Defensive shore bombardment

Option 38 Defensive shore bombardment

(replaces current rule completely)

The defending side can also use shore bombardment. As the last action in his impulse, a player may mark any face up at sea BB, CA or CL with a "Def. SB" marker, as long as at least one enemy ground unit is adjacent to a friendly cooperating ground unit. This will allow the marked unit(s) to perform defensive shore bombardment in the subsequent enemy impulse to any coastal hex adjacent to the sea zone. At the end of the enemy impulse, units so marked must be flipped face down and dropped to the 0 box, regardless of whether or not they actually performed defensive shore bombardment. Any face up CV, SCS, or air unit in the same sea box as the shore bombarding ships may also move to the 0 box if desired.

A number of shore bombardment points may be added equal to the total modified combat factors of the units in the hex. Defensive shore bombardment is allocated after offensive shore bombardment.

Background/Purpose: By pre-allocating defensive shore bombardment, the attacker has the choice of going into the teeth of enemy naval gunfire or waiting. This allows defensive shore bombardment to have full power with taking away from offensive initiative.

Dave's Notes: No one, not the CW in 1940, not even the USA in 1944, can afford to commit 2 BBs every impulse to defensive shore bombardment for sake of one hex they want to hold. This must be used tactically at key moments only. Otherwise, the search bonus your ships face down and in the 0 box will give the opponent will come back to haunt you as you watch your prized battleships subjected to withering enemy attacks.

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