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1968-and-Vietnam - (22)
Africa - (7)
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Analecta-Husserliana - (5)
Ancient-Egypt - (5)
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anti-war and pacifism - (1)
Arbeitsrecht-Sozialpolitik - (25)
Archeology - (15)
Architecture - (70)
Art-history - (101)
Art-history-in-German - (121)
Asia - (6)
Austria-History - (43)
Austria-Hofmannsthal-Werfel-Zweig - (44)
Austria-Kraus-Canetti-Musil - (27)
Austria-Literature - (131)
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Bavaria - (6)
Birds - (6)
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Catholic-Thought - (51)
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Classical-studies - (89)
Cold-War - (2)
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Cooking - (6)
Cultural-Studies - (49)
Czech - (5)
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Design - (16)
Economic-History-Germany - (1)
Economics - (12)
Economics-Austria - (4)
Economics-Theory-and-History - (27)
Economics-Wirtschaftsgeschichte - (19)
Economies-in-History - (12)
Education - (119)
Education-Children - (12)
Edward-Gorey - (9)
Egypt - (2)
Erotica - (12)
Essays - (1)
ETA-Hoffmann - (8)
European-and-Regional-Unification - (24)
Exilforschung - (34)
Exilliteratur - (12)
Exilverlag - (5)
Film - (31)
Frankfurt-School - (63)
Freud - (38)
Gardening - (1)
Gender-Studies - (41)
Geography - (11)
Geopolitik - (2)
George-Kreis - (24)
German-Americana - (10)
German-history-by-Journalists - (22)
German-language-study - (16)
German-Language-Study-Readers - (34)
German-Literature-19th-Century - (13)
German-Literature-Surveys - (23)
Germanistik - (12)
Germany-and-US - (22)
Germany-Cities - (1)
Germany-Staatsrecht-Verfassungsrecht - (32)
Gestalt-System-Cognitive-Theories - (52)
Goethe - (104)
Grammatik-und-Woerterbuecher - (12)
Graphology - (4)
Hannah-Arendt - (10)
Hesse - (20)
history-American - (128)
history-Eastern Europe - (10)
history-England - (29)
history-Europe - (72)
history-France - (43)
history-France-revolution - (8)
history-Germany - (120)
history-germany-17th-Century - (1)
history-Germany-1871-1919 - (73)
history-Germany-18thC - (9)
history-Germany-1945-1949 - (27)
history-Germany-1989 - (7)
history-Germany-19th-Century - (47)
history-Germany-BRD - (55)
history-Germany-DDR - (22)
history-Germany-early-modern - (15)
history-germany-Mecklenburg - (11)
history-Germany-politics-administration - (2)
history-germany-Regions - (25)
history-germany-Sozialgeschichte - (3)
history-Germany-Statistics - (8)
history-Germany-Surveys - (27)
history-Germany-Third-Reich - (132)
history-Germany-to-1848 - (5)
history-Germany-unification - (24)
history-Germany-Volk-und-Nation - (3)
history-Germany-Weimar - (79)
history-Germany-Widerstand - (1)
history-germany-Württemberg - (1)
history-Meinecke-and-Students - (11)
history-of-science - (73)
History-of-Science-Astronomy - (7)
History-of-Science-Biology - (62)
History-of-Science-Chemistry - (14)
History-of-Science-Geology - (5)
History-of-Science-Mathematics - (111)
History-of-Science-Medicine - (72)
History-of-Science-Meteorology - (1)
History-of-Science-Physics - (184)
History-of-Science-Technikgeschichte - (56)
history-Prussia - (2)
history-Renaissance - (17)
history-Russia - (21)
History-theory - (97)
Holocaust - (64)
Holocaust-Literature - (5)
Holocaust-Memoirs - (30)
Humor - (25)
Hungary - (7)
Iceland - (8)
Illustrated-books - (70)
India - (8)
Insel-Buecherei - (66)
intellectual-history - (3)
Intellectuals-and-NS - (18)
international-law - (5)
international-relations - (34)
Ireland - (2)
Islam - (7)
Italy - (22)
Japan - (7)
Journalism-and-Feuilleton - (21)
Judaica - (256)
Judaica-German - (87)
Judaica-Hebrew - (8)
Judaica-Yiddish - (3)
Jung - (21)
Kafka-and-Prague - (45)
Kleist-Proust-Dostoyevsky - (44)
Konservative-Ideen-1930-1960 - (2)
Language - (2)
Language-History - (9)
Language-History-German - (20)
Latin-America - (14)
Law - (71)
Law-Germany - (3)
Linguistics - (22)
Literary-history - (110)
Literary-History-England - (39)
literary-history-France - (15)
literary-history-Germany - (108)
Literary-Reference-German - (2)
Literary-theory - (27)
literary-theory-German - (24)
Literature - (32)
Literature-American - (18)
Literature-Ballads - (21)
Literature-England - (25)
