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18154. Addams, Jane, 1860-1935. A new conscience and an ancient evil. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1913, later printing, xi, 219p. 19cm, very good small blue cloth, a bit worn around edges, foredge scuffed, a couple of minor pencil notations in first few pages, $15
First Published April, 1912. Reprinted...March, 1913. Study of prostitution.

26020. Anderson, Eugene N.. Process versus power. Studies in modern culture. Lincoln, The University, 1951, vii, 136pp., sewn PAPERBACK, good but fold mark on front cover, slight wear around edges, some foxing, $75
University of Nebraska studies, new series. no. 9. The printed dedication is to Ferdinand Schevill. Contents: The situational approach - The society of localism - The Nature of a cultural crisis - The society of bigness - The society of process - Representation - Obstacles to Process within the society of industrialism - The societies of power and rigidity - Conclusion. In his preface, Anderson thanks those to whom he is particularly indebted, including: Lewis Mumford, Peter Drucker, Frank H. Knight, Jacob Viner, Barrington Moore, Thorstein Veblen, Franz Neumann, Ralph Turner, Caroline Ware, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney, Emil Kardiner, Elton Mayo. Anderson did research in Germany in 1930-31 and produced several books on cultural crisis in Prussia.

9682. Antiquariat Verlag Georg Sauer / Antiquariat Auermann & Reiss. Die Gemeinschaftsarbeiten von Marx und Engels. Eine Sammlung von Originalausgaben. no place: [Sauer, Auermann], , no year, 73pp., illustrated stapled paper wraps, fresh copy, $18
Facsimiles of title pages of Marx-Engels editions in various languages, with bibliographical data.

4835. Aronovici, Carol, 1881-1957. Housing the masses. New York, J. Wiley & Sons, inc.; London, Chapman & Hall, limited, 1939, 1939, xv, 291 p. incl. plates, diagrs. 26 cm., very good large white woven cloth, some minor pencil markings, $12
"Housing literature": p. [275]-286.. Many photographs of individual houses and of housing developments.

7761. Atteslander, Peter / Roger Girod. Soziologische Arbeiten I. Travaux Sociologiques I. Sociological Contributions I. Bern: Verlag Hans Huber, 1966, 348pp., very good blue cloth, $35
Swiss sociology, essay-collection with bibliography. Authors include: René König, Maurice Erard, Peter Stolz, Alphons Silbermann, Paul Trappe, Emil H. Walter (on Theodor Geiger), Josef Leugger, Jürg Schwenter, Urs Jaeggi and others. Includes John Knox on Albert Chavannes, Swiss-American Pioneer in Sociology.

11891. Barnes, Ralph Mosser. Motion and time study. New York: J. Wiley, 1940, 2d edition, xi, 390pp. illus. 22 cm., very good green cloth, previous owner's bookplate, $35

24281. Baschwitz, Kurt, 1886-. Massenwahn - Süddeutsche Monatshefte, 25, 2, November 1927. München: Süddeutsche Monatshefte, 1927, 81-120 of issue 152pp., very good original paper wraps, complete issue of journal, $20
Baschwitz's book of the same name appeared in 1923. This appears to consist of his later summary and remarks on that book in a space of 40 pages.

27788. Baum, Gregory. Sociology and human destiny : essays on sociology, religion, and society. Edited by Gregory Baum. New York : Seabury Press, 1980, xii, 215 p. ; 24 cm., very good blue cloth, previous owner's name: Berger - 1980. [=sociologist Peter L. Berger], $20
9 essays including Gregory Baum, "Peter Berger's Unfinished Symphony.". ISBN 0816401101

2829. Behrend, Hanna / Isolde Neubert-Köpsel / Stefan Lieske. Rückblick aus dem Jahr 2000: was haben Gesellschaftsutopien uns gebracht?. Berlin: Trafo Verlag W. Weist, 1997, 157pp. : ill.. 21 cm., PAPERBACK, very good, $15
Includes chapter on Edward Bellamy and on William Morris' Anti-Bellamy. Auf der Suche nach der verlorenen Zukunft. Bd. 4. ISBN 3930412756

7070. Behrendt, Richard F., 1908-1972. Zwischen Anarchie und neuen Ordnungen. Soziologische Versuche über Probleme unserer Welt im Wandel. Freiburg: Rombach, 1967, 1. Auflage, 451pp., PAPERBACK, very good but with blank label taped across bottom of spine, $15
Includes his reviews from the 1930s of Ernst Jünger, Der Arbeiter and Werner Sombart, Deutscher Sozialismus, as well as a selection from his own 1932 book: Politischer Aktivismus als Selbstzweck (pp. 115-186). Sociological essays from the 1960s on development , global order, european integration etc.

14072. Behrendt, Richard F., 1908-1972. Sonderdruck: Aktuelle Fragen menschlichen Gesellschaftslebens. Sonderdruck aus "Gestaltungen sozialen Lebens bei Tier und Mensch," hrsg. v. F. E. Lehmann. Bern: Francke, 1958, 262-312pp., small stapled paper wraps, very good, $12

34407. Bell, Daniel, 1919-2011. The cultural contradictions of capitalism. New York : Basic Books, 1978, later printing, xxxiv, 301pp., PAPERBACK, very good used copy but lamination chipping away on rear cover, light bruise to top front corner, previous owner's date stamp on front endpaper, $7.5
Harper colophon books, TB5040. ISBN 0465097278

22930. Berelson, Bernard, 1912-, ed.. The behavioral sciences today. Edited by Bernard Berelson. New York: Harper & Row, 1964, 1st Harper Torchbook edition, viii, 278pp., very good sewn paperback, $11
Harper Torchbooks, The Academy Library, TB1127. "This collection originated as a series of talks in the Forum series of the Voice of America". Contributors include: Bernard Berelson, Ralph W. Tyler, Cora DuBois, Ernest R. Hilgard, Harry Alpert, Samuel A. Stouffer, Carl I. Hovland, George Gaylord Simpson, Karl H. Pribram, Harry F. Harlow, Joseph H. Greenberg, George A. Miller, Robert H. Knapp, George C. Homans, Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Seymour Martin Lipset, Kingsley Davis, Donald R. Young, John W. Riley, jr., Robert K. Merton.

