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I rode my recumbent tricycle past Alewife station on the bike path today, heading towards Arlington from the direction of Davis Square. I made a right hand turn immediately before crossing under the first Route 2 underpass, instead of after as I should have done. I realized I had made a premature turn when I saw all the broken glass on the pavement. But then a yellow-bellied sapsucker landed on the tree to my left, on the Route 2 embankment, and I had my binocular camera handy, and for once it took an adequate picture, and I did not get a flat on the glass, so the 3 minute detour was worthwhile. --Eva Casey, March 20, 2010

My wife Eva wanted to photograph Harlequin Ducks for her birds-photographed-in-MA-in-2010 list, so we went to Halibut Point State Park in Rockport. We were walking down the wide gravel road from the parking lot to the ocean. Just beyond the gate we heard a couple of crows making a fuss. Eva looked into the woods to the left and said "There's a Great Horned Owl in plain sight!" It was another addition for her birds-photographed year list. --Herman D'Entremont, March 18, 2010

Glenn's BBC South Beach trip Saturday August 4, 2007. South Beach is off Chatham, Cape Cod, MA.
Herman took Eva to Rockport to see Harlequin Ducks Jan. 6, 2007 because a distant look at Harlequins on Nantucket the previous weekend had whetted her interest. They are only in MA in the winter.

Collage of Harlequin Ducks taken at Halibut Point State Park, Rockport MA.

More Harlequin pictures, one Northern Gannet picture, and pictures of two species of seals taken on that outing.

There's also a 3 second video of an Eider diving Eva accompanied Herman a few times in Spring 2003.
Taking pictures of sightings enhances her fun.

Redwing Blackbird displaying. Scotland Road, Newburyport, April 14. Common but get a load of those epaulettes! (16k bytes)
Glossy Ibis, Newburyport Harbor. Not a great pic, but the Ibis was a year bird for Herman and Oakes. April 14. (42k)
Common Grackle: irridescent if not unusual. April 27 (32k)
Wood Duck, male Mt. Auburn April 27 (61k)
Wood Duck, female Great Meadows, Concord, May 5 (29k)
White-throated sparrow, Mt. Auburn April 27. (25k)
A young red-tailed hawk resident in Mt. Auburn: on a monument holding a turtle,(25k) ; on the ground, (33k) ; in a tree, (26k) .
Eva made a "movie" of this hawk feasting on a kill
Screech Owl, Mt. Auburn May 5 (35k)
This American Bittern made a grand entrance at Mt. Auburn May 11, landing in front of a large group of birders. (13k)
Eva captured its exit in a "movie"; Herman cannot remember having seen a Bittern in Mt. A. before.
Baltimore Oriole, Mt. Auburn May 5 (27k)
Green Heron, Mt. Auburn April 27 (24k)
Palm Warbler, May 5, Mt. Auburn. (8k)
Black-and-white Warbler, (13k) Mt. Auburn May 11; same individual from rear underside (14k)
Yellow-rumped Warbler,(10k) a common sight at Mt.Auburn. May 11; another (13k); Once again, from the top, (6k) .
male Brown-headed Cowbirds, Mt. Auburn May 5 (18k); Brown-headed Cowbird in a postcard pose, (32k).
Limping fox, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA. April 27 (26k)
Muskrat, Great Meadows, Concord, MA. May 5 (29k)

May 7 2003, Newburyport MA.

The Wilson's Phallarope was a year bird for Herman. The other two birds are Yellowlegs, which were year birds back on April 14. (11k)
Killdeer Plum Island (6k)
Herring Gull, Our commonest birds are beautiful (35k)
Godfinch, (5k) ; another (7k)
Evelyn Pyburn and Herman D'Entremont, just after we saw the Golden-winged Warbler at post 18 1/2 on Turkey Hill Road (30k)

May 2001. Eva tries out her then new Olympus digital camera

Scarlet Tanager , (38k); Mount Auburn Cemetery
Cardinal , (26k); Mt. Auburn
frog , (29k); Mt. A
Marsh Wren, the movie, (1Mb, Quick-Time) Marblehead, MA 5/01
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Proposals for a Massbird decal. The idea of using a Boreal Owl and a computer mouse came out of an e-mail discussion lead by Rob Finch,and independently was suggested by Jane Bechtold of Cape Cod in a conversation with Eva Casey March 6, 1998.
Photo of a Boreal Owl standing on a computer mouse.(87K) Boreal Owl drawing. 
The owl is clutching a gray computer mouse the cord of which segues 
into the word 'connected' in cursive (52K)
David Conroy's design (left) & Eva Casey's design

drawing of a Northern lapwing Diary entry with the handwritten words 
'3/5/95 | We got great looks at the lapwing.  It was a life bird for Glenn & Dave, and a N. American bird for me. | We caught the 7a.m. ferry New London to Long Island.'

Ringed Plover & Little Plover superimposed on a map of the British Isles. 9507 bytes Drawing of a black & white Barrows Goldeneye (duck) on a sea-blue background. 4476 Color sketch of a Bohemian waxwing superimposed on the map of Nantucket.

Diary entry with the handwritten words Color drawing of a painted bunting superimposed on the map of Cape Cod.  The medium appears to be crayolas Color sketch of a yellow-headed blackbird

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