Literature-English-American - (11)
Literature-Epos - (5)
Literature-France - (72)
Literature-France-19th-Century - (6)
Literature-France-Africa - (2)
Literature-Germany - (92)
Literature-Germany-1890-1925 - (9)
Literature-Germany-18th-Century - (10)
literature-germany-1900-1914 - (15)
Literature-Germany-1930s - (14)
literature-germany-1970-to-present - (9)
Literature-Germany-19th-century - (63)
Literature-Germany-Early-German - (14)
Literature-Germany-Karl-May - (1)
Literature-Germany-Nachkriegsliteratur - (87)
Literature-Germany-Nibelungenlied - (4)
Literature-Germany-Poetry - (55)
Literature-Hoerspiel - (1)
Literature-in-English - (21)
literature-in-Spanish - (10)
Literature-Maerchen - (24)
Literature-Switzerland - (24)
Literature-translated-from-German - (6)
Literature-translated-into-English - (5)
Literature-translated-into-German - (41)
Local-history - (4)
Luxemburg - (1)
Mann-family - (88)
Maps - (1)
McCarthyism - (2)
Media-Studies - (5)
Memoir - (29)
Mexico - (1)
Military-history - (27)
Mittelalter - (52)
Music - (152)
Music-Cabaret-Film - (5)
music-history - (33)
music-scores - (35)
music-Wagner - (23)
Netherlands - (1)
Numismatics - (1)
Philosophy - (81)
philosophy-18thC-Germany - (15)
philosophy-19thC-Germany - (65)
philosophy-20thC-France - (82)
philosophy-20thC-Germany - (270)
philosophy-aesthetics - (15)
philosophy-American - (56)
philosophy-Austria - (1)
philosophy-before-1750 - (30)
philosophy-England - (35)
philosophy-Enlightenment - (49)
Philosophy-ethics - (21)
Philosophy-Existentialism - (2)
philosophy-France-Camus-Sartre - (14)
philosophy-French - (9)
philosophy-Germany - (1)
philosophy-Germany-1933-1945 - (25)
philosophy-Greek - (29)
philosophy-Hegel - (45)
philosophy-Heidegger-and-Students - (58)
Philosophy-History - (1)
philosophy-Italian - (12)
Philosophy-Joachim-Ritter-and-students - (3)
philosophy-Kant - (13)
philosophy-logic - (6)
philosophy-logical-positivism - (52)
Philosophy-Lukacs-Sonntagskreis - (36)
philosophy-Machiavelli - (4)
philosophy-Marx - (29)
philosophy-Medieval - (1)
Philosophy-Mystik - (8)
philosophy-Nietzsche - (37)
philosophy-of-language - (2)
philosophy-of-law - (1)
philosophy-of-science - (28)
philosophy-phenomenology - (46)
philosophy-reference - (2)
philosophy-Russia - (3)
philosophy-Spanish - (7)
Philosophy-surveys - (1)
Photography - (24)
Poetry - (47)
Poland - (4)
Political-Leaders - (27)
Political-theory - (40)
Political-theory-authority-power - (8)
political-theory-civil-society - (1)
Political-theory-classics - (3)
Political-theory-communism - (2)
political-theory-conservatism - (1)
Political-theory-England - (17)
Political-theory-Europe - (14)
Political-theory-freedom - (7)
Political-Theory-Germany - (4)
Political-Theory-Hochschule-fuer-Politik - (3)
political-theory-in-French - (14)
Political-theory-in-german - (98)
Political-theory-in-Italian - (1)
Political-theory-in-Spanish - (2)
Political-theory-Marxism - (3)
political-theory-realism - (6)
Political-theory-State - (33)
Political-theory-surveys - (5)
political-theory-US - (52)
Political-theory-war-revolution - (29)
Politics-Emergency-Crisis - (2)
Post-Structuralism - (53)
Post-und-Eisenbahn - (7)
Press-books - (10)
Psychoanalysis - (16)
Psychology - (105)
Publishing - (28)
Race - (12)
Reference - (24)
Reformation-Luther - (24)
Religion - (54)
Rilke - (35)
Ritter-Muenster - (2)
Romanistik - (8)
Romantik - (66)
Rosenstock-and-friends - (17)
Rousseau - (70)
Russia-Literature - (13)
Schiller - (35)
science-fiction - (2)
Shakespeare - (22)
Ships - (4)
Social-History - (6)
Social-history-and-Annales-school - (11)
Social-Psychology - (4)
Sociology - (221)
Sociology-Dortmund-Muenster-Bielefeld - (7)
Sociology-France - (12)
Sociology-of-Knowledge - (5)
Sociology-Weber-Heidelberg - (40)
South-America - (2)
Southern-History-and-Criticism - (25)
Sozialgeschichte - (2)
Sport - (3)
Structuralism-Poetics-Rhetoric - (33)
Switzerland - (23)
Theater - (61)
Theology - (120)
Theology-Evangelisch - (14)
Travel - (27)
Turkey - (1)
United-Nations - (1)
universities - (27)
Unternehmensforschung - (5)
Virgil and Dryden - (2)
Virginia-Woolf - (8)
Visual-History-and-Design - (12)
Warburg-Cultural-Studies - (21)
Weimar-Literature-1919-1933 - (102)
Wirtschaftsgeschichte - (6)
World-History - (35)
World-War-I - (11)
World-War-II - (17)
Zoology - (1)

