Emergency Moves

11.4.2 Moving naval units

How do units move?

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A unit which is face up in a port or sea box can move normally. A unit which is face down in a port can perform an emergency move. This must be a port to port move, and after arriving in the destination port, the naval unit is shattered. If intercepted en route, a naval unit using emergency movement must move into the 0 box and attempt to fight its way through (see 11.4.6 Interception).

11.11 Land movement

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11.11.1 How to move land units

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Emergency moves

A face down land unit may move normally, however at the end of the move it is shattered. A shattered unit cannot move.

11.17 Aircraft rebases

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You can rebase face down air units up to their printed range (or double that for extended range bombers).

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Face up rebasing air units stay face up. Face down rebasing air units stay face down and become shattered.

Background/Purpose: allows units to move in extra situations. The consequences (becoming shattered) are severe, and normally will make the unit remain face down all next turn, so this is truly only for emergencies.

Dave's Notes: hasn't been fully playtested yet, so I'm not yet giving it my full recommendation. I have used it some and it seemed fine. In conjunction with out standard shattered units rules, it can allow units which have been forced to retreat to still try to plug a gap in the USSR, for example, but at a cost.

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