Over the Hump

13.6.4 Lead lease

Over the hump

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You may use an ATR to deliver one lend leased build point. If the ATR is based in a city that has a saved build point, it may fly a mission during the reorganization phase to a friendly factory controlled by the major power to receive the build point. These missions may be intercepted normally. If the ATR clears through, the build point is delivered and may be used by the recipient major power if it still controls that factory hex during that turn's production phase.

Background/Purpose: The US and CW often airlifted large quantities of supplies from India to China via ATR, a mission that was called flying 'over the hump' of the Himilayas mountains.

Dave's Notes: This is a handy way to get a limited amount of aid to China, particularly useful if playing with the Nationalist Chinese Collapse rule.

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