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philosophy-aesthetics - (15)
philosophy-American - (56)
philosophy-Austria - (1)
philosophy-before-1750 - (30)
philosophy-England - (35)
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Philosophy-Existentialism - (2)
philosophy-France-Camus-Sartre - (14)
philosophy-French - (9)
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philosophy-Hegel - (45)
philosophy-Heidegger-and-Students - (58)
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Political-Theory-Hochschule-fuer-Politik - (3)
political-theory-in-French - (14)
Political-theory-in-german - (98)
Political-theory-in-Italian - (1)
Political-theory-in-Spanish - (2)
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political-theory-realism - (6)
Political-theory-State - (33)
Political-theory-surveys - (5)
political-theory-US - (52)
Political-theory-war-revolution - (29)
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Virgil and Dryden - (2)
Virginia-Woolf - (8)
Visual-History-and-Design - (12)
Warburg-Cultural-Studies - (21)
Weimar-Literature-1919-1933 - (102)
Wirtschaftsgeschichte - (6)
World-History - (35)
World-War-I - (11)
World-War-II - (17)
Zoology - (1)

31845. Adams, Thomas Boylston. A new nation. Chester, Connecticut : Globe Pequot Press, 1981, xiii, 301pp., 25cm., dust-jacket worn and scuffed around edges, very good blue cloth but rear cover a bit warped, nicely INSCRIBED by the author to a Harvard historian: To Frank Freidel / as from a rooky / to an old pro / Tom Adams. $45
64 short essays across US history. ISBN 0871069598. ISBN B0006E556E

9773. Agar, Herbert, ed.. Who owns America? A new declaration of independence. Boston: New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1936, x, 342pp. 22 cm., badly torn but complete dust-jacket, labels roughly removed, worn and faded blue cloth, tear at top of spine, some foxing on cover, internally sound but with small brown spot in hinge at title page, previous owner's name in pencil: historian Henry Steele Commager, dated 1938, with bookplate: gift of Commager to Hampshire College Library, with several other stamps from that library, $45
Interesting association to this rebellious southern anthology: Owsley, Tate, Davidson, Ransom, Lytle, Warren, Brooks and many others.

33504. Artaud, Denise. Le New Deal. Paris: Librairie Armand Colin, 1969, 285pp., small PAPERBACK, TEXT IN FRENCH, good but ink stains on foredge, spine glue cracked at page 90, nicely INSCRIBED by Denise Artaud to Harvard historian Frank Freidel and his wife. $30
Printed compliments of the author card laid in.

25352. Axtell, James, ed.. America Perceived: A View from Abroad. West Haven, CT: Pendulum Press, 1974, 236, 239, 174, 190pp., PAPERBACK, very good, four volumes, complete set, $19
4-volume set of primary sources: America Perceived from Abroad in the 17th century, in the 18th century, in the 19th century, in the 20th century. ISBN 0883011239

31847. Banks, Ann, ed.. First-person America. Edited and with an introduction by Ann Banks. New York : Knopf, 1980, stated First Edition, xxv, 287pp., dust-jacket worn around edges, good white half-cloth, lightly used, newspaper review clipping and publisher's materials laid in, nicely INSCRIBED by the author to Harvard historian who wrote blurb on rear jacket panel. $20
"A remarkable evocation of the lives and feelings of the plain people of America during the depression years. A testament to how Americans really lived during these years that can never be recaptured from their memories, so many decades later Ann Banks has made a superb selection... her editorial comments and introduction are first rate" (Frank Freidel, Charles Warren Professor of American History, Harvard University). ISBN 0394413970

25274. Barber, James, 1952-, ed.. Old Hickory : a life sketch of Andrew Jackson. With an introduction by Robert V. Remini. Washington, D.C. : National Portrait Gallery / Nashville: Tennessee State Museum, 1990, 128pp., large sewn PAPERBACK, very good, illustrated throughout, $12
Exhibition catalog. ISBN 0295970812

