Neutral shipping

13.6.10 Leasing neutral shipping

Convoy points owned by neutral minor countries are available to be leased. Each convoy point costs 1 build point to lease. The lease is permanent - for all purposes the convoy points join the forces of leasing major power. In the production phase, the build point(s) are simply announced as paid (no need to transport them anywhere) and on the next turn, leased convoy points (use the major power's convoy markers) will appear as reinforcements in the minor's home country, ready to be moved by their major power. If the minor is later aligned, the number of starting convoy points is reduced by the number that have been leased. No more convoy points may be leased than are available to the minor at set-up (see 19.4) minus two (the minor will keep the last 2 convoy points for its own uses).

Background/Purpose: this was a longstanding tradition, practiced most by the Commonwealth in both World War I and II. Although the shipping was legally 'leased,' for game purposes once control passed to a major power, that major power would never have released control for the duration of the war. The cost is the same as if you build the convoy points, you just have immediate access.

Dave's Notes: this can provide major powers, notably the Commonwealth and France, with some extra convoy points when needed early in the war. As the Germans, you will take the same view Hitler did to Norway: the prime military tool the Norwegians had at their disposal was their huge merchant marine, and the British were already using it freely over the winter of '39/'40. Attacking Norway certainly did not give the British extra shipping that they did not already have or would not have gotten at will. Don't rely on this as the CW the first time you use this rule; most of the leasable CPs are ones you usually get for free anyways. But, in an unexpected early war pinch, this can bail you out.

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