Shattered units

11.16.5 Resolving attacks


(replaces current)

If the result includes an 'S' (shatter) or 'B' (breakthrough) result, each surviving defending land unit has been shattered. These units must be retreated 2 hexes by the attacker (note: still only 1 hex on the Pacific, Asia, or American maps), and are flipped face down and marked with a "Shatter" marker. Destroy these units instead if they cannot legally retreat 2 hexes.

Shattered units are worse off than normal face down units when attacked (see Land combat modifiers). Shattered units are not eligible for emergency moves. A shattered unit must be reorganized twice before becoming face up again. The first time it is reorganized, remove the "Shatter" marker, but keep the unit face down (note: fuel is not expended for this first reorg). The second time it is reorganized, the unit may be turned face up as usual (and of course requires oil). Units cannot be reorganized twice in the same impulse or final reorg phase.

The attacker can choose to treat an 'S' or 'B' result as a retreat result ('R') instead. You decide this after you get the result (but before the next combat.)

Background/Purpose: Background/Purpose: prevents gamey teleporting of units to the production spiral.

Dave's Notes: Leaving shattered units in the field of battle is a mixed blessing. It offers the hope of reorganization and return to battle quicker, and remains on the field of battle, occasionally standing in the way of a general breakthrough. But before reorganized, shattered units lay prone and are quite vulnerable to enemy attack.

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