Viewing Nature in Texas
Columbus Day Weekend 2005

Northern caracara White-tailed hawk Red-shouldered hawk

Clapper rail Moorhen Black-bellied whistling duck

Roseate spoonbill White ibis Tricolored heron Reddish egret

Scissors-tail flycatcher Loggerhead shrike

Wild turkeys

male Gulf Fritillary Palamedes Swallowtail

White-tailed deer American alligator

javelina Nine-banded armadillo

Trip Report:

We flew to Houston for Bill and Linda's wedding, but we allocated a day before the wedding to bird the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf Coast. I, Eva, am not a birder, but I enjoy birding on trips with Herman. On this long weekend in Texas we got 73 species of birds, 43 of which I photographed. We saw the Clapper rail right next to the boardwalk. A sign on the boardwalk said all the territory in sight is required by a single Whooping Crane family. Virtually all the Whooping Cranes in the world winter at Aransas from November to April. Herman told me the silvery patches on the black vulture I photographed from the boardwalk is a differentiator from the turkey vulture.
We spent the morning of the wedding day (2pm wedding) at the Jesse H. Jones County Park, 3 miles from our hotel in Kingwood, TX. We got a pileated woodpecker and a yellow-bellied sapsucker there, and had a lovely walk over the Cyprus swamp boardwalk trail to Spring Creek. I see Christmas card potential in the Great egret roost in the pines.
Sunday morning we got a late start because of Mass. We spent this beautiful day at the W.G. Jones State Forest about 35 miles from Kingwood. It's supposed to be a good place for the Red-cockaded woodpecker, but they are most active early in the morning. We did not see any. The day was unproductive, except for birds we had already seen,and poor looks at a few warblers. Bluebird was a new trip bird but my digital photograph, though recognizable, is blurry.
Monday it rained until 4pm, but nevertheless we had a very productive day at Brazos Bend State Park, 35 miles southwest of downtown Houston. I would say armadillos and alligators and white ibis and moorhens and black-bellied whistling ducks are guaranteed.

There are .avi movies of an armadillo and a red-bellied woodpecker (the soundtrack on the latter features the black-bellied whistling ducks in the background) on my movie page.

Not to lose sight of the centerpiece of our trip, here's a snippet of a line dance (1 Mb, .avi movie)) at the wedding reception. The band was called "The Supreme Court Decision."

Photos Sorted by Place:

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, including anhingas, neotropic cormorant, belted kingfisher,brown pelican, juvenile yellow-crowned night-heron (spots or streaks?), green heron, great blue heron, monarch butterfly,and flowers
Brazos Bend State Park, including little blue herons (mature and immature), cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, downy woodpecker, pied-billed grebe, ducks in a tree, and a spider.
Farm Roads, including a caracara eating what appears to be a rabbit, cattle egret, and red-tailed hawk.
Jesse H. Jones County Park, including the Texas State Bird (northern mockingbird ) and a butterfly with a blue body and brown yellow-spotted wings, which Lisa Larson identified as a Pipevine Swallowtail, and after googling it I agree. Compare My Picture with a Pipevine Swallowtail in better condition from another source.

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