27931. Berger, Peter L., 1929-. Die Kapitalistische Revolution. Fünfzig Leitsätze über Wohlstand, Gleichheit und Freiheit. Aus dem Amerikanischen von Gunther Martin und Karl E. Lichtenecker. Wien: Edition Atelier, 1992, 304pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black cloth, $30
Craig Calhoun's review of the American original (AJS, 1988) was pretty devastating, but as the effort of a "public intellectual" he gives it higher marks for style than "most of its socialist counterparts": "in Berger the neoconservative movement finds a far more intellectually worthy representative than George Gilder." On the other hand, it was selected as one of the 100 most influential books in the West since 1945 (Central and East European Publishing Project, 1995). ISBN 390037970X

28189. Berger, Peter L. / Berger, Brigitte. Wir und die Gesellschaft. Eine Einführung in die Soziologie - entwickelt an der Alltagserfahrung. Übersetzt von Monika Plessner. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, 1988, 54.-57. Tausend, 277pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, $15
Translation of Sociology: A biographical approach. ISBN 349916955X

33815. Berger, Peter L., 1929-. Invitation to sociology: a humanistic perspective. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Anchor Books, 1963, later printing, 191pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, $9
Jacket design by Lustig & Reich. A Doubleday Anchor Original. First published as a paperback in 1963. This is a later printing with an ISBN number on the rear cover. Original cover price $2.50. ISBN 0385065299

28174. Berger, Brigitte, 1929-, (contributor). Home repairs : building stronger families to resist social decay. St. Leonards, NSW : Centre for Independent Studies, 1996, 121pp., PAPERBACK, very good, minor stain on foredge, $17
CIS policy forums ; 13. Other contributors include: Barry Maley, Patricia Morgan, Lucy Sullivan, Alan Tapper. ISBN 186432015X

28184. Berger, Peter L., 1929-. The capitalist revolution : fifty propositions about prosperity, equality, and liberty. New York : Basic Books, 1986, v, 262 p. ; 24 cm., very good dust-jacket, very good black cloth, A copy from Berger's library with his initials: PLB on front endpaper. $40
. ISBN 0465008674

28172. Berger, Brigitte, 1929-. The Social Roots of Prosperity. Australia: Centre for Independent Studies, 1996, 17pp., stapled PAPERBACK, very good, $20
John Boynton Lectures, 12. CIS occasional paper, 55. ISBN 1864320133

31375. Bernsdorf, Wilhelm, 1904-, Hrsg.. Internationales Soziologenlexikon, Band 2. Beiträge über lebende oder nach 1969 verstorbene Soziologen. hrsg. von Wilhelm Bernsdorf und Horst Knospe. Stuttgart : Enke, 1984, 2., neubearbeitet Auflage, xi, 963pp., TEXT IN GERMAN, very good white and red hardcover, $100
VOLUME TWO ONLY. The first volume covers sociologists who died before the end of 1969 (not present here). First published as a one-volume work in 1959. Unlike most lexica, the "Bernsdorf" consists mostly of signed articles by real sociologists able to compress an image of scholarship into articles of 1/2 to 1 1/2 dense text pages. For example, pages 570-572 on Robert K. Merton by Kurt H. Wolff. Heavily weighted towards German sociology, hence full of insights unavailable to US scholarship: for example, the entry by K. Dammann on Jürgen Seifert (775-76). ISBN 3432907028

30514. Birnbaum, Norman, 1926-. Toward a critical sociology. New York, Oxford University Press, 1971, xiv, 451pp., very good dust-jacket, worn around edges, very good red cloth, $15
Collection of essays. ISBN 0195015029

22329. Birnbaum, Norman, 1926-. Toward a critical sociology. New York, Oxford University Press, 1971, xiv, 451pp., good red cloth, minor stain at bottom of spine, spine a bit faded, a few minor pencil notations by Coser, previous owner's name: Coser [sociologist Lewis Coser], $22

24531. Black, Max, 1909-1988, ed.. The social theories of Talcott Parsons : a critical examination. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, 1961, later printing, x, 363pp., very good dust-jacket, very good blue cloth, but light pencil erasures in first sixty pages, $19
Includes Parsons' own comments, pp 311-363, 9 other essays on Parsons by various scholars. Edward C. Devereux, Jr., Robin M. Williams jr., Chandler Morse, Alfred L. Baldwin, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Henry A. Landsberger, William Foote Whyte, Max Black, Andrew Hacker, Talcott Parsons.

22363. Blasius, Dirk / Pankoke, Eckart. Lorenz von Stein: geschichts- und gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Perspektiven. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1977, viii, 207pp. 20 cm, very good sewn paperback, a few minor pencil marks, $30
Erträge der Forschung, Bd. 69. ISBN 3534062329

27245. Borgatta, Edgar F., 1924-, ed.. Sociological methodology, 1969. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 1969, stated First Edition, xvi, 302 p. illus. 24 cm., very good dust-jacket, very good light blue cloth, $12
Contributors: Kenneth C. Land, David R. Heise, Otis Dudley Duncan, George W. Bohrnstedt, John T. Doby, Desmond S. Cartwright, Karl Schuessler, Thomas J. Fararo, Richard Ofshe, Ronald E. Anderson, Jeffrey K. Hadden, Peter A. Morrison.

24060. Bottomore, T. B., 1920-. Critics of society; radical thought in North America. New York: Vintage Books, 1969, 164pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, $7
Vintage V-532.