31302. Abrahams, Robert D., 1905-. Sound of Bow bells: the story of Sir David Salomons. Illustrated by Dan Dickas. New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy / Jewish Publication Society, 1962, stated First Printing, 148pp., very good dust-jacket, very good blue hardcover, SIGNED simply by Robert D. Abrahams on half-title, $30
Designed by Leda Glassman. Covenant books, 14. Young adult historical retelling of the story of Sir David Salomons, 1797-1873 and the struggle of Jews for access to public offices in 19th century England. Illustrated endpapers and drawings at head of each chapter.

25248. Abramov, S. Zalman, 1908-. Perpetual dilemma : Jewish religion in the Jewish State. Foreword by W. Gunther Plaut. Rutherford, N.J. : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1979, 2d printing, 459pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black cloth, $12
Abramov was born in Minsk, Russia, emigrated to Palestine in 1920, but was educated in the US. Later a lawyer in private practice, and member of the Knesset from 1959. ISBN 0838616879

21916. Agus, Jacob B., 1911-1986. Jewish identity in an age of ideologies. New York: Frederick Ungar Pub. Co., 1978, xi, 463pp. 22 cm, very good dust-jacket, very good light blue cloth, $19
Author was Rabbi at a conservative synagogue in Baltimore. ISBN 0804450188

3283. Albright, William Foxwell. Archaeology and the religion of Israel. The Ayer lectures of the Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, 1941. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1956, 4th ed., xii, 246pp. . 24 cm., very good blue cloth, library stamp on front endpaper, pocket removed roughly from rear endpaper. Binding clean, contents clean, previous owner's stamp, $15

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Harper Torchbooks. The Cloister Library, TB102.

26678. Aleichem, Sholem, 1859-1916. Tevye’s daughters. Translated by Frances Butwin, illustrations by Ben Shahn. New York, Crown Publishers, 1949, xvii, 302 p. 22 cm., good blue cloth, but front cover slightly soiled, $7.5
"De luxe illustrated edition." (Has several line drawings by Shahn, no more).