28126. Barson, Michael / Steven Heller. Teenage Confidential. An Illustrated History of the American Teen. New York: Barnes and Noble, 2005, 132pp., very good dust-jacket, very good large red cloth, $15
Illustrated throughout with color movie posters, book dust-jackets and other ephemera, with extensive historical text. ISBN 0760776784

4071. Barzun, Jacques, 1907-. God's Country and Mine. A Declaration of Love spiced with a few harsh words. London: Victor Gollancz, 1955, 344pp., very good red cloth, $7.5
An impressionistic essay on American culture of the present, early 1950s, by the influential cultural historian from Columbia. An interesting and accurate prognosis concerning public education: "The Western countries that are only now beginning to copy us in popular secondary education are going to find that it is not the easy thing they bargain for. Their old superiority was easily attained by ruthless selection - 5 to 10 per cent of the children, mostly from cultured homes, gave them little trouble (215).

28738. Beal, Merrill D., 1898-. "I will fight no more forever"; Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War. Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1966, 2004, recent printing, xvii, 366pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $7
. ISBN 0295740094

12777. Beard, Charles A., 1874-1948 / Beard, Mary Ritter, 1876-1958. America in midpassage. Drawings by Wilfred Jones. New York, Macmillan, 1939, later printing, 977pp., two volumes, very good blue cloth, $15

30417. Beattie, Donald W. / Collins, J. Richard. Washington's New England Fleet. Beverly's Role in its Origins, 1775-77. Salem, Massachusetts: Newcomb & Gauss, 1969, ix, 69pp., very good yellow cloth, very slight cigarette odor, INSCRIBED To Paul / who manages very well / J. Richard Collins / July 1969. $25
Beattie: Ph.D. Boston University, American history professor at Boston area colleges. J. Richard Collins: Chairman of the Beverly Historical Commission.

14004. Becker, Carl L. / Clark, John Maurice / Dodd, William Edward. The spirit of '76 and other essays. Washington: The Robert Brookings graduate school of economics and government, 1927, 135pp. 20 cm, very good woven brown half-cloth, $12
Brookings institution, Washington, D. C. Publications ... Miscellaneous series "Three lectures ... delivered on November 19, 1926 at the Robert Brookings graduate school of economics and government, in commemoration of the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the year which witnessed the publication of the Wealth of nations and the Declaration of independence. Becker, Carl L., 1873-1945 / Clark, John Maurice, 1884- / Dodd, William Edward, 1869-1940.

31869. Bernstein, Barton J.. The Truman administration; a documentary history. Edited by Barton J. Bernstein and Allan J. Matusow. New York, Harper & Row, 1966, stated First Edition, viii, 518pp., dust-jacket a bit worn and chipped around edges, very good red cloth, nicely INSCRIBED and SIGNED by both authors to Frank Freidel, Harvard historian, to whom the book is also dedicated. $125

30565. Bibliographical Society of America. The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. Volume 36, First Quarter, 1942. New York: Bibliographical Society of America, 1942, 79pp., sewn PAPERBACK, very good, small tear on rear cover, some light foxing on endpaper, previous owner's name on front cover, $15
Includes: Paul M. Angle, Four Lincoln Firsts [discussion of Subtreasury Speech, House Divided speech, Cooper Union Address, Gettysburg Address, pp. 1- 17] - Curt F. Bühler, Notes on Two Incunabula Printed by Aldus Manutius - Marshall Swan, Shakespeare's Poems, the first three Boston Editions - Carl J. Weber, Hardy's Grim Note in "The Return of the Native" -, Nathan van Patten, An Eskimo Translation of Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, Godthaab, Greenland, 1862-1865.

23158. Boston College. In Celebration of Black History. GYRO Colloquium Papers, volume V. Chestnut Hill: Boston College, 1999, 136pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $12
8 essays on African-Americans, race, law.

