Naval rebase

11.4.2 Moving naval units

Into and out of port

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If a naval unit only expends two movement points and ends its move in port, leave the naval unit face up. If the unit carried any cargo (except CVs with a carrier plane), it must be turned face down as usual.

Background/Purpose: allows short movement "rebases" for naval units, permitting them to sail again in a later impulse.

Dave's Notes: if using "in the presence of the enemy", you won't be able to "rebase" across an enemy controlled sea zone, since it requires an extra movement points to move into the zone in the first place. Also, out of supply naval units, or naval units stacked with cooperating naval units expend an extra movement points for those conditions, also prohibiting a rebase. So this is of limited use. Probably most beneficial to Germany to sneak her reinforcing subs over to Brest before sailing out to attack, or for reinforcing CW units wishing to sail out of Plymouth.

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