16556. Alexander, Hartley Burr, 1873-1939. The Hebrew Contribution to the Americanism of the Future. New York: The Menorah Press, 1923, 40pp., small stapled PAPERBACK, very good, slight cover wear, $15
The Menorah Pamphlets, No. 1. First Annual Zunz Memorial Lecture, reprinted from the Menorah Journal Feb/April, 1920.

21535. Alfasi, Yitzchak. Jewish Frankfurt. Translated and edited by Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Finkel. Lakewood, N.J.: C.I.S., 1993, 108pp., very good sewn paperback, $10
The ancient community - Persecution and expulsion - Defensive barricades - Difficult times - Rabbi Naftali Katz and the great fire - The Pnei Yehoshua and his successors - The Napoleonic period - The revival of orthodoxy - Jewish contributions to the city - Destruction and defiant renewal. ISBN 1560622148

30764. American Jewish Archives. American Jewish Archives. Volume 23, no. 1, April 1971. Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, 1971, 122pp., sewn PAPERBACK, very good, $12
Complete issue of the journal, contains frontispiece photo of Nelson Glueck (1900-1971) and short obituary notice. Zosa Szajkowski, Double Jeopardy. The Abrams Case of 1919 - Joan Zlotnick, Abraham Cahan - Early Days: the Story of Sarah Thal - Herbert W. Kline, The Jew that Shakespeare Drew? - Richard M. Stern, Arnold Ehrlich: a Personal Recollection (Ehrlich 1848-1919) - Gerald Stanley, Merchandising in the Southwest. The Mark I. Jacobs Company of Tucson, 1867-1875.

32981. American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Committee. Thirty-Second Annual Report. New York: no publisher or printer noted, 1939, 127pp., small sewn PAPERBACK, very good, $25
Includes Thirty-Second Annual Meeting summaries, Annual Report of the Executive Committee on Germany (21-24), Italy, Czecho-Slovakia, Hungary, Roumania, Poland, Danzig, Palestine, Latin-American Countries, Refugee Problem, United States - Office Report, Address by Cyrus Adler, List of corporate members, List of Contributors.

32977. American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Committee. Twenty-Eighth Annual Report. New York: printed by The Academy Press, 1935, 185pp., small sewn PAPERBACK, very good, light cover wear, $25
Includes section on The Jewish Situation in Germany Today (27-36), reports on other "centers of interest abroad" including Austria, Poland, Danzig, Saar Basin, Switzerland, Roumania, Latvia, South Africa, Latin American Countries, Canada, Salonica, Russia - Domestic Matters (US), List of corporate members, sustaining members and contributors.

32978. American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Committee. Twenty-Ninth Annual Report. New York: printed by The Academy Press, 1936, 171pp., small sewn PAPERBACK, very good, $25
Includes section on The Jewish Situation in Germany Today (25-36), reports on other "centers of interest abroad" including Austria, Poland, Danzig, Saar Basin, Berne Protocols Trial, Poland, Palestine - Activities of the Committee, Report of the Executive Committee, Address by Joseph M. Proskauer, List of corporate members, sustaining members and contributors.

32980. American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Committee. Thirty-First Annual Report. New York: no publisher or printer noted, 1938, 173pp., small sewn PAPERBACK, very good, $25
Includes Thirty-First Annual Meeting summaries, Annual Report of the Executive Committee on Germany (38-40), Poland, Roumania, Mexico, United States - Office Report, Address by Cyrus Adler, Address by Sol M. Stroock, List of corporate members, List of Contributors.

32982. American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Committee. Thirty-Third Annual Report. New York: no publisher or printer noted, 1940, 111pp., small sewn PAPERBACK, very good, $25
Includes Thirty-Third Annual Meeting summaries, Annual Report of the Executive Committee on Poland (19-23), Germany (23-24), Other Countries, Refugees, Palestine, Minorities Problem, United States - Office Report, List of corporate members, List of Contributors.

32979. American Jewish Committee. The American Jewish Committee. Thirtieth Annual Report. New York: printed by The Academy Press, 1937, 153pp., small sewn PAPERBACK, very good, $25
Includes section on The Jewish Situation in Germany Today (25-32), Petition to League of Nations, Jewish Situation in Poland, Roumania, Other Countries, Palestine - Domestic Activities of the Committee, List of corporate members, sustaining members and contributors.