4098. Brooks, George S., ed.. James Durand. An Able Seaman of 1812: His Adventures on "Old Ironsides" and as an Impressed Sailor in the British Navy. Foreword by Commander Herbert L. Satterlee. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1926, 139pp., partial and badly torn dust-jacket, very good small blue cloth, $12
Personal memoir of early 19th century navy man in US, France, Britain. Frontispiece depicts USS Constitution. Memoir published as early as 1820.

17036. Broudy, Harry S.. Paradox and promise. Essays on American life and education. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1961], 176pp. 21 cm, PAPERBACK, very good, previous owner's name, $5
Spectrum book, S-19.

31852. Brown, Richard Maxwell. No duty to retreat : violence and values in American history and society. New York : Oxford University Press, 1991, 268pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black hardcover, nicely INSCRIBED by the author to a Harvard historian. $25
History of self-defense from the Wild West to contemporary New York city. "A fascinating and provocative book. Not only is it an authoritative and engrossing examination of violence on the American frontier and in American society at large, but in American jurisprudence as well" (Roger M. Utley). ISBN 0195045106

14338. Bryce, James, 1838-1922. University and historical addresses. Delivered during a residence in the United States as Ambassador of Great Britain. New York: Macmillan, 1913, ix, 433pp. . 21 cm, good blue cloth but front cover stained, $17
Lectures on Virginia, university instruction and the pleasures of later life, Pilgrims 1620, national character, methods of legislation, Jefferson, Missions, state universities, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, architecture and history, Abraham Lincoln, the scoto-irish race, university and state, discovery of Lake Champlain, public speaking, general education, national parks.

28947. Bryce, James Bryce, 1838-1922. The American commonwealth. New York ; London : The Macmillan company, 1897-1898, 3d edition, completely revised throughout, with additional chapters, 724, 904pp., two volumes, very good blue cloth, light wear, previous owner's stamp in both volumes: Henry Samuel Henschen and with nice gift inscription to him at Christmas 1898 from his "S. S. Class" / address in pencil on endpaper: 728 Pine Grove Ave., $85
Previous owner Henschen is undoubtedly Henry S. Henschen, 1873-1943, editor of a history of the State Bank of Chicago, President of the Chicago Bank of Commerce, Treasurer of the Chicago Academy of Sciences, Governing Member of the Art Institute of Chicago (1927-1943) and Investment Banker founder of Henry S. Henschen 1920-1927 (Who's who in Chicago, 1936). His father, William Henschen, immigrated from Sweden in 1870 and was active in the Methodist and Swedish communties in Chicago, even in publishing a Sunday school paper. After a few years in Sweden 1885-89, the family returned to Chicago; the younger Henschen attended law school and then went into banking. It must have been at this point that he directed a Sunday School class (perhaps it was the Grace ME Church at La Salle and Locust, though this is only speculation) and received this appropriate gift for the immigrant family: Bryce's classic guide to the American governing system. See Youken, Organized Sunday School Work in America 1911-1914 for mention of Henry S. Henschen.

33283. Butterfield, Lyman Henry, (subject). Lyman Henry Butterfield : commemorations of his life by Marc Friedlaender, Olive G Malcolm, Whitfield J. Bell, Fox Butterfield. Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1982, 16pp., stapled PAPERBACK, very good, $45
Preprinted as a keepsake from Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, volume 94, 1982. Butterfield was Editor in Chief of the Adams papers.

18960. Cartier, Raymond, 1896-. Europa erobert Amerika. München: DTV, 1962, 354pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, a few minor pencil marks in advertising section, $5
Translated from French.

