4.2 Reinforcements

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As the last action in this phase, any unit on map (land, aircraft, naval, supply, etc.) can be removed from the map by the player controlling the unit and returned to the appropriate force pool. A disbanded unit is not a combat casualty, so it may not be scrapped (unless of course it is dated four or more years older than the current year, in which case it may be scrapped normally.)

If you are using the WiFSD oil rule, then if the unit is an oil-restricted unit, and is located on a city (or port for a naval unit) in its home country, then add 1 to your fuel track. If the unit is a naval unit (but not a convoy point) and is located on a city or port in its home country, you may "mothball" it instead. Return the naval unit to the construction pool, and give the controlling major power an extra build point during the next production phase. If the unit is an aircraft unit and is located on a city in its home country, you must place the aircraft into the reserve pool and add 1 to your available pilots track. An aircraft unit not on a city in its home country which disbands loses its pilot as well. If the unit is a white print land unit and is located on a city in its home country, you may place the unit in the repair pool as a kampfgruppe (see Land combat casualties).

Background/Purpose: WiF should not be a game about hostages. The rules currently allow enemies to surround but not kill opposing units, thus preventing their usage or rebuilding.

Dave's Notes: Sometimes an oil-constricted major power might want to 'downbuild' an ARM or MECH unit via the Kampfgruppe rule and replace it with an INF or MIL. Late in the war, fuel-constrained Germany might just disband her surface fleet units, saving the gas and effectively scuttling her own ships before the Allies can get their hands on them.

Dean's Notes: This rule allows players to change the composition and location of their on map forces by disbanding units that are otherwise worthelss to them (such as Japanese land units stranded in Asia when Japan is being invaded). It also allows units to effectively surrender to the enemy; rather than be cut off and left face down forever. In addition, it makes land and air unit manipulation more consistant - kampfgruppe is to a land unit what a pilot is to an air unit.

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