Bird Photos Taken in Massachusetts in 2018 by Eva

I photographed 186 avian species in MA in 2018, which is a personal best. My high water mark since I started keeping these records in 2010 had been 165 in 2017, I am constrained by a self-imposed rule to showcase only species not given the limelight on my 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015-2017 pages. I surprised myself that I managed to get 21 candidates for showcasing in 2018 that did not overlap any of the 212 species I had showcased earlier. I have photographed 281 Massachusetts avian species since I started this project circa 2010.

There is a photo collection spreadsheet in Excel and in html, showing which species were seen in each particular year.

I contend that glancing at the 21 birds showcased on this page, together with clicking around a bit in the list of the 77 unshowcased species below those, gives an overview of the variety of avian species that novice birders can see in MA (especially if they hang out with good birders or go on Brookline Bird Club walks). Another way to get an overview is to glance through the 233 showcased species in my seven MA pages, without even clicking on anything.

Podiceps grisegena Alle alle Eremophila alpestris Bucephala islandica
Red-necked Grebe Dovekie Horned Lark Barrow's Goldeneye

Regulus calendula Sitta canadensis Icterus bullockii
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Red-breasted_nuthatch Bullock's Oriole

Hylocichla mustelina Setophaga citrina Ammodramus caudacutus Spizella arborea
Wood Thrush Hooded Warbler Saltmarsh Sparrow American Tree Sparrow

Cygnus baccinator Phasianus colchicus Anser brachyrhynchus Rynchops niger
Trumpeter Swan Ring-necked Pheasant Pink-footed Goose Black Skimmer

Anas discors Larusus hyperboreus Rallus limicola
Blue-winged Teal Glaucous Gull Virginia Rail

Chen rossi Chordeiles minor Branta hutchinsii
Ross's Goose Common Nighthawk possible Cackling Goose

I did not count the Cackling Goose in my 186 because I did not get enough corrobortion from other people.
My consltant, Glenn, explained, "This is not a Cackling. Although smaller than surrounding Canadas the bill is not small enough, the forehead not steep enough, the neck is still too long with a bend during feeding (Cackling feeds with a straight neck), there is no whitish collar below the sock, the head round(er); Cackling has a flat head look. Likely a Lesser Canada Goose; the more migratory race(s)."

A sampling of other avian species, roughly in taxonomic order (unlike the thumbnails above):

A sampling of non-avian animals I photographed in MA in 2018: I photographed the beaver from the Hellcat dike on Plum Island on May 26 while waiting for it to get dark enough for the whip-poor-wills to start vocalzing.

Here's my recording of an Eastern Whip-poor-will:
Epilogue: I did end up getting a very grainy photo of it in the near darkness.

Here's a recording of a Louisiana Waterthrush I made April 24 at Crooked Pond in Boxford, MA. I never did manage to see this bird, even though it was daytime:
Louisiana Waterthrush

Here's my video of a smowy owl swivelling its head:

Here's a fastideous Common Nighthawk taking a bathroom break during his daytime siesta:

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2014 Christmas Card featuring the red-headed woodpecker and snowy owl

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