28361. Bottomore, T. B. / Nisbet, Robert A.. A History of sociological analysis. New York : Basic Books, 1978, xvi, 717pp., very good dust-jacket with library label on spine, very good hardcover but ex-library with stamps, spine call number label, pocket, text clean, binding solid, $12
17 essays. Authors include Lewis Coser on American Trends, Kurt H. Wolff on Phenomenology and Sociology, Julien Freund on German Sociology in the time of Max Weber, Anselm Strauss and Berenice Fisher on Interactionism (Mead, Blumer), others. The reviews for this volume were mixed. Craig Calhoun found some weak points, Alvin Boskoff liked Kenneth Bock (on progress, development, and evolutionism), Robert Nisbet (on conservative theories of Maistre and Bonald), and Alan Dawe (theories of social action), but called Freund's essay "a rather skimpy analysis of Tonnies, Simmel, and Weber". The defect of such collections is revealed by one reviewer's statement: "In recent sociology there have been no new paradigms which have been clearly advances over those produced during the "golden age" of sociology." - of course the great advances are to be found here but one must piece them together from chapters on phenomenology, interactionism, exchange theory, and evolution. The sociologists writing their own history were not able, even at this late date, to see that history taking place. ISBN 0465030238

12476. Bryson, Lyman, 1888-1959, ed.. Facing the future's risks: studies toward predicting the unforeseen. New York: Harper, 1953, stated First Edition, viii, 318pp. diagrs. 22 cm, dust-jacket worn around edges with a few chips and tears, good black half-cloth, a bit soiled, $19
The conference on risks of the future, by L. Bryson. - American society, 1752-1952: comparison and contrast, by L. B. Wright. - Probability and statistics, by Warren Weaver. - Physical science and the future, by L. N. Ridenour.- -Psychology: yesterday, today, and tomorrow, by W. Dennis. - From spirits to mechanism: two centuries of biology, by R. W. Gerard. - Population trends in the United States, by F. W. Notestein. - American women and American values, by F. R. Kluckhohn. - Crime in America, two hundred years ago and today, by A. H. MacCormick. - Two centuries of political change, by R. M. MacIver. - Foundations of America's economic greatness, by D. M. Keezer. - Risk and insurance, by R. H. Blanchard. - Mutual insurance and the risks of the future, by L. A. Fitzgerald "Report of a conference marking the 200th anniversary of the successful establishment of mutual insurance in America, New York City, 1952.".

12671. Burgess, Ernest W. / Harvey J. Locke. The family, from institution to companionship. [New York] American Book Co., 800pp., good gray cloth, ex-library copy with spine label, rear pocket, some pencil markings on a few pages, $15
American sociology series.

9022. Burisch, Wolfram. Das Elend des Exils: Theodor Geiger und die Soziologie. Hamburg: Europaische Verlagsanstalt, 1995, 174pp. . 21 cm., very good dust-jacket, very good green paper-covered boards, $25
. ISBN 343450057X

15773. Carlin, James L.. The Refugee Connection. A Lifetime of Running a Lifeline. Preface by Congressman Peter W. Rodino jr.. London: Macmillan, 1989, 208pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black cloth, $15
After service with the US army in Germany Carlin became involved with a number of groups assisting refugees, ending his career as Director General of ICEM, the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration. ISBN 0333499654

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Contributors: Stanley Wasserman, Katherine Faust, Peter van der Heijden, Jan e Leeuw, Roger Gould, Lawrence L. Wu, Robert Crouchley, Ross Stolzenberg, J-H. Jinn, Glenn Firebaugh, Roberto Franzosi, David Thissen, Christopher Winship, Gerhard Arminger, James S. Coleman. ISBN 0631170529

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For comments and a photo of the book see my PDF-CATALOG: 20th CENTURY PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Printed brochure with personal, biographical and professional comments in memory of Deutsch collectively by Samuel Beer, Stanley H. Hoffmann, Samuel P. Huntington, Robert O. Keohane, Sidney Verba, Jorge I. Dominguez.

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Jahrgang II (1929), Jahrgang III (1930-31). Outstanding journal with contributors such as Alois Dempf, Erich Voegelin, Hans L. Stoltenberg, Andreas Walther, Alfred Vierkandt, Karl Dunkmann, Johann Plenge, Gunther Ipsen, Gerhard Lehmann, Gustav Ichheiser. Focus on group-theory. Extensive book review sections.

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Originally his 1935 Inaug.-Dissertation, Frankfurt am Main.

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Selections from the three volume edition. Essays on Westermarck, problems and methods, individual and society, idea of progress, social change, national character, antisemitism, diversity of morals, psychoanalysis and ethics, responsibility, ethical relativity and political theory.

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Home university library of modern knowledge, [174]. Deals with culture, civilization, race, environment, mental development, the growth of socieities. Between the wars Ginsberg and L. T. Hobhouse were the only sociologists in England (J. A. Banks, 1989) and had done empirical work only in the sense of collecting data from published historical reports. In his review A. M. Carr-Saunders wrote amusingly: "It is one thing to welcome a book like this, and another to admit that is an argument for, and far less a proof of, the existence of sociology." Which shows the status of sociology in Britain at the time. Ginsberg would greatly assist Karl Mannheim during the early years of his emigration in London, ending however in professional conflict.

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Cover design by George Giusti. Anchor edition is the original publication of this work. Anchor A596. On face-work.--The nature of deference and demeanor.--Embarrassment and social organization.--Alienation from interaction.--Mental symptoms and public order.--Where the action is.

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First published in French in 1964.

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Over 170 pages are devoted to critique of Talcott Parsons. ISBN 0465012787

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Grathoff received his PhD from the New School for Social Research and he thanks Albert Salomon, Aron Gurwitsch, Thomas Luckmann, Peter L. Berger, and Joseph Kockelmans in his acknowledgements here. ISBN 9024750067

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Fan-Faszination - Rühmen? - Gefallen am Zuschauen - Begriff, Gedächtnis und Verklärungen - Vergangene Welten, ohne Entwicklung - Futures - Gegenstände des Gefallens - Zuschauer - Abfall und Aura - Dank. ISBN 3518416898

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TB1650. Series: Explorations in interpretative sociology. Translation of Les cadres sociaux de la connaissance.

