Land combat modifiers

11.16.5 Resolving attacks

Terrain Effects Chart

Using option 43 (both sides roll a die in land combat), the following terrain effects modifiers are in force:

Rolling dice

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If using our shattered units rule, add 1 to the roll for each defending shattered unit.

Option 42

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Attacker die roll is -1 if units from more than one major power contribute factors to the attack

Option 43

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If both attacker and defender die roll modifiers are +2 or more, then for each +2 on both dice that the attacker forgoes, he may gain an odds column (including for overruns); you may not reduce modifiers below 0.

Background/Purpose: the die roll modifier for factory cities represents the 'street fighting' quality seen in major battles like Stalingrad or Berlin. The forest modifier gives a slight advantage to the defender in this difficult terrain. In both cases, the attacker's ability to do damage and take the hex is unaffected, however.

Dave's Notes: Maximizing your odds when attacking industrialized cities is always a good idea, more so now. In open terrain, if you have a massive ARM bonus on a very high odds blitz, you may be able to make it automatic, 5:1+4 can become 7:1 now (looking at the charts, you'll see this is of little actual effect). This is chiefly useful to obtain an extra overrun, espeically when using a Land action offensive chit.

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