Birding Trinidad and Tobago February 28-March 8, 1998


We saw the Tufted Coquette in his full splendor.
It was dawn at Asa Wright. My camera only got shape

Here are 3 more drawings commemorating Trinidad that I used in our 1998 Card :

Fish (27k) Ibis Honeycreeper

23k 15k 25k 24k

Blue-crowned motmot; Purple honeycreepers; Oropendola & Bare-eyed thrush; Jacamar

22k 5k 3k 9k

Nesting & flying Red-billed tropicbird; Magnificent frigatebird; White-necked jacobin


We were a group of 13 <51k>, affiliated with the Cape Cod Bird Club. Our leader Don Scott <20k> engaged local guides Rudal Ramlal <49k>, Sheldon Driggs <45k>, Frank <30k>, and Adolphus James <60k>,

We spent 5 nights at the Asa Wright Nature Center in the mountains of Trinidad, then 3 nights right on a snorkelling beach at the Blue Water Inn near Speyside on the island of Tobago. Both places had all modern conveniences and great food.

24k 31k 42k 38k

Birders overdressed for the beach & dressed for the beach; Locals; Pool at Asa Wright

54k 29k 49k 10k

Scarlet ibis watching at Caroni swamp; Birding is a stop & go activity; E(still),J(in motion)

Our Group <49k>, in alphabetical order

Barbara <21k>
Bill <38k>
Diane (29k)
Don <71k>
Eva (17k)
Glenn (36k)
Herman (31k)
Jane (48k)
Janet (35k)
John (17k)
Lynn (28k)
Shirley <29k>
Susan <8k>


Hummingbird at dawn. (4K)
Roufous-tailed jacamar, same individual as above (34k)
Blue-crowned motmot , tail view (19k) Motmots sculpt their distinctive tails.
Purple honeycreeper & white-necked jacobin(9k)
Anhinga (37k)
Red-bellied macaws (24k) come to roost at sundown
Ruddy turnstone (17k)
Bananaquit & Male Green honeycreeper (10k)
Pied water-tyrant (6k)
American pygmy kingfisher (5k) through a scope
Cocoa Thrush ( 18k)
Male purple honeycreeper (2k)
Oropendola nests (53k), Crested oropendola on nest (31k), Oropendola (10k)
Male & female White-lined tanagers w. Palm tanager between (29k)
Female white-lined tanager (14k)
Male silver-beaked tanager (19k)
Common potoo (17k) Cheating. I photographed a photograph in the tobago airport. We did see a Potoo in Caroni swamp.
Scarlet ibis (17k) Cheating. Same source. Scarlet ibis galore roost at dusk at Caroni.

The nature photos in the Tobago airport are by Roger Neckles (Thanks to a web-reader).

Other nature shots:

89-98 Butterfly (9k)
Unidentified Butterfly (7k)
Helliconia (18k)
Frog & impression (45k)
Lizard (25k)
orchid (18k) at Asa Wright
bat (27k) clinging to a tree at the edge of the mangrove swamp
agouti (14k) The agouti is a LOT bigger than a mouse.
crabs (24k) in Caroni swamp
Cooks tree boa (28k) locally called Cascabel, in Caroni swamp
Cashews (33k), one nut per fruit, on a tree at Asa Wright
Geology (46k) Pool 5 min. from the dining room at Asa Wright

Artsy stuff Herman does not like:

Glass bottom boat(40k) interior
On the trail(49k)
Watching a woodpecker (45k)

Architecture & Civil Engineering:

I only have a few digital images, because I did not get the idea of including architecture until I got home. Plus, we never went to Port of Spain or Scarborough, the largest cities on Trinidad & Tobago respectively. Most of the houses were raised. That is, suburban houses differed from American suburban houses in that there was a car port under the whole house.

Garage (30k) where we had our van tuned up.
The facilities at Caroni Swamp <52k>
Signage <25K>
The Porch at Asa Wright <40k>
Farmhouse with Parrot <30k>
Zoom onto Parrot <33k>
Bridge (44k)

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Nature photos by Roger Neckles

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All the photos on this page were taken with my Sony Mavica Digital Camera w. zoom lens.

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