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Digitale Bibliothek 108. Gutes Benehmen. Gutes Benehmen Anstandsbücher - cd-rom. Berlin: DirectMedia, 2005, , cd-rom for pc or mac, texts in German, $36
Digitale Bibliothek 108.Die Ausgabe enthält u.a.: Knigge: Über den Umgang mit Menschen (1788); Campe: Vaeterlicher Rath für meine Tochter (1789), Wessenberg: Über den Verfall der Sitten in Teutschland (1799); Arndt: Entwurf der Erziehung und Unterweisung eines Fürsten (1813); Nicolai: Über Selbstkunde, Menschenkenntniß und den Umgang mit den Menschen (1815); Hoffmann: Unentbehrliches Galanterie-Büchlein für angehende Elegants (1827); Anonym: Der galante Stutzer (1828); Franken: Wovon soll ich reden? (1871); Stillfried-Alcántara: Ceremonial-Buch für den Königlich Preußischen Hof I-XII (1877); Kistner: Schicklichkeitsregeln für das bürgerliche Leben (1886); Kallmann: Der gute Ton (1891); Vogt: Anstandsbüchlein für das Volk (1894); Gontard: Wie soll ein weibliches Wesen sich benehmen, um einen Mann zu bezaubern? (1904); Koebner: Der Gentleman. (1913); Engelhardt: Kleiner Knigge für heimkehrende Sieger (1918); Reznicek: Auferstehung der Dame (1928); Schütte: Willst du erfahren, was sich ziemt? (1934); Smolka: Gutes Benehmen von A-Z (1957); Commer: Managerknigge (1992); Schäfer-Elmayer: Der Elmayer. Gutes Benehmen gefragt (1999). ISBN 3898535088

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Collection Le Sens commun. Essay collection includes Halbwachs bibliography.

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Internationale Bibliothek. Bd. 77. With a substantial introduction to Heimann's works, a bibliography, and 9 essays from 1927-1966. Religion und Sozialismus (1927), Sozialisierung (1930), Materialistische Geschichtsauffassung (1930), Karl Marx' Bedeutung f. d. Entwicklung der Nationalökonomie (1930), Sozialismus und Mittelstand 91930), Die Urpsrünge des Nazismus als zeitgeschichtliche Lehre (1941), Wirtschaftssysteme in vergeichender Betrachtung (1953), Soziale Ideolgien und soziale Reform (1961), Sinn und Tragik der modernen Industriegesellschaft (1966). ISBN 3801210774

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Veröffentlichungen der Akademie für Wirtschaft und Politik, Hamburg.

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Industrielle Welt, Bd. 22. ISBN 3129104704

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Drastic Change - The Awakening of Asia - Deeds and Words - Imitation and Fanaticism - the Readiness to Work - The Intellectual and the Masses - The Practical Sense - Jehovah and the Machine Age - Workingman and Management - Popular Upheavals in Communist countries - Bortherhood - Concerning Individual Freedom - Scribe, Writer and Rebel - The Playful Mood - The Unnaturalness of Human Nature - The Role of the Undesirables.

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Jewish Intellectuals and De-Christianization, Justice Holmes, NYU in the Great Depression, Robert K. Merton, Laissez-Faire communitarianism, University of Michigan 1938-1988, Science as a Weapon. ISBN 0691011435

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Account based on the famous Pareto seminar held at Harvard by Lawrence J. Henderson. Homans had already read Pareto, became Henderson's assistant and was persuaded by Curtis that they should put together this introduction. Homans considered it "still a good introduction" in 1983. At the time, Pareto's Treatise had not yet appeared in English translation. Robert K. Merton's rather skeptical review of Homans' introduction nevertheless confessed "This book establishes a new high mark in the popularization of PARETO'S sociology" though he did not share their view of Pareto as a sociological Copernicus. As Charles Tilly recalled in his obituary, Homans considered Talcott Parsons "guilty of both fuzzy thought and sloppy writing" - in fact, he felt that neither Parsons nor Merton really knew what a theory was; all in all - a glimpse of American sociology meeting European sociology before the Americans had gained classic status themselves, and an entry point into the conflicts within the Harvard network.

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See which authors Coser considered "bla bla" or "pretentious ignoramus".

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Transaction studies in social policy, SP 2. Papers from a 1969 conference at Rutgers. Contributors include: Herbert Gans, Kenneth E. Boulding, John Howard, Benjamin Chinitz, Murray L. Weidenbaum, Michael Ledeen on "Fascist Social Policy", Yehezkel Dror, Gene M. Lyons, Alvin L. Schorr, Irving Louis Horowitz and Ruth Leonora Horotitz, Adam Yarmolinsky, Kurt Lang, Jerom H. Skolnick, Elihu Katz, roy E. Licklider, Nelson W. Polsby, Pio D. Uliassi.

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Science in the service of the Vaterland in times of crisis, in this case: Kinderheilkunde. In his choice of themes for his inaugural lecture he has determined: "dass es Deutschlands Mütter sind, die der Heimat die Söhne schenkten, deren Heldengeist einer ganzen Welt von Feinden siegreich zu widerstehen vermag, und dass wiederum Deutschlands Mütter dazu berufen sind, eine neue Generation großzuziehen, die sich der Opfer, die die Väter brachten, würdig erweiset, und die selbst kräftig, gesund und zahlreich genug ist, Bestand, Unabhängigkeit und Freiheit ihres Vaterlandes auch in alle Zukunft gegen jeden Feind zu schützen." Deals in body of text with institutions for mothers: special schools, settlements, medical facilities.

