Naval ground strike

11.9.1 Naval ground strike

(new optional rule)

Face up BB, CA and CL units at sea may ground strike a coastal hex which is adjacent to a sea dot in their sea zone (Pacific & American scale maps: any coastal hex is eligible). The ground striking naval unit uses it shore bombardment factors as tactical factors. These factors are reduced by the shore bombardment modifier of the sea box that the naval unit occupies, and may be further modified by terrain (exactly the same effects as for aircraft). Otherwise, resolve the ground strike exactly as if it were conducted by an aircraft unit.

Activity limits

Naval ground strikes count against aircraft usage limits for that major power, and may only be performed in naval, combined, or land impulses. In a Super Combined impulse from an offensive chit, naval ground strikes are still limited by the number of air missions allowed in a combined impulse, even though air units are not limited in their actions at all.

Example: the Hood is patrolling the eastern Mediterranean. It is in the 3 box in Fair weather, and on combined impulse decides to navally ground strike Italian units in Tripoli. The Hood's shore bombardment factor is 2 (using SiF's Hood); no modifiers kick in, so the CW player must roll a 2 or less to hit. Roll versus each ground and aircraft unit in Tripoli.

After attempting the naval ground strike, the naval unit(s) are moved down to the 0 sea box in their sea area and are flipped face down. Any face up CV, SCS, or air unit in the same sea box as the shore bombarding ships may also move to the 0 box if desired.

Background/Purpose: rehabilitation of an old favorite LOC optional rule. Tying this to aircraft usage limits makes it balanced for Axis & Allies alike. This should be used with the naval search modifiers.

Dave's Notes: BB squadrons can now attempt to soften up enemy opposition by preliminary ground strikes, possibly paving the way to an invasion thereafter. Be careful not to overuse this capability, or you will have no units left patrolling the sea zone and instead have all of your navy face down in the 0 box, inviting destruction.

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