World in Flames Super Deluxe

Last Updated: 3/6/2003

If you have questions about these rules in particular, email me (Dave LeLacheur), and I'll take full responsibility for them.

All things change, grow and fall ~ as true for us all, as for ephemeral WiF rules. My partner in WiFSD rules creation, Dean Lueke, died suddenly from brain cancer in the autumn of 2000. As time allows, I will be finalizing both his ideas for WiF rules, and our joint efforts, and posting them here.

Needless to say, it's something akin to missing limb syndrome (or so I imagine) forging ahead on WiF rules work without Dean's insights, encouragement, barbed comments, and zeal for the task. Twice since he died, I've awoken in the morning and just knew the solution to an issue we'd discussed at great length over the years. You may call it what you will ~ a voice speaking to me from the Great Beyond, ongoing genius by me :-), influential comments and ideas from WiFFers I still chat with, or just plain dumb luck ~ but I know which I think it is. The first downloadable file is one of these: a hex-based naval system for WiF. Will it work? I really think it will. Have a look:
Download the hex-based naval rules file for later reading offline. The download version is in rich-text format.

As for the other rule, here it is finally. It is a unified supply/oil/reorganization rule that is a real cracker-jack. I'm sure this is the future of WiFFE ~ if you want a more refined logistics back-end that is, and one which won't triple your playing time and/or make the game blow up. I have not had the time to playtest this in its current format beyond a few game years, but I am really confident about it nonetheless (earlier iterations had received a lot more playtesting, for what that's worth).
Download the simple depot rules file for later reading offline. The download version is in rich-text format.

PoliF Extra rules
These rules extend Politics in Flames, allowing for greater pregame flexibility. What if Japan didn't invade China? What if the Spanish Republic won the Spanish Civil War? What if Stalin limited his purges? What if the French extended the Maginot? What if France & Britain could 'cooperate' from the start of the war? In 10 minutes, you can select a few pregame options and see how these decisions play out in your next WiFFE game. These are somewhat playtested, and I know of some groups who have used them, but "caveat emptor" must still apply to some degree. These rules are fully compatible with PoliF as published in the 2000/2001 Millenium Annual (and these would make an excellent way to extend the Supergame scenario in that tome!)
Download the latest "Polif extra" rules file for later reading offline. The download version is in rich-text format.

The rules on the webpages on this website were created way back in 1997, and hence are now nearly 6 years old. Use them at your own risk! Dean & I (Dave) continued to develop the rules through the summer of 2000. Some have been pulished in the excellent Line of Communication WiF newsletter. Although I don't have time to re-create the webpages for each rule, here are downloadable versions (in rich-text format) of the rules for your perusal.

WiFSD-approved rules
These rules are those which we recommend for your use in your next WiFFE game. These are playtested enough to trust that they won't "break" your game. Many of these rules have been published in Line of Communication's House Rules Corner, and others (like the oil rule) are fairly well known to the WiFFE community as well. Several ideas have also been incorporated into RAW WiF rules in some format (rarely identical, but often resembling) :-).
Download the "approved" rules file for later reading offline. The download version is in rich-text format.

WiFSD-ideas rules
These rules are those which we are (or were) still mulling over. These are either ideas we liked but hadn't playtested, or ideas which we didn't consider refined enough to playtest yet, but which we liked nonetheless. Use these at your own risk!
Download the "ideas" rules file for later reading offline. The download version is in rich-text format.

WiFSD-archives rules
These are rules ideas which we were no longer considering. Being rules pack-rats, we kept them around, just in case. Use at your own great peril!
Download the "archives" rules file for later reading offline. The download version is in rich-text format.

America in Flames, Patton in Flames, World in Flames and all their components and kits, in both their electronic and printed forms, are Copyright 1985 ~ 2003, Australian Design Group. Permission is hereby granted to copy these rules electronically for your personal use only, provided that they are copied in their entirety (including this message). Any deletion or alteration or on-selling, without the express written permission of Australian Design Group, is a violation of domestic and international copyright law.

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Now back to the page you are used to seeing here:

The following are some supplemental rules for World in Flames Deluxe. The authors of these house rules, Dave LeLacheur and Dean Lueke, were playtesters for WiFD and have taken the invitation of WiFD's grand poobah, Harry Rowland, to codify some of the ideas that were suggested for WiFD but that he did not adopt for the Final Edition of WiF. We have also liberally stolen good ideas from our WiF colleagues around the globe, especially from the wif email list. All in the name of a better game!

These supplemental rules are presented to be as seamlessly integrated as possible. Eventually, we may create a WiFSD rules set for downloading. In the meantime, here are the rules on an item by item basis. You'll note that each page has a "Comments" field -- if you like, please offer your comments as you go. Once done, hit the "Submit" button and your comments will be emailed back to Dave. Thanks!

Let's not forget the basis on which everything here is based:World in Flames by the Australian Design Group. Here is a brief word about our sponsors.

Lastly, for quick printout of some of the rules (3 to 4 pages): WiFSD Consolidated Tables

Map, Unit, and Supply Rules

Limited supply sources
Supply units
ATR and TRS emergency supply
Shattered units
Supply and land attacks

Naval Rules

ATR and TRS emergency supply
Shore bombardment
Defensive shore bombardment
Convoy escort
Naval search modifiers
Naval ground strike
TRS invasions
TRS and convoy point conversion
Neutral shipping
Escort carriers
Liberty ships
Naval rebase

Air Rules

ATR and TRS emergency supply
Night mission limits

Land Rules

Mountain units
Marine units
Supply units
Supply and land attacks
Shore bombardment
Defensive shore bombardment
Blitz modifiers
Land combat modifiers
Land combat casualties
Supply units
HQ reorganization

Production Rules

Moving factories
Oil rule
Production multiple bonuses


Building rail lines
Nationalist Chinese Collapse
Over the Hump
Great Silk Road
End of turn die roll

Printable Chart

WiFSD Consolidated Tables
Now, you may think that's all there is -- but you'd be wrong! These are just the rules that Dean and I agree on. There are several things that only one of thinks is important, or at least interesting. Here they are.

Dave's Other Rules

Modified air to air combat
Stretched sea zones
Emergency moves
Impulse reorganization
Installation bombing
Soviet rails
Major power surrender
Hex-based naval rules

Dean's Other Rules

Pacific weather
Dean's more precise oil rule
Coastal naval movement
Coastal shipping
Crossing all-sea hexsides
Supply paths
Coastal supply
Dean's ground strikes
Movement along railways
Alternate carrier planes
Major port constrution
Shipbuilding on the map
Minor port supply
River supply
Vichy naval units
Virtual sea zones
Naval combat as interception only

Wishful Thinking

Topics that will need a lot more work!

Biological and chemical weapons
Nuclear research and weapons
Politics for WiF, for real
Research & development OK, that is all there is ... for now. Happy wiffing!