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Ullstein Materialien 35160. ISBN 3548351603

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Series: Theorie, 2.

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Essays on history and sociology of hairstyles. ISBN 3412191035

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Thorough archival study of Sorokin (1889-1968) including his conflicts with Talcott Parsons at Harvard. ISBN 0700607366

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Kadusin: Professor of Social Work, University of Wisconsin. ISBN 0231032900

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Sammlung Dialog, 69. ISBN 3485030694

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Reprint of the edition: London: Secker and Warburg, 1938. ISBN 0405065159

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Edited essays from the Independent published between 1902 and 1906. ISBN 0252009061

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Industrial psychology. Printed dedication is to "Meinem Lehrer Universitätsprofessor Dr. Wilh. Kahl." Kautz, who studied at the University in Köln 1923-28 was active as a teacher in industry, dealing particularly with the educational problems of children. Known as the founder of Industriepädagogik, for his studies as early as 1912. This book represents his theoretical basic work.

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Includes essays on public policy, social policy, health care policy. Includes substantial review of Hirschman, Exit, Voice, Loyalty. ISBN 1557868697

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Contents: Maria Nuphaus, Soziologie in Spanien (1939 - 1956). Zur "vergessenen" Geschichte ihrer Institutionalisierung im Frühen Franquismus - Jörg Gutberger, Sozialstruktur und Sozialraumforschung im Nationalsozialismus. Eine Skizze der Forschungslinien - Hans-Joachim Dahms / Michael Neumann, Sozialwissenschaftler in der Münchener Räterepublik - Michael Makropoulos, Konstellation und Synthese. Kracauer, Lazarsfeld und die Konstruktion soziologischer Wirklichkeit um 1930 - Carlo Mongardini, Wie ist Gesellschaft möglich in der Soziologie von Norbert Elias - Sven Papcke, Der Soziologe als Außenseiter - Der Außenseiter als Soziologe - Rolf Fechner, Ferdinand Tönnies-Edition - Heinz Maus, Einführung in die Soziologie - George Leaman, Philosophy. Alfred Rosenberg and the Military Application of the Social Sciences - George Leaman / Gerd Simon, Deutsche Philosophen aus der Sicht des Sicherheitsdienstes des Reichsführers SS. ISBN 3810011894

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Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft, 1407. ISBN 351829007X

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Edition Sozialwissenschaften, Bd. 1. Reprints obscure essays, biographical and autobiographical material, with a new substantial introduction by Anton Amann, a bibliography, and an additional bibliography by Paul Neurath of "unpublished" works of Lazarsfeld. ISBN 9783700316800

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Designed by Dara Silverman. 33pp. Introduction by the editors; 31 essays on all fields of sociology, including one on the Law by Hans Zeisel.

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10-page introduction by Walther Moede, dateline Berlin, 1938.

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Publications of the German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C. Essays by Friedrich Wilhelm Graf, Paul Münch, Thomas Nipperdey, Guenther Roth, Hary Liebersohn, Hubert Treiber, Harvey Goldman, Klaus Lichtblau, Hartmut Lehmann, Malcolm MacKinnon, David Zaret, Kaspar von Greyerz, Guy oakes, Gianfranco Poggi, Philip Benedict, James Henretta, Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer, Hans Rollmann. ISBN 0521440629

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Lepenies tries to separate anthropology in Germany from its conservative roots, through recourse to Kant, Diderot, Rousseau. ISBN 3446115013

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Reprints 44 essays on philosophers, politics, international relations. ISBN 0670227544

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Cal 39.

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stw 1438. ONLY VOLUME 4. Vorwort - Über Natur - Kultur als historischer Begriff - Die Behandlung von Irritationen: Abweichung oder Neuheit? - Metamorphosen des Staates - Jenseits von Barbarei - Die Soziologie des Wissens: Probleme ihrer theoretischen Konstruktion. ISBN 351829038X

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Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft, 1872. CONTENTS: Lesen lernen - Ist Kunst codierbar? - Ist Kunst codierbar? Ausschnitte aus der Diskussion - Das Problem der Epochenbildung und die Evolutionstheorie - Das Medium der Kunst - Das Kunstwerk und die Selbstreproduktion der Kunst - Weltkunst - Wahrnehmung und Kommunikation an Hand von Kunstwerken - Die Evolution des Kunstsystems - Literatur als fiktionale Realität - Schwarze Löcher schwarze Kleckse - "Ohne Titel" wie so? - Die Welt der Kunst - Die Ausdifferenzierung des Kunstsystems - Eine Redeskription "romantischer Kunst" - Literatur als Kommunikation - Sinn der Kunst und Sinn des Marktes: zwei autonome Systeme - Ausdifferenzierung der Kunst - Die Autonomie der Kunst - Die Kunst der Gesellschaft - Nachwort von Niels Werber. ISBN 9783518294727

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Interesting association of a sociological classic. Decent copy despite the noted defects. Helen Merrell Lynd attended Wellesley College, where she was introduced to Hegel by Mary Case. Adela Merrell Prentiss received her B.A. from Wellesley, studying chemistry, was research assistant to Dr. Cohn at the Harvard Medical School 1923-26.

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Material environment, environment of ideas, intruding events, signs of change, Role of Social Institutions in Change. Conclusion: toward a positive freedom.

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Tool or Man? - The Man in the Work - Work as Self-Expression - The Pain of Youth - The Year of Wandering - The Ultimate Test - Liberation - The Larger Education - Fellowship - Work and Pessimism - The Educational Atitude - Special Training - General training - The Ultimate Aim - Securing Right Conditions - Concentration - Relaxation - Recreation - Ease of Mood - Sharing the Race Fortune -The Imagination in Work - The Play of the Imagination - Character - Freedom from Self-Consciousness -Consummation.

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Studies in the causes of delinquency and the treatment of offenders ; 1.

