Sketches EWC made at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

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On Saturday mornings in February 2010 I, Eva Casey, took a course for adults in animal drawing at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The instructor was Erica Beade. I was the least skilled in the class but I still loved it, and have gone back since to draw from the countless specimens of taxidermy in that wonderful museum. The animal drawings below are from my sketchbook. I did some additional practice sketches from photographs, mostly taken by myself outdoors.


Bucephala clangulaCommon Golden-eye Bucephala islandicaBarrow's Golden-eye Plegadis falcinellusGlossy Ibis Podiceps auritusHorned Grebe Geococcyx californianusRoadrunner Falco femoralisAplomondo Falcon Parula americanaNorthern Parula Rhodostethia rosea; Rissa tridactylaRoss's Gull and Kittiwake Fratercula articaAtlantic Puffin Cepphus grylleBlack Guilemot Coccyzus erythropthalmusBlack-billed Cuckoo Tetrao urogallusCapercailles Lophodytes cucullatusHooded Merganser pair Upupa epopsHoopoe Aptenodytes fosteriEmperor Penguin Apteryx australisKiwi Apteryx australisGreat Crested Grebe Pica picaMagpie Spitaetus ornatusOrnate Hawk-eagle Otus osioScreech Owl Morus bassanus, formerly Sula bassanaGannet Limosa fedoaMarbled Godwit Sagittarius serpentariusSecretary Bird Railus elegansKing Rail Somateria spectabilisKing Eider Somateria fischeriSpectacled Eider


quick line drawing of a fox with mouth agapeFox quick line drawing done without taking my pencil off the paper, as a class exerciseOppusum Myrmecophaga tridactylaGiant Anteater Tamandua tetradactylaTamandua 4 drawings in graytone on one page Lion's scull, Large Hairy Armadillo, Northern Short-tailed Shrew, and Collared Peccary. Sus scrofaWild Boar Wallabia bicolorSwamp Wallaby Bradypus tridactylusThree-toed Sloth Castor canadensis; Thomomys bottaeBeaver and Botta's Pocket Gopher Lontra canadensisRiver Otter Guto gutoGlutton Ondatra zibethicusMuskrat Lagidium peruanumCurvier's Chinchilla Galictis barbaraTayra Erethizon dorsatumCanadian Porcupine marmota monaxWoodchuck marmota marmotaAlpine Marmot mephitis mephitisSkunk Rupicapra rupicapraChamois Evarctos americanusBlack Bear Ursus horribilisGrizzly Bear Ornithorhynchus anatinusPlatypus Perameles nasuta   Tachglossus aculeatusBandicoot and Echinda Crocruta crocruta   Lycaon pictusHyena and Dog Oreamnos montanusRocky Mountain Goat Orycteropus aferAardvark Dasyprocta punctataAgouti Lepus articusArctic Hare Lepus timidusMountain Hare Hydrochoerus hydrochoerisCapybara Phacochoerus africanusWarthog Thalarctos maritmusPolar Bear Capricornis crispusJapanese Serow Solenodon paradoxusHispaniolan Solenodon Ovis canadensisBighorn Sheep

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