13.1 Partisans

Getting partisans

(replaces first paragraph, first sentence)

At the start of this step, roll two dice and locate the results on the partisan table.

(add to end of fourth paragraph)

If the country is eligible twice, double that country's partisan number, adding a maximum of +10 to the printed partisan number (ie, if the USSR is rolled twice, its partisan number becomes 40 (not 60) instead of 30).

Background/Purpose: gives partisans more zing. Our experience is that following the standard rules, partisans appear too infrequently.

Dave's Notes: Playtested for an entire game. By late 1944, Yugoslavia was crawling with 7 or so PART units and had virtually liberated itself. This is extremely historical, the Germans abondoned Yugoslavia in 1944 because it was more trouble than it was worth to try to extract usefulness from. Not nearly as nasty a rule as you might fear, just a modest boost in PARTs worldwide.

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