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Industrielle Welt, Bd. 14. Study oriented around the population theory of Gerhard Mackenroth, which prefers a nuanced breakdown of population processes under particular social conditions over a generalized typology of population change. Agrarian migrations are shown to differ from migrations during full-scale industrialization, for example. ISBN 3129054804

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Series: Modern sociologists. Auguste Comte, 1798-1857.

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Frankfurter Studien zur Wissenschaft von der Politik, Bd.3.

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. ISBN 0882291149

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Bibliotheque de sociologie contemporaine. Précédé d'une Introduction à l'oeuvre de Marcel Mauss par Claude Lévi-Strauss. Contents: Esquisse d'une théorie générale de la magie. - Essai sur le don, forme et raison de l'échange dans les sociétés archaïques. - Rapports réels et pratiques de le psychologie et de la sociologie. - Effet physique chez l'individu de l'idée de mort suggérée par la collectivité (Australie, Nouvelle-Zélande). - Une catégorie de l'esprit humain : La notion de personne, celle de "Moi". - Les techniques du corps.

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The author was a long-time student and administrator at the New School: New School for Social Research Doctor of Letters degree 1948 / student at New School in 1919, trustee 1924, secretary to board of trustees 1931-1946, Vice-president 1950-1962.

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Michels in the foreword announces his interest in the boundary between relationships accessible to concrete statistics and the causalities behind them. He concludes - in the matter of sexual statistics "daß die unendliche Hauptmasse der Erscheinungen sich dem groben Instrument der Statistik völlig entzieht. In das Allerheiligste des menschlichen Seelenlebens, das Allerintimste des menschlichen Trieblebens einzudringen, ist und bleibt ihr versagt.".

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The old middle classes and the new middle classes.

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cover design by The Strimbans. .

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Series: Les Grandes vagues révolutionnaires.

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. ISBN 019501720X

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A substantial work based on extensive research and familiarity with all the important players and contexts. Fascinating throughout, but written under what seems like a dark cloud of American superiority. ISBN 069100823X

29263. Muller, Jerry Z., 1954-. The other god that failed : Hans Freyer and the deradicalization of German conservatism. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1987, xv, 449pp., very good dust-jacket, very good brown cloth, $30
. ISBN 0691055084

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Bd. 1. Ihre Grundlagen und ihre Entwicklung in England und Amerika -- Bd. 2. Ihre Entwicklung in Frankreich und Deutschland. University of Bamberg sociology professor who began his career studying the student protest movement, Ideologiekritik and the theory of social systems. ISBN 3518578219

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Studies in historical geography. ISBN 0208017283

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Volkswirtschaftliche Schriften, Heft 166. (Includes discussion of Scheler's influence on Briefs). ISBN 3428024702

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Includes essays on Rousseau and community, Lamennais and pluralism, leadership and social crisis, conservatism and sociology etc.

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. ISBN 3518579495

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Tag der mündlichen Prüfung, 29. Juli 1933 (date stamped under the Referenten names). Referent for this diss. was H. Schöffler, Korefferent G. Bohne. Subject of the dissertation is protestant dissent in early 19th century England. The concluding chapter is titled: Die Gründe für das Verhalten des Dissent. Independent church groups innovate much faster than the established Churches, she concludes. As evidence that: "Minderheiten, die eigentlich im öffentlichen Leben der Völker eine untergeordnete Rolle zu spielen scheinen, für die geistige Entwicklung und damit für die Entwicklung schlechthin zu großer Bedeutung gelangen, ließen sich Beispiele aus allen Zeiten und Völker anführen.".

13881. Oberschall, Anthony. Empirical social research in Germany, 1848-1914. Paris: Mouton, 1965, viii, 153pp. 25 cm, good black cloth, ex-library copy, stamps, call number on spine, labels removed, $25
Publications of the International Social Science Council.

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Descriptions of the different volumes in Oppenheimer's works, with excerpts from reviews, details of contents. Quite useful curiousity. Oppenheimer was an innovator in the theory of settlements, influential in the Kibbutz movement in Palestine.

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. ISBN 0815766408

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Rowohlts Deutsche Enzyklopädie, 10. Translation of La rebelión de las masas.

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Soziologische Texte, hrsg von Heinz Maus und Friedrich Fürstenberg ; Bd. 11. The author's preface to the German edition sets the context of his work: the Polish sociological institute, founded by Znaniecki in 1921 continued its work in secret even during the Nazi occupation, continuing old links between west European, American, and Polish sociology. The book could finally appear in Polish and then in German, encouraged by Ernst Topitsch to maintain old contacts between Poland and the Wiener Kreis, and by the thawing scene in Poland in Oct. 1956.

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cover sesign by Peter Oldenburg. The fathers and their times - Lester Frank Ward - William Graham Sumner - Albion Woodbury Small - Franklin Henry Giddings - Charles Horton Cooley - Edward Alsworth Ross - Conclusion.

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VOLUME 2 ONLY. A study in social theory with special reference to a group of recent European writers.

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Introductory - The theory of action - Some phases of the historical development of individualistic positivism in the theory of action - Alfred Marshall: wants and activities and the problem of the scope of economics - Vilfredo Pareto, I: the methodology and main analytical scheme - Vilfredo Pareto, II: extension and verification of the structural analysis - Vilfredo Pareto, III: empirical generalizations and conclusions - Emile Durkheim, I: early empirical work - Emile Durkheim, II: the methodology of sociologistic positivism - Emile Durkheim, III: the development of the theory of social control - Emile Durkheim, IV: the final phase: religion and epistemology - Summary of part II: the breakdown of the positivistic theory of action - The idealistic tradition - Max Weber, I: religion and modern capitalism, A. Protestantism and capitalism - Max Weber, II: religion and modern capitalism (continued), B. The comparative studies - Max Weber, III: methodology - Max Weber, IV: systematic theory - Empirically verified conclusions - Tentative methodological implications.