26612. Chinard, Gilbert, 1881-1972. Les réfugiés huguenots en Amérique : avec une introduction sur Le mirage américain. Paris : Société d’édition "Les Belles-lettres," 1925, xxxvii, 245, 20 cm., good sewn paper wraps, a bit worn around edges, $25

2463. Costa, Peter, ed.. Q & A, conversations with Harvard scholars. [Cambridge, Mass.]:: Harvard University Office of News and Public Affairs: Distributed by Harvard University Press, 1991, x, 262pp., very good dust-jacket with a few minor tears, very good red cloth, $15
Interviews with 35 Harvard Professors, including historian Charles Maier, economist Henry Rosovsky, many others. ISBN 0674740009

31848. Crunden, Robert M.. From self to society, 1919-1941. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, 1972, 1st printing, xii, 212pp., very good dust-jacket, light wear around edges, very good black cloth, INSCRIBED by Crunden on front pastedown to a Harvard historian. $25
Transitions in American thought series. ISBN 0133314219

31850. Crunden, Robert M... Ministers of reform : the Progressives’ achievement in American civilization, 1889-1920. New York : Basic Books, 1982, 1st printing, xii, 307pp., good dust-jacket, light wear, very good blue cloth, review slip glued to front endpaper, $12
"The touch is sure from settlement houses to muckraking to architecture to foreign policy. The essays on Ives and Frank Lloyd Wright are stunning" (Frank Freidel). "Crunden extends his concern beyond the usually political themes of progressive historiography to examine the arts and cultural expression generally. The 'innovative nostalgia' that marked the period nourished two geniuses—Charles Ives and Frank Lloyd Wright -but, Crunden argues, its larger legacy was one of political and cultural failure" (Thomas Bender). ISBN 0465046312

32239. Current, Richard Nelson. Wisconsin : a Bicentennial history. New York : Norton / Nashville, American Association for State and Local History, 1977, xiv, 226pp., very good dust-jacket, very good gray cloth, nicely INSCRIBED by Richard N. Current to named friends, $20
The States and the Nation series. ISBN 0393056244

4047. Curti, Merle. The Roots of American Loyalty. New York: Columbia University Press, 1946, 267pp., dust-jacket worn and chipped around edges, very good black cloth, light wear to corners, $9
A history of American nationalism, alias "patriotism", stressing the first 100 years of the US; but itself a document of the mid-20th century, pre-McCarthyism.

24964. Davis, Mike / Sprinker, Michael. Reshaping the US Left. Popular Struggles in the 1980s. Volume Three of The Year Left. London, NY: Verso, 1988, 311pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $6
12 essays by different authors on race, environment, labor, women, politics. ISBN 0860919099

26323. Demos, John. A little commonwealth. Family life in Plymouth Colony. London, New York, Oxford University Press, 1971, later printing, 201pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, $6
cover design by Tim Gaydos. Galaxy book GB344. ISBN 0195013557

23452. DeWolf Pardee, Alice. Blithewold. Bristol Rhode Island. Privately Published, 1978, 160pp., very good dust-jacket, slight wear, very good white cloth, $20
History of the Rhode Island estate called Blithewold since the 1890s. ISBN 0917218101.

30840. Dickinson, Howard Williams, 1869-. Archamon, friend. New York, Privately printed, 1930, 55pp., very good orange cloth, but spine and cover titles a bit faded, Edition of 500, here number 292 hand-numbered and SIGNED in ink by Howard Dickinson on colophon. $45
Dickinson, born in 1869 in Elgin, Illinois; studied at Marietta College in Ohio then at Harvard (class of 1891). He then taught High School in Illinois for several years before becoming principal of Smith Academy in Hatfield, Massachusetts until 1904. Joined the advertising department of Scribner's Magazine in 1904, then in 1908 the Phelps Publishing company in Springfield, Massachusetts, eventually becoming advertising manager of Good Housekeeping magazine. Author of the Primer of Promotion (1927) on marketing.

28922. Dorpat, Paul. 494 More Glimpses of Historic Seattle. Seattle: Mother Wit Press, 1982, stated First Edition, unpaginated about 150pp., large stapled PAPERBACK, very good, illustrated with photos throughout, some captions, $7
Dense photo assemblage of Seattle history.

