, which included birds only heard and flybys. I photographed 21 species there, of which 7 were ones I did not photograph elsewhere during my trip. The Gilbert Water Ranch is another place I picked up a lot of species not seen anywhere else. I was hoping to spot a Roadrunner but didn't. Local nonbirders who hike in the McDowall Preserve say they see them regularly, so I went there twice. I tried for the Burrowing Owls at the Scottsdale Community College but only saw their abandoned mounds. At Veterans Oasis Park, I saw signs about Burrowing Owl Cams, but was told at the visitor center that the owls had left during the recent drought. Also I missed Loggerhead Shrike.

Auariparus flaviceps Selasphorus rufus Calypte coste Calypte anna
Verdin Rufous Hummingbird Costa's Hummingbird Anna's Hummingbird

Callipepla gambelli Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus Melanerpes uropygialis Quiscalus mexicanus
Gambel's Quail Cactus Wren Gila Woodpecker female Great-tailed Grackle

Colaptes chrysoides Sayornis nigricans Pipilo chlorurus Taxostoma curvirostre
Gilded Flicker Black Phoebe Green-tailed Towhee Curve-billed Thrasher

Sayornis saya Colaptes auratus Haemorhous mexicanus Setophaga coronata
Say's Phoebe Northern Flicker House Finch Yellow-rumped Warbler

Podilymbus podiceps Nycticorax nicticorax Limnodromus scolopaceus Gallinula galeata
Pied-billed Grebe Black-crowned Night-Heron Long-billed Dowitcher Common Gallinule

Himantopus mexicanus Butorides virescens Falco sparverius Phalactocorax brasilianus
Black-necked Stilt Green Heron American Kestrel Neotropic Cormorant

Buteo jamaicensis Sturnis vulgaris Pandion haliaetus Parabuteo unicinctus
Red-tailed Hawk European Starling Osprey Harris's Hawk

feral domestic muscovy ducks are in many parks in greater Phoenix feral domestic goose with a uniform appearance across many parks in Phoenix Agapornis roseicollis Zonotricia leucophrys
Muscovy Duck Greylag x Swan Goose hybrid Rosy-faced Lovebird White-crowned Sparrow

Other Perspectives on Species Already Showcased Above (in the order of the pictures):

A sampling of other avian species photographed around Phoenix, in taxonomic order:

Costa's Hummingbird in Phoenix's Desert Botanical Garden
Great-tailed Grackles vocalizing
Green-tailed Towhee in the Desert Botanical Garden
Curve-billed Thrasher singing atop a cactus in the Desert Botanical Garden.
Curve-billed Thrasher singing in Red Mountain Park, Mesa AZ.
Cactus Wren vocalizing in Papago Park.

Eva and Elizabeth playing ping pong at the Marriott Canyon Villas in Phoenix.

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