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Essays refining the "basic conceptual scheme" of his Structure of Social Action. Includes about 80pp. on Max Weber, biographical sketch of Parsons by Bernard Barber, Parsons bibliography.

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Essays refining the "basic conceptual scheme" of his Structure of Social Action. Includes about 80pp. on Max Weber, biographical sketch of Parsons by Bernard Barber, Parsons bibliography.

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Designed by Sidney Solomon. 19 essays from 1938 to 1953 and a Parsons bibliography. Includes the 1942 Democracy and Social Structure in Pre-Nazi Germany - Some Sociological Aspects of the Fascist Movements (1942) - The Problem of Controlled Institutional Change (1945).

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With Bibliography of Talcott Parson: pp. 359-370.

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A Pelican Original. A1357.

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Series: La Bibliothèque du citoyen. ISBN 2724607023

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Studies in national policy, 3.

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Bibliographical footnotes.

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. ISBN 202022030X

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First 108 pages consists of Roscher's private notes on various themes, followed by excerpts from his works. His son notes "daß auch in den volkswirthschaftlichen und politischen Werken meines Vaters 'geistliche Gedanken' vielfach zu finden sind." Includes some excerpts from the early work on Thucydides, which influenced Max Weber. The collection suggests the value of pursuing religious concepts as sources of modern social sciences.

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The menace of migrating peoples, the necessity of an adaptive fecundity, folk depletion and rural decline, doing without the frontier, the changing domestic position of women, women in a man-made world, philanthropy with strings, prohibitio as the sociologist sees it, the legal profession from the social point of view, the conscience of the expert, training citizens with "spunk" for social service, for a legal dismissal wage, freedom of communication and the struggle for right, war as determiner.

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Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft ; 699. Revised texts of four lectures delivered at Universität Heidelberg with three additional lectures. Six lectures translated from Italian texts which were previously published in various sources, 1980-1986. ISBN 3518282999

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American commonwealths, vol. 7. The Harvard philosopher devotes himself to a study of conquest and community formation.

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cover design by Milton Glaser. Dutton paperback original. D111.

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Vol. 1. The methodology of social theory. [two further volumes appeared later]. ISBN 0521272513

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cover design by Carl Smith, designed by Larry Camp. An Original Meridian Book, M137. 18 essays with some additional introductory material. - Salomon was an editor of the journal Die Gesellschaft in its best years at the end of the Weimar Republic, then an influential historian of sociology at the New School for Social Research. Despite his importance in transferring German sociological thought to the US, and a few efforts to revive interest from Konstanz, his work is neglected. The essay on Symbols and Images also demonstrates strong interest in Durkheim, Mauss, Halbwachs and praise for the similarly neglected Abraham Heschel, whose The Sabbath (1951) "has made a remarkable contribution to the time element in Jewish thinking" (254).

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cover design by Carl Smith, designed by Larry Camp. An Original Meridian Book, M137. 18 essays with some additional introductory material. - Stoicism as a way to freedom: the Enchiridion of Epictetus - Democracy and Religion in the work of Erasmus - Hugo Grotius and the Social Sciences - Louis Duc de Saint-Simon: Class Consciousness of the Defeated - Fonetnelle: In Praise of Enlightenment - Montesquieu: the Historical Variables of the Condition Humaine - Sociology and the Literary Artist - Goethe (1932) - Goethe (1949) - Adam Smith as Sociologist - Some Aspects of Durkheim's Legacy - Symbols and Images in the Constitution of Society - Tocqueville: Moralist and Sociologist - Tocqueville's Philosophy of Freedom - Tocqueville (1959) - Transcending History: Jacob Burckhardt - Charles Péguy and the Calling of Israel - Prophets, Priests, and Social Scientists - Epilogue.

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9 essays, sociological and historical. Schabert, Peter Hall, Joseph Rykwert, Wolfgang Mommsen, Mathias Schreiber, Karl Riha (lit. theme of masses in cities), Manuel Castells, Nathan Glazer (on NY). All texts in German. ISBN 3492113176

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Kröners Taschenausgabe, Band 309. From: Das Heidelberger Studio. Eine Sendereihe des Süddeutschen Rundfunk. CONTENTS: Oswald von Nell-Breuning, Die Stellung der Arbeit unter den Werten des Lebens - Hans Achinger, Der Kampf gegen die Arbeit - Helmut Schelsky, Die Bedeutung des Berufes in der modernen Gesellschaft - Otto Graf, Die physiologischen Möglichkeiten der Leistungssteigerung - Otto Kraemer, Automat und Mensch - Hans Georg Schachtschabel, Die Wandlung der Arbeit durch die Automation - Hermann Priebe, Wandlung und Wert der Arbeit des Bauern - Theodor Luig, Arbeit als Therapie - Anton Hittmair, Freizeit und Urlaub - Helmut Thielecke, Freizeit wozu?.

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Bibliothek des Germanischen National-Museums Zur Deutschen Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte, Bd. 4. Bilder aus deutscher Vergangenheit.

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Short 2-4 page contributions by various authors on every aspect of women's life in current society. Contributors inlcude Alice Salomon, Nelly Wolffheim, Marianne Weber, many many others.

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. ISBN 3896695452

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Claims to be the first comprehensive history of the modern family in Western culture.

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Siepmann also wrote on this subject in the late 1930s in the Zs. f. Sozialforschung.

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Unveränderter Nachdruck der 1930 erschienenen 5. Auflage.

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Gesammelte Werke. Bd. 2 .

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Sozialer Fortschritt ; 1.