33227. Antler, Joyce. You never call! you never write! : a history of the Jewish mother. Oxford, New York : Oxford University Press, 2007, xii, 321pp., very good dust-jacket, slight wear, very good hardcover, slight indentations on cover, nicely INSCRIBED by Joyce Antler to a friend over 5-lines. $25
. ISBN 9780195147872

32850. Asch, Sholem, 1880-1957. In the beginning. Translated by Caroline Cunningham, drawings by Eleanor Klemm. New York, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1935, second impression, 120pp., worn dust-jacket with chip and tear along cover near bottom of spine, very good dark red cloth, $9
Originally published as "Kleine Geschichten aus der Bibel", which was adapted from the Yiddish and translated into German by Helene Sokolow.

8041. Baeck, Leo, 1873-1956. This People Israel: The Meaning of Jewish Existence. Translated with introduction by Albert H. Friedlander. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1964, stated First Edition, 403pp., good black half-cloth with brown boards somewhat faded, $20
designed by Ernst Reichl. Translated from Dieses Volk: jüdische Existenz.

14450. Baeck, Leo, 1873-1956. The essence of Judaism. New York: Schocken Books, 1948, revised edition, 288pp., very good blue cloth but with red ink marginal notation and underlined phrase on page 31 only, previous owner's gift inscription: Phil: For the New Year - Dan Dec. 1948, $20
This rendition by Irving Howe is based on the translation from the German by Victor Grubenwieser and Leonard Pearl (Macmillan / London, 1936).

22997. Baer, S.. Sefer Breshit / Liber Genesis. Textum Masoreticum accuratissime expressit, e fontibus masorae varie illustravit notis criticis confirmavit S. Baer. Praefatus est edendi operis adjutor Fr. Delitzsch. Lipsiae: Tauchnitz, 1869, viii, 96pp., worn blue cloth, ex-library copy with stamps, $30
Preface in Latin, text in Hebrew.

20340. Bar-Am, Micha / Alon, Azariah. Al pene Sinai / Across Sinai. Introduction by Yohanan Aharoni, photographs by Bar-Am and Alon. [Tel-Aviv, 1957]: General Federation of Labour in Israel, Hakibutz Hameduchad Publishing House, 1957, xv, 77pp., very good black half-cloth, though corners of boards bumped, with dramatic photo illustration cover of jeeps driving through a stone canyon, previous owner's inscription, $125
Illustrated throughout with black and white photographs by Bar-Am and Alon. Introduction text in English, main text and descriptions in Hebrew.

9828. Bar-David, Molly Lyons, 1910-. My promised land. New York: Putnam's, 1953, 307pp., worn dust-jacket with a few tears, slightly worn blue cloth, $12
The story of a Jerusalem housewife. Bar-David was born in Canada, emigrated to Palestine in 1936 and was a journalist and popular author who wrote on life in Israel and on Jewish cooking.

18137. Barnabé d'Alsace, 1850-1923. Capharnaüm et Bethsaide: suivi d'une étude sur l'âge de la synagogue de Tell Houm. Paris: A. Picard, 1921, xv, 295pp., [4] leaves of plates: ill., maps . 23 cm, very good private black half-cloth, ex-library copy with spine title in white ink, stamps, rear pocket, otherwise neat, clean copy, nicely INSCRIBED on half-title by Meistermann to Edouard Bleke. $110

8447. Baron, Salo, 1895-1989, (contributor). Jerusalem. City, Holy and Eternal. Published in Commemoration of the Trimillenial Anniversary of the City of Jerusalem. New York: Hemisphere Publications, 1954, 63 plates, 31pp., large 28cm, very good tan cloth with gold decorations, $17
Valuable photographs of people, market places, architecture, religion, daily life.

2373. Baron, Salo Wittmayer, 1895-1989. Steeled by adversity: essays and addresses on American Jewish life. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1971, stated First Edition, xi, 729 p. 22 cm., worn dust-jacket, very good gray cloth, previous owner's stamp, $9

2368. Barth, Aron, 1890-1957. The modern Jew faces eternal problems. Translated from Hebrew. Jerusalem: Religious Section of the Youth and Hechalutz Dept. of the Zionist Organization., 1956, 288 p. 21 cm., badly torn dust-jacket, very good green cloth, some foxing, $6
Translation of Dorenu mul sheelot ha-netsah.

