Birding Kansas
and (1 day each) OK and AR
April 21-29, 2008

Trip Report and Trip List

Red-headed Woodpecker Red-winged Blackbird Yellow-headed Blackbird

Northern Shoveler American Avocet Long-billed Dowitcher

American White Pelican Snowy Egret Wilson's Phalarope

White-faced Ibis Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Eastern Kingbird

Meadowlark Greater Prairie Chicken Bobolink

Brown-headed Cowbird Dickcissel Mourning Dove

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Lark Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Field Sparrow

Other Perspectives on Species Already Showcased Above (in the order of the pictures):

A Sampling of Other Bird Species Sighted (in taxonomic order):

Multiple Avian Species in the Same Frame:


Other Wildlife:



I, Eva, the author of this page, am not a birder. My husband Herman is a birder. I personally saw (as opposed to heard) about 129 avian species on this trip. There were quite a few times Herman identified a bird that I missed. Herman got (saw or heard and identified) 154 species over 8.2 days (The .2 being driving Wichita to Great Bend 5-7pm. Monday April 21) on the ground. I got recognizable photographs of about 90 avian species, 53 of which are represented on this page. So I photographed about 70% of what I personally saw, and 41% are on this page.
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Most of the photos on this page were taken with my Canon Digital Camera w/ 12X zoom lens.
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