Night missions

14.2.3 Night missions (option 52)

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When an aircraft or carrier plane flies a strategic bombing, carpet bombing, or air transport mission, you can announce that it is flying a night mission.

Background/Purpose: The chief game play usage of night missions is to force the other guy to have twice as many FTRs around as he would w/o night missions. This eliminates that game play tactic, except for those missions which were regularly conducted at night.

Dave's Notes: I personally don't mind all air missions being able to be conducted at night; contrary to most who dislike night missions, I do think that they were legimately performed during the war. However, the way this changes the air war in WiF is a little odd. Sheer quantity takes on greater importance for tactical bombing - if you have lots of LND, fly some at night all the time. You'll use up enemy FTRs at a greater pace than your own, and eventually you can gain air advantage as a result. This rule eliminates that sort of play, and in general speeds up the pace of the air war by forcing the best units to bash each other to bits.

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