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Wiese, Leopold von, 1876-1969. Includes contributions from:Georges Burvitch, Hans Winkmann, Harriet Hoffmann, Alfred McCung Lee, theodor Geiger, Howard becker, Emilio Willems, Wilhelm E. Mühlmann, Boris Ischboldin, L.H.Ad.Geck, Everett C. Hughes, Fritz Karl Mann, Walter rohrbeck, Ludwig Heyde, René König, Jacob L. Moreno, Mirko M. Kossitsch, Rudolf Heberle, Carl August Emge, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Fedor Stepun, Florian Znaniecke, Babriel Le Bras, Paul Honigsheim, Pitirim A. Sorokin, Helmut Schelsky, Elsbet Linpinsel, Wilhelm Brepohl, Louis Wirth, Gerhard Weisser, Christian Eckert.

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Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft ; 1140. Contributors include: Maurice Natanson, Richard Grathoff, Hermann Lübbe, Anselm Strauss, Ilja Srubar, Günter Dux, Alois Hahn, Walter M. Sprondel, Jorg R. Bergmann, Elisabet Cedersund, Viveka Adelsward, Hans-Georg Soeffner, James A. Beckford, Peter L. Berger, Peter Gross, Carl F. Graumann, Jan Assmann, Aleida Assmann, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. ISBN 3518287400

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Reprint of the entire review section of 11, 1, 1972 of the journal Der Staat, containing 18 substantial reviews, including the review of Luhmann's book.

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Series: Explorations in interpretative sociology, Torchbook library edition. Translated from the Verhandlungen des 15 Deutschen Soziologentages (published in German in 1965). Top contributors include: Ernst Topitsch, Talcott Parsons, Raymond Aron, Herbert Marcuse. Involved in the discussions: Max Horkheimer Leopold von Wiese, Hans Albert, Jürgen Habermas, Dieter Henrich, Pietro Rossi, Carl J. Friedrich, Hans Paul Bahrdt, Wolfgang J. Mommsen, Karl W. Deutsch, Eduard Baumgarten, Adolf Arndt, Georg Weippert, Reinhard Bendix, Benjamin Nelson, georges Friedmann, Richard F. Behrendt. ISBN 0061360481

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Includes Otto Stammer, Einführung - Karl Popper, Die Logik der Sozialwissenschaften - Theodor W. Adorno, Zur Logik der Sozialwissenschaften - Ralf Dahrendorf, Anmerkungen zur Diskussion der Referate von Karl R. Popper und Theodor W. Adorno - further essays by Sjoerd Groenman, René König, Dieter Claessens.

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First appeared as a Jena Dissertation, 1908 of only 46pp. From Clemens Cüppers' 1933 book on Dilthey we know that Dilthey possessed a copy of this book and that Georg Misch had access to that personal copy.

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Heft 15 of Arbeitsgemeinschaft f. Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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Hygiene. Longevity.

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designed by Sidney Solomon. .

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Includes essays on liberty, plutocracy, poverty, monopoly, separation of state and market, the power and beneficence of capital.

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First printed in 1958. By Conrad Taeuber and Irene B. Taeuber for the Social Science Research Council in cooperation with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.

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. ISBN 0674743776

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. ISBN 0853454116

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A Spectrum book, S-33. Deals with Durkheim, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Jaspers, others.

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Habilitationsschrift -- Marburg.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute studies in science, technology, and culture, vol. 1. ISBN 0820406686

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First edition. The book was reprinted in 1980 with an introduction by Sven Papcke who locates Treitschke's early work in the social and intellectual conflict over the relationship between state and society, with Treitschke trying to suppress their separation and assert the continued power of the state. The result, according to Papcke, was a delay in the development of sociology in Germany, and hence of the power of the state to plan for and direct that society. The resulting failure to understand social conflict in modern times also hindered the development of political culture in Germany. CONTENTS: Einleitung - Die Gemeinden - Landschaften, Kreise, Provinzen - Stämme, Rassen, Nationen - Die Stände - Gebildete und Ungebildete - Wirthschaftliche Gruppen - Religiöse Gemeinschaften - Freie Genossenschaften aller Art - Die Familie - Die Völkergesellschaft - Die neueren Gesellschaftstheorien - Staat und Gesellschaft. Ihre Wechselwirkung - Ergebnisse für die Wissenschaft - Schluß.

25860. Veblen, Thorstein, 1857-1929. The theory of the leisure class. Introduction by Robert Lekachman. New York : Penguin Books, 1983, reprinted, xi, 400pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, $5
. ISBN 0140053638

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Text in German. Reprint of the edition Stuttgart, Ferdinand Enke, 1928. ISBN 0405065442

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Based partly on the author's thesis, Gottingen, 1959, under the title: Die lutherische Sozialethik bei Johannes Heckel, Paul Althaus, Werner Elert und Helmut Thielicke. Includes bibliographical references. Social theory from protestant side - Emil Brunner, Paul Althaus, Werner Elert, Walter Künneth, Helmut Thielecke, Wolfgang Trillhaas, Knud Logstrup, Karl Barth.

Digitale Bibliothek 58. Weber, Max. Max Weber: Gesammelte Werke - cd-rom. Digitale Bibliothek, volume 58. Hrsg. v. Marianne Weber und Johannes Winckelmann. Berlin: DirectMedia, 2001, , text in German, cd-rom for pc (or mac with free software download), $49
Digitale Bibliothek 58.Out of print in this form / beim Verlag vergriffen. Also includes Marianne Weber, Max Weber. Ein Lebensbild (1926). Based on the standard texts, with page concordance to the UTB-Ausgabe. Includes Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Religionssoziologie, Gesammelte Politische Schriften, Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Wissenschaftslehre, Gesammelte Aufsätze Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte, Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Soziologie und Sozialpolitik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Grundriß der verstehenden Soziologie. Even in the tiny print paperback edition, these volumes cost well over $200. The digital form offers new resources for the study of Weber. Now there is no excuse for citing Weber from old or ponderous translations without checking the original-language texts. ISBN 3898531589. ISBN 3898531589

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Neue wissenschaftliche Bibliothek: Geschichte, 10. With the essential essays by Werner Conze