31661. Barzilay, Isaac, 1915-. Between reason and faith. Anti-rationalism in Italian Jewish thought 1250-1650. The Hague, Paris, Mouton, 1967, 248pp., very good dust-jacket, minor scuffing on rear blank panel, very good green cloth, $45
Publications in Near and Middle East studies, Columbia University. Series A, 10. Chapters on Isaac Abravanel, Joseph Ya'aves, Joseph Ibn Yahya, Judah Moscato, Azariah Figo, Judah del Bene, and others.

21242. Baumgard, Herbert M., 1920-. Judaism and prayer. Growing towards God. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations [1964], xii, 113pp. 20 cm, very good small hardcover, $6
Series: Issues of faith. Author was educated at University of Virginia and at Columbia ; ordained rabbi at Hebrew Union College in New York; later Rabbi at Temple Beth Am, Miami, Florida.

22383. Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin. Original sins: reflections on the history of Zionism and Israel. NY: Olive Branch Press, 1993, stated First American Edition, 227pp., sewn PAPERBACK, corner worn, some ink underlining on a few pages, reading copy, previous owner's name, $6
First published in 1991. ISBN 1566561310

12182. Bellow, Saul. To Jerusalem and back: a personal account. New York: Viking Press, 1976, 1976, 182pp. . 24 cm, very good dust-jacket worn around edges with a few minor tears, very good blue half-cloth, $6
. ISBN 0670717290

4739. Belth, Nathan C.. A Promise to Keep. New York: Times Books, 1979, 305pp., PAPERBACK, good used copy, worn cover, $3
. ISBN 0812908147

31626. Ben-Sasson, H. H. / Ettinger, S.. Jewish society through the ages. Edited by H.H. Ben-Sasson and S. Ettinger. London: Vallentine, Mitchell, 1971, 352pp., dust-jacket worn around edges, very good red cloth, previous owner's name, $25
Originally published by UNESCO as a special issue of the Journal of World History. CONTRIBUTORS: Ben-Zion Dinur, R. J. Zwi Werblowsky, Hayim Tadmor, Yitzhak F. Baer, Menahem Stern, David G. Flusser, E. E. Urbach, Shmuel Safrai, S. D. Goitein, I. Twersky, H. H. Ben-Sasson, Haim Beinart, Cecil Roth, S. Ettinger, Jacob Katz, Moshe Mishkinsky, Lloyd P. Gartner, S. N. Eisenstadt. ISBN 085303141X

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. ISBN 0934710074

17239. Bentwich, Joseph Solomon, 1902-. Education in Israel. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1965, xiii, 204pp. , [8]pp. of plates : ill. . 23 cm, very good dust-jacket, very good cloth, previous owner's name: Israel Scheffler, $9
International library of sociology and social reconstruction. History and current state of educational system as of 1965.

22847. Bentwich, Norman. The Jews in our Time. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1960, 175pp., small sewn paperback, good but old copy, light wear around edges, previous owner's inscription, $6
Pelican Book, A468.

30805. Berenbaum, Michael, 1945-. The vision of the void : theological reflections on the works of Elie Wiesel. Middletown, Connecticut : Wesleyan University Press, 1979, 220pp., very good gray cloth, light wear to spine, nicely INSCRIBED by Michael in english and hebrew to Rabbi and Mrs. Wind. $30
. ISBN 0819550302

27472. Berghahn, Klaus L. / Hermand, Jost. Goethe in German-Jewish culture. Edited by Klaus L. Berghahn and Jost Hermand. Rochester, NY : Camden House, 2001, xiii, 190pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black cloth, $24
. ISBN 1571133232

30620. Bialik, Hayyim Nahman, 1873-1934. A Bialik treasury : selections from the works of Hayyim Nahman Bialik. Edited with introduction and notes by Rabbi Jacob E. Segal. New York : National Academy for Adult Jewish studies under the auspices of the Jewish theological Seminary of America, no date, around 1941, "This is a preliminary edition", xiv, 122pp., large PAPERBACK, good copy, text clean, but front cover complete but badly torn, spine tape torn, rear cover chipped, stamp on bottom foredge: Bureau of Jewish Education, $20
Text printed in reproduced typeface, text in English.

