11.11.6 Overruns

Overrunning land units

(replaces 4th, 5th, and 6th paragraphs)

You must have more ARM points than the defender in order to overrun. You can overrun only if you have odds of at least 7:1 at the moment of overrun. These odds can be affected by weather, supply, hexside terrain, armor bonus, and offensive chits (see 16.3) like ordinary combats. If this were a normal attack and if both attacker and defender die roll modifiers would be at least +2, then the moving player may increase his actual odds for the overrun by one odds level for each +2 that both dice would have had (ie, you can overrun if the odds are 5:1 and both attacker and defender dice are at least +4). Your final odds are always 7:1 if you are overrunning units with a total of 0 factors (eg partisans).

Background/Purpose: brings overrunning in line with the blitz modifiers.

Dave's Notes: Having the defenders flipped, and/or having a large ARM bonus can sometimes allow an overrun at less than 7:1 odds. This is rare, but it prevents defenders from assuming too much.

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