Production Multiples

13.6.3 Production multiples

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Production multiples bonuses

Attacking a major power's home country sends that power into a frenzied building effort to save itself. Use new "+.25 PM" markers to denote when a major power is receiving a boost to its production multiple due to enemy aggression in its home country. These markers have a red "+.25 PM" side and a yellow "+.25 PM" side.

In any turn that any unit (including a notional or partisan unit, or any other friendly unit) in a hex in the major power's home country (only the United Kingdom for the CW and not Siberia for the USSR) is attacked by enemy land units, place a "+.25 PM" marker red side up in a home country hex of that major power, unless there are already 3 markers in that major power, in which case a marker is not placed but any one "+.25 PM" marker that is yellow side up is flipped over to show the red side face up.

During the Reorganization Phase of every turn that the previous condition was not met, flip one of the "+.25 PM" markers (if any) in that home country from red side up to yellow side up. If none are red side up, remove 1 yellow side up marker.

A maximum of three "+.25 PM" markers may be located in any major power. For each "+.25 PM" marker in a MP, red or yellow side face up, the MP gains a .25 PM bonus during the Production Phase.

The USSR may place up to 3 "+.25 PM" markers in the USSR and/or Siberia, as usual. One such marker is allowed in Siberia (probably due to Japanese attacks) as part of that total.

In SO '39, China has one yellow "+.25 PM" marker and one red "+.25 PM" marker.

Background/Purpose: a clarification of the WiF rule of like intent. This reduces effectiveness of the 'don't attack on the winter turn' or 'attack but don't move into the hex' gambits, either of which can sneakily avoid accruing the standard PM bonuses. But more importantly it allows for the historic Japanese policy in China. If Japan does not attack China, Chinese production will dwindle as warlord (and KMT) graft become more commonplace.

Dave's Notes: This puts emphasis on the blitzkrieg attack style. Germany must be prepared to knock out France quickly when she attacks, for example, or else French production could become quite robust after 3 turns of attack (+.75). This has been fully playtested for an entire game with a 1941 German attack into the USSR, and both German and Soviet players felt it worked out very well.

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