22.4.12 Amphibious units

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If you are playing with the amphibious option, you can't transport aircraft or artillery units on AMPHs. One AMPH can transport one ARM division or MECH division, using all of its transport ability. It takes two AMPHs to transport an HQ-A, ARM, or MECH corps/army; if either AMPH is sunk, so is the corps/army; if either is damaged, the corps/army is shattered; and if either is aborted, the corps/army aborts with it. Both AMPHs must be either in the same port or sea box when they embark the HQ-A, ARM or MECH corps/army, and must end their move in the same port or sea box.

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HQA, ARM, and MECH units on AMPH can invade like any other unit.

Background/Purpose: small tank formations were known to invade. It is theoretically possible that a corps/army sized tank unit could have invaded as well, but it would have required a tremendous amount of specialized shipping -- two AMPHs, to be precise.

Dave's Notes: If the German begins building AMPHs aplenty, the CW had better watch out for the tanks hitting the beaches! More probably, the Allied could commit an AMPH to carry an ARM or MECH division to allow a blitz attack in France in 1944. No breakthrough is possible, of course (see the invasion rules), but using your sealift in this inefficient way might help reduce friendly casualties getting ashore, and help prevent blitz counterattacks on your beachhead.

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