Oil Rule

13.5.1 Oil

(replaces current rule & errata in toto)

If you use this option, many units will require fuel in order to reorganize.

Firstly, alter the sequence of play slightly: the Production phase now comes before the Final reorganization phase (this will allow the fuel you create to be used right away for end of turn reorgs).

Acquiring fuel

Each oil resource received by a major power at a hex containing a friendly operating factory can either be used to produce 1 production point (as usual, if they have sufficient factory capacity, of course) and generate a number of fuel points equal to the major power's production multiple times four; or it can be directly converted into 10 fuel points (and not be available for production for that Major Power for that turn). Neutral Major Powers cannot convert oil directly into 10 fuel points, but they may use oil to produce production points. Neutral major powers acquire fuel by purchasing it on the open market, 1 build point purchases 10 fuel points. Note that this purchase can be made even if the major power has no access to any oil resources.

Storing fuel

Keep track of the number of fuel points a Major Power has available by placing a "Fuel" marker on the pilot track for each major power. The maximum amount of fuel this marker may display is 10. If more than 10 fuel are added to a major power's total in a production phase, one oil barrel marker is placed on the map in a factory hex that received an oil that turn for each 10 fuel. If the fuel track is at 0, an oil barrel marker may be converted into 10 fuel (and the marker increased by 10 and the oil marker removed from the map) whenever the major power wishes. Stockpiled oil barrels cannot be used to produce production points in later turns; they can only be converted into fuel.

Expending fuel

You will expend fuel points in several ways:

Units of minor countries controlled by a major power count towards that major power's fuel consumption.

When fuel is saved

A unit that requires fuel for reorganization that is in supply can be flipped face down during any reinforcement phase by their controlling major power to increase their fuel total by an amount equal to the number from the above chart for that unit type.

Oil barrel markers located in a factory that is moved remains in the hex until used, captured or destroyed. Oil barrel markers can be destroyed by strategic bombardment after all production points in the hex are destroyed (but before saved build points). Each extra loss destroys one oil barrel marker.

Oil barrel markers can also be captured. If a land unit occupies a factory hex containing oil barrel markers during the movement phase, or during advance after combat when an * was achieved in the combat result, the oil barrel markers in the hex are captured. Any oil barrels located in a conquered or Vichy'd major power are captured upon conquest/Vichy being installed. A friendly unit in a hex containing an oil barrel marker can destroy the oil barrel marker during any friendly reorganization phase.

The initial fuel totals for all Major Powers is zero. All oil specified in WiFD for setups are actually stored fuel markers per the above, and must be set up on a home country factory hex.

Background/Purpose: We think this is an improvement of the WiFD oil rule, reducing confusion about tracing to oil hexes, and allowing integrated use of oil resources as sources of both production and limited fuel simultaneously. This virtually eliminates the effect of reduced production that the WiFD oil rule creates.

Dave's Notes: Similar in play effects to WiFD's oil rule. If you don't have oil, either get it, or don't try to win a war.

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