31254. Durand, Régis. Myth and ideology in American culture. Villeneuve d'Ascq: Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Nord-Américaines et Canadiennes, Université de Lille, 1976, 268pp., tall PAPERBACK, very good, $25
Texts in English. 14 individual contributions. Rabate, Sounds Pound - Lecourt, Theodore Roethke - Blau Duplessis, Lyric Documents Levertov, Rich and Rukeyser - Rihoit, The Bostonians, Henry James - Hulley, Dashiell Hammett - Tissot, Super-Realism - Denain, Booker T. Washington's Ideology - Solard, Jean Toomer's Kabnis - Fabre, Banjo - Blary, Claude McKay and Black Nationalist Ideology - Jacquin, American Black music - Lecomte, The Quota Controversy: a Press Study. ISBN 2859390642

33457. Duroselle, Jean Baptiste, 1917-1994. De Wilson à Roosevelt: politique extérieure des États-Unis, 1913-1945. Paris, Armand Colin, 1960, 494pp., sewn PAPERBACK, very good, tear to bottom of front cover, nicely INSCRIBED to Harvard historian Frank Freidel: "To Frank Freidel / FDR's great historian / This attempt for a synthesis / primarly based upon some / strategic concepts / J B Duroselle / December 27, 1960". $45
In the series: Sciences politiques. Relations internationales, 2.

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Iowa born and bred author of western adventures, he gathered his knowledge of the West from his days as a journalist in New Mexico in the 1880s. He had big success in the 1890s with: The Singing Mouse Stories, The Story of the Cowboy, but The Covered Wagon (1922) was made into a film and secured him lasting fame.

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Photograph by Inge Morath, jacket design by Paul Bacon. .

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Volpe: 3-term republican governor of Massachusetts. "With extensive cooperation from John Volpe and many of the men and women who were his closest friends and associates through the years, Kathleen Kilgore has prepared this informed and well-written account of Volpe's life and distinguished career.". ISBN 0899091210

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Personal reading and working copy of Harvard historian and Roosevelt biographer Frank Freidel with his ink marks in margins on many pages, ink notations in margins on a few pages. LAID-IN: 8 full pages of handwritten notes constituting an index of the book and Freidel's remarks, one typewrittten page of notes. 3 newspaper clippings about Lash and the book also laid in. ISBN 038517053X

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Drawings on most facing pages.

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Drawings on most facing pages.

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Two appendixes containing the official biographical sketch of General of the Army George C. Marshall and an album of official and semi-official Marshall photographs selected from the author's collection.

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Born in Ningpo, china in 1854, son of Presbyterian missionary. Attended Yale starting in 1875, graduated from Columbia University Law School in 1877. Writings here from 1921 to 1941. "Almost all his serious tracts offer some encouragement to rebellion." Criticism of Prohibition, wire-tapping, KKK, taxation, discrimination, slavery, the Kellogg-Briand Pact. A sense of life in American in the 1920s and 1930s. ISBN 0963519018

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Report of a journey across the country "to find out what was happening to the people of the country since they were thrust into a period of unprecedented transition called the New Deal." Previous owner Freidel was a noted biographer of Franklin Roosevelt.

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165 biographical articles on Pennsylvania women in various professions since the 17th century. ISBN 0961147601

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Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University, 1929.

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Critique of Great Society social reforms. ISBN 0465042325

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Spectrum book: The American Assembly series. CONTENTS: The image, by Edward Seidensticker. - The legacy of the occupation, by Robert E. Ward. - Political relations, by Lawrence Olson. - Political economy, by William W. Lockwood. - The view from Japan, by Kinhide Mushakoji. - The future, by Herbert Passin.

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Inscription is to Harvard historian Frank Freidel, whom Patterson thanks in his acknowledgments: "I owe a special debt to Professor Frank Freidel of Harvard, whose aid and encouragement throughout this project and on many other matters has been essential." Freidel's reading marks indicate a thorough study of the book.

