HQ reorganisation

11.18.2 HQ reorganisation

(replace all)

A face-up HQ can reoganise units. A face-down HQ can reorganise units only if it participated in an attack this impulse, in which it was flipped face-down (due to HQ support and/or defender die roll result). Units which are reorganised by an HQ must be able to trace a basic overland (not overseas) supply path to the HQ. Supply doesn't affect reorganisation.

An HQ has as many reorganisation points as its reorganisation value, unless it attacked this impulse and was flipped face down. In this case, the HQ's reorganisation value is 1 lower than its printed number.

Turn the HQ face-down after it reorganises (unless it already was face-down).

Background/Purpose: corps-sized HQs are often valuable combat units, but the reorg rules effectively prohibit them from attacking. This rule allows them to attack and still reorg, albeit in a limited way. Allowing units to trace a basic supply path back to the HQ for receiving reorganisation points is primarily a response to the increased map scale.

Dave's Notes: Late in the war, it is now reasonable for Germany to leave an HQ at home to reorg some FTRs -- they don't all have to be in the HQ's ZOC. I still thinking attacking with HQs is bad policy, but at need you can do it with some reorg capacity left to help on that attack.

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