Bird Photos Taken in Massachusetts in 2011 by Eva

I photographed 150 avian species in MA in 2011 surpassing my 2010 total of 141. I only have room for some of them on this web page. I only showcased species not given the limelight on my 2010 page or my 2012 page.

This Venn Diagram shows how many species I photographed in both 2010 and 2011 and only in one of those years.

Photo collection spreadsheet in Excel or in html, naming which species were in each set.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus Anas platyrhynchos Somateria mollissima
Bald Eagle Mallard Common Eider

Mergus merganser Mergus serrator Lophodytes cucullatus
Common Mergansers Red-breasted Merganser Hooded Mergansers

Uria lomvia Eudocimus albus Branta bernicla
Thick-billed Murre juvenile White Ibis Brant

Junco hyemalis Sitta carolinensis Piranga olivacia
Dark-eyed Junco White-breasted Nuthatch Scarlet Tanager

Sturnus vulgaris Turdus migratorius Larus delawarensis Corvus brachyrhynchos
European Starling American Robin Ring-billed Gull American Crow

Ardea Alba Dendroica coronata Haematopus palliatus Plegadis chihi
Great Egret Yellow-rumped Warbler American Oystercatcher White-faced Ibis

Anas rubripes Dendroica palmarum Icterus spurius Certhia americana
Black_Ducks Palm Warbler Orchard Oriole Brown Creeper

Euphagus carolinus Charadrius semipalmatus Calidrus alba
Rusty Blackbird Semipalmated Plover Sanderlings

Pluvialis squatarola Vermivora celata Tringa flavipes
Black-bellied Plover Orange-crowned Warbler Lesser Yellowlegs

Melospiza georgiana Accipiter cooperii Catharus guttatus
Swamp Sparrow Cooper's Hawk Hermit Thrush

A sampling of other species, in taxonomic order (unlike the thumbnails above):

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Non-avian Wildlife:
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