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Paulson notes in his preface that the research began in a 1958 seminar at Harvard with Frank Freidel. The book won the Frederick Jackson Turner award in 1967.

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First published in 1973. Here with a 2-page preface to the Wesleyan edition. ISBN 0819561223

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Vision of Anáhuac (1519) - Thoughts on the American mind. - The position of America. - Epistle to the Pinzóns. - Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. - Social science and social responsibility. - Native poetry of New Spain. - The tenth muse of America. - In memoriam: Luis G. Urbina. - Virgil in Mexico.

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From the acknowledgments: "During the preparation of this study I have profited from many a conversation with Dr. Frank Freidel. He generously placed at my disposal valuable information gathered I his research at the Roosevelt Library. He read the completed manuscript, but is in no way responsible for point of view or conclusions.".

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The author received his M.A. from the Univ. of Wisconsin. A study of the underlying principles of Wilsonian foreign policy, as applied to Mexico and later to Europe. A serious work in the series Übersee-Geschichte, edited by Adolf Rein.

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Abridgement of the three-volume work, with corrections and additions. ISBN 067438735X

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Subject contributors include: Education by Leo Baisden (1887-1941) - Ethnology by Isabel Kelly (b. 1906) - Geography by Margaret Warthin - Maps by Aileen Corwin.

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The influence of immigration on American history -- Geographic factors in American development -- Economic influences in American history -- The decline of aristocracy in America -- Radicalism and conservatism in American history -- The role of women in American history -- The American revolution - -Economic aspects of the movement for the Constitution -- The significance of Jacksonian democracy -- The State rights fetish -- The foundations of the modern era -- The riddle of the parties Reprinted in part from various periodicals.

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Schlesinger (1888-1965). Includes an interesting short essay on the meaning of the phrase "pursuit of happiness," in which Schlesinger argues that "pursuit" be read in the sense of a practice, a calling, rather than a quest. ISBN 674627601

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Forschungen zur Völkerpsychologie und Soziologie, Bd. VIII. Prohibition -- United States.

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With many photographs.

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. ISBN 1562790684

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Skard spent 5 years in the US during World War II. He was professor of literature at the University of Oslo and a prolific poet.

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Julia Anna Archibald Holmes (1838-1887) and her husband climbed Pike's Peak.

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The ballad of Jack Barbash / by Joe Glazer -- Union structure / by Rudy Oswald and Rick Krashevski -- Unions in the workplace / by Milton Derber -- Unions and academics / by Archie Kleingartner -- Newspaper reporting of trade unionism / by A.H. Raskin -- Labor education in the U.S. / by Alice H. Cook -- Leadership training for the future / by Gus Tyler -- Productivity, industrial relations, and management systems / by Ray Marshall -- Democracy and the local union / Jack Barbash -- Values in industrial relations / Jack Barbash -- Reflections on positive collective bargaining / Jack Barbash Bibliography: pp. 212-217.

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A second volume with the texts of principal documents is NOT present here.

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Doren was to speak on: "Franklin, The First Man of Letters" and apparently signed this book for a Rembrandt Club member at that time. As recently as April 2008, historian Gordon Wood has called this "still the best" Franklin biography.

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"Susan Ware's excellent biography of Molly Dewson restores one of Franklin Roosevelt's chums and an irrepressible battler for women in politics to her proper place in the history of the New Deal. " (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.) . "This fascinating story of one of the most politically-powerful women in American history sheds important light on women's entry into the political mainstream between 1900 and 1940" - (Kathryn Kish Sklar). ISBN 0300038208

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Crucibles of Culture - The Puritan Begins to Play (Boston) - Father Knickerbocker becomes aesthetic (New York) - Culture with a Thee and Thou (Philadelphia) -Intellectual Life around the Punch Bowl (Annapolis) - The Mind of the Tobacco Aristocrat (Williamsburg) - Rice, Indigo, and Elegance (Charleston).

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With frontispiece sketch of the half-completed Washington Monument.

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