The U.S Go Congress & a Little Birding in Santa Fe NM August 1-9, 1998

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All the pictures on this page were taken with my new Sony Mavica Digital Camera w. zoom lens.

Birds photographed on the St. John's College Campus, Santa Fe NM

29k 13k 16k 56k

Spotted Towhee; Another shot of the spotted towhee 49k
Either a Mexican Jay or a Scrub Jay
Black-chinned hummingbird, in the arroyo right below the dorms of St. John's College

unidentified bird. (12k)
Epilogue: Mystery solved in June 2001. To unveil what I'm calling this bird look below

Other scenes noted from my walks

Eric Osman jogging in the arroyo 45k
Rabbits were abundant 22k
Flower 37k
Sunset from the NM campus of St. John's College 13k

Taos Galleries:

23k 20k 43k 37k

Churches between Santa Fe & Taos:

34k 30k 25k 28k 19k

The altar at Chimayo; The approach to the shrine; pulpit; To the choir loft; The church at Ranchos de Taos that Georgia O'Keefe made famous

Architecture Shots:

A balcony near the plaza in Santa Fe (21k)
The Mabel Dodge Luhan Gate House in Taos (32k)
The Mabel Dodge Luhan Gate. (36k) There were a pair of magpies in that tree.
The Lumina Gallery, located next to the MDL house. <34k>
Downscale Portico & mural. Chimayo <40k>
My Room at Pueblo Bonita B&B(21k)


Go Players making music. (37k)Daphne & Mike Ryan, Betsy Small...
Kauro Kato (27k), a Japanese Dan player who helped improve my game
Phillip Xie of Houston (10k), one of my opponents.
(30k) These 3 ladies were friendly to me in my B&B


State Seal of New Mexico. (18k)The State Capitol was a block from my B&B.
The Rio Grande gorge (18k), between Taos & Santa Fe
The Santa Fe Trail, 1998 (35k)
An offensive word was erased from the inscription on a statue in Santa Fe's plaza (17k)

I say the mystery bird is a Female Black-headed grosbeak
Email me if you have a better idea. I admit the July 1998 St. Johns Campus mystery bird (12k) is not an exact match with the Female Black-headed grosbeak <21k> I photographed at Scott Rashid's banding feeder at the Estes Park YMCA in June 2001.
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