Naval search modifiers

11.5.5 Searching

(replaces second paragraph about convoy point modifiers)

When flipping over a unit to initiate naval combat, you have the option of flipping over several units to increase the intensity of your search. Both the phasing and non-phasing side may flip units to search, regardless of who decided to initiate the search procedure. The side which is initiating the search decides first how many units to flip, and then the other side decides. A search modifier may apply to your die roll. This modifier may apply to interception, but only units flipped by the intercepting side count. The modifier does not apply to port attacks.

For every 3 full naval units flipped to search, subtract 1 from your search roll. The maximum bonus is -3. 3 full units must be flipped to acquire the bonus (ie, 1 or 2 units do not provide any search bonus, and 4 or 5 only provide a -1, and 9 would have to be flipped to get -3).

Who can aid a search

Face down units may not aid a naval search, nor may units marked "Def. SB", nor may a unit on convoy escort, nor may any TRS, AMPH, or convoy unit. Any other face up naval or air unit may flip to aid a search. If a CV unit is flipped to search, its carrier plane is not. Carrier planes on a CV may not aid a search (but may if they have flown a naval air mission from a land base), except via Option 27 CV searching, which does not require them to flip in any case. This search modifier is in addition to the NAV/carreer plane sea box modifiers.

Face down enemy units in the 0 box (including every two convoy points (and one spare point) are considered a face down naval unit for this purpose, but their escorts are never considered face down) are always considered flipped to find for the other side. During Storm or Blizzard weather, convoy points do not count for the other side's search bonus.

Example: there are 13 Allied convoy points in the Faroes Gap. Whenever any Axis unit rolls a naval search roll in that sea zone, all of the Allied convoy points are considered flipped to help the Axis search. 13 convoy points translates into 7 units flipped to search -- all the Axis have to do is to flip 2 of their own units in order to get the maximum search bonus of -3.

Background/Purpose: Naval searching includes both quality and quantity. Quality searching by NAVs and carrier planes, which actually increases their effective sea box, is a standard part of WiFD. This introduces a quantity aspect -- many units dedicated to searching also help increase your chances of finding. Including enemy convoy points and other face down units in the 0 box demonstrates their vulnerability to the enemy.

Dave's Notes: There is an inherent balance to this: units used for naval searching missions cannot later be used for "coastal missions" (shore bombardment or naval ground strikes, for example), so any advantage gained by a successful naval battle will be lost unless the player plans carefully. Units used on a coastal mission will, per force, be face down and in the 0 box after completing their mission, increasing enemy search effectivenss (due to known vicinity along enemy coasts). Yet another reason to include CVs with coastal task forces, if no friendly FTR cover is at hand!

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