Herman D'Entremont, 1931-2015

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Herman's face, clean-shaven & hat on head, plaid shirt, cropped circular Herman & his scope at Great Meadows in Concord MA Herman seated on a camp stool peering through binoculars out of the new blind at Plum Island A bookmark-sized card with Herman's picture pushing his wheelchair in Mount Auburn Cemetery in 2013 on one side, 
the sequence of events at his burial May 10 2015 on the other side.

Herman in Trinidad 1998 Great Meadows 2007 Plum Island 2002 Walking 2013, Buried 2015
Location of Herman's grave
Photos taken at Herman's burial

Retired Program Chairman of the Needham Bird Club
Retired from Board of Directors, Brookline Bird Club April 2001, after serving on it for 34 years.
Life Member American Birding Association
Herman's voice (Neither of us ever imagined this in a posthumous context--Eva).


In 2002 Herman had 319 species of birds in Massachusetts, his all-time high.

Herman, Glenn & Eva got knock-out looks at
digital picture of a spruce grouse in a tree Spruce Grouse (19k) between 5:45 & 7 a.m. near Island Pond Vermont Sunday April 25, 1999. The bird(s) kept fluttering from ground to various branches 10 feet up (or so). The loud wing beats from this maneuver are what alerted us to the presence of the bird, which was the focus of our 5pm Saturday-noon Sunday trip. We were following directions to the target bird from the issue of Bird Observer with the Spruce Grouse cover art. We heard a Grouse on the left side of the path while watching one on the right, so we know there were multiple birds, but we never saw more than one at a time. The bird ignored us, so we were able to get quite close. In the post-mortem on Eva's digital pictures we speculated that using a flash might have yielded better results. However we wonder whether that would have disturbed the bird. We also had 3 moose, a good night's sleep, glorious weather, a delicious breakfast & interesting conversation.

Wood Stork & Mountain Bluebird, both seen on Cape Cod, '94.

drawing of a woodstork woodstork drawing of a Mountain Bluebird

For more sightings, & birding Web sites, click binocular icon here.

How I spent my summer vacation: birding...

Guatemala '08
Florida '06
Texas '05
Panama '06
Peru '95
Trinidad '98
Ecuador '99
Colorado '01
Belize '02
Remember the homeless!
thumbnail of poster of a bag lady with a load of new towels    saying 'Gotta get these towels over to St Ann's'(37k); flyer '98(28k) ; flyer image '97(6k); thumbnail of poster of 2 homeless people sleeping on a    grate(29k)

thumbnail of a re-cycling poster in Spanish(18k)

Herman's voice
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Drawings of animals including birds made at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

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