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Substantial introduction by Larsen, followed by Grunwald's letters, documenting her work with children under Nazi persecution. "Die Lehrerin Clara Grunwald (1877-1943) war eine Vorkämpferin der Montessori-Pädagogik in Deutschland. Auf ihre Initiative wurde 1924 im Berliner Arbeiterviertel Wedding das erste »Volkskinderhaus« gegründet. Nach dem Entzug der Lehrberechtigung durch die NS-Behörden 1933 widmete sie sich der Beratung junger Juden bei der Auswanderung. Ab 1941 arbeitete sie im landwirtschaftlichen Umschulungsheim Neuendorf. Als 1943 die Belegschaft deportiert wurde, schloß sie sich dem Transport der von ihr betreuten Kinder nach Auschwitz an, obwohl sie wegen ihres Alters die Chance hatte, in Theresienstadt zu überleben.". ISBN 3924652031

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Ascher Ginzberg, born in Ukraine, emigrated to Palestine and became Ahad Ha-am: advanced cultural zionism without a Jewish state. Volume includes substantial 29pp introduction to Ahad Ha'am by the translator, Leon Simon. CONTENTS: Preface - Introduction - Sacred and Profane - Justice and Mercy - Positive and Negative - Anticipations and Survivals - Past and Future - Two Masters - Imitation and Assimilation - Priest and Prophet - Flesh and Spirit - Many Inventions - Slavery in Freedom - Some Consolation - Ancestor Worship - The Transvaluation of Values - A New Savior - The Spiritual Revival - Moses - Index.

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The author (1987 information): was "a student of Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik, received his rabbinic ordination in 1953 and his doctorate in philosophy from McGill University. Following his aliyah in 1971, he founded in Jerusalem the Shalom Hartman Institute of which he is director.". ISBN 0827600895

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Religion and civilization series. The common ground: Three paths to the common good, by Louis Finkelstein. The rise of an American culture, by Allan Nevins. What common ground has America won? By L.K. Frank. -- The dividing issues: The racial issue, by E.F. Frazier. The ethnic issue, by Vilhjalmur Stefansson. The economic issue, by Eli Ginzberg. The religious issue, by R.W. Sockman. -- What can we do about them: What the schools can do, by C.R. Miller. What the press can do, by G.W. Johnson. What business can do, by E.L. Bernays. What the courts can do, by W.H. Hamilton. What we all can do, by R.M. MacIver.

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Brandeis series in American Jewish history, culture, and life. Includes biographical essay by Jonathan Sarna, interview with Marcus (1981), 11 essays by Marcus dating from 1916-1989, and a full bibliography. Essays included: America: Spiritual Center of Jewry (1916) - the Jewish Soldier (1918) - Lost: Judaism in the AEF (1919) - Zionism and the American Jew (1933) - Mass Migrations of Jews (1940) - New Literary Responsibilities (1941) - The Program of the American Jewish Archives (1948) - Three Hundred Years in America (1955) - Pedagogue's Progresss (1957) - Genesis: College Beginnings (1978) - Testament (1989). ISBN 1584653434

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SUNY series in psychoanalysis and culture. Deals with Stanley Cavell, Harold Bloom, and Sacvan Bercovitch. CONTENTS: Introduction: The Tactics of Cultural Integration - Sources of Assistance: French Theory and Psychoanalysis - Prospects of Culture: Interpreting American Dreams - Wrest(l)ing Authority: The Agonism of Harold Bloom - Finding Acknowledgment: The Inheritance of Stanley Cavell - Identifying Rhetorics: The Acculturation of Sacvan Bercovitch - Conclusion. ISBN 0791426084

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This copy was given by Munk to "Martin", an old student of Munk's in London at the wedding of Samson Raphael Grunfeld, Judith Rosenbaum's eldest son, Sept. 10, 1968 - which has been noted in ink on the front pastedown. Later, Munk sent a card with a brief inscription to be glued into the book, along with a two-page letter, both of which have been glued in. - Judith Grunfeld-Rosenbaum: author of book on Jewish children evacuated to Sheffield England in WWII. - Raphael Samson Grunfeld: author of book on Ner eyal: guide to laws of Shabbat.

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Bd. I: Katalog / herausgegeben von Andreas Nachama, Gereon Sievernich --Bd. II: Essays / herausgegeben von Andreas Nachama, Julius H. Schoeps, Edward van Voolen. "Aus Anlass der Ausstellung 'Jüdische Lebenswelten' im Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, 12. Januar-26. April 1992" - ISBN 363354058X - 3633540571. ISBN 363354058X

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Part I. Patriarcha Law - Babylonian Law - Biblical marriage - Bride Purchase, Adoption - Surrogate Motherhood - Inheritance, Alimony - Child Support.

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A fantastic story involving part-Jewish soldiers in the German secret service, an ambitious religious movement and their supporters and critics in the US. Entertaining, full of new historical elements for most readers; unfortunately the book is also absurdly repetitive and poorly edited, could easily be 50 pages shorter. The author must be praised for his even-handed treatment of a messianic religious movement and for discussing questions most are afraid to touch even in private discussion. ISBN 0300115318

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Introduction by S. N. Eisenstadt: "a landmark in development of the sociological study of the kibbutz movement". The author was a native of Petah Tikva, in Palestine. Wrote a dissertation under Martin Buber entitled "Mythical and Historical Time in Primitive and Archaic Societies.". ISBN 0674292758

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A Periodical Index.

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Pierre Aubery praised the rich documentation of the book, its fluid novelistic style, and its discussion of antisemitism in France, on the left and right; along with some criticism of Weinberg's tendency to confuse comments on Israeli politics with antisemitism. To some degree, however, the point is that anti-zionism serves as a mask for anti-semitism. Julien Bauer asks how then it has been possible for Jewish candidates to be elected by general populations in France: how has French antisemitism been incapable of preventing this? (Bauer, CJPS, 1989). ISBN 0889623546

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First published in 1943.

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Axelrad: peace and civil rights activist, formerly at Brandeis. ISBN 0940646129

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Privately printed, with tributes from the funeral 1927. Contributors include: S. J. Appelbaum, Rabbi Philip Bernstein, Benjamin Goldstein, Algernon Crapsey.

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George Yudkin retired from his law practice in Connecticut in 1979 and moved with his wife to Israel. These are some of his letters back to friends at home "full of wry anecdotes and observations about the daily tribulations and unique fulfillments of living in Israel.".

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Contributions to education, no. 908.

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De la teoria de la nacionalidad - Religion y nacion - Nacionalidad y progreso - Moises Hess, el filosofo, el socialista, el judio - Nacionalismo antiguo y moderno - Cultura "propia" y "ajena" - Nacionalismo progresista ye reaccionario - Genios judios - Max Nordau y el sionismo politico - Job, poema del libre pensamiento judio.

31673. Zinberg, Israel, 1873-1938. A History of Jewish Literature. Volume XI. The Haskalah Movement in Russia. Translated and edited by Bernard Martin. Cincinnati : Hebrew Union College Press, NY: Ktav, 1978, 1978, xxi, 227pp., very good dust-jacket, very good white cloth, previous owner's name, $25
Volume 11 of the 12-volume translation of Zinberg's history, first published in 8 volumes in Vilna 1929-1937 in Yiddish. ISBN 0870684922

31791. Zinberg, Israel, 1873-1938. A History of Jewish Literature. Volume XII. Haskalah at its Zenith. Translated and edited by Bernard Martin. Cincinnati : Hebrew Union College Press, NY: Ktav, 1978, xxiii, 261pp., very good dust-jacket, very good white cloth, previous owner's name, $25
Volume 12 of the 12-volume translation of Zinberg's history, first published in 8 volumes in Vilna 1929-1937 in Yiddish. The amazing story of the loss and rediscovery of the manuscript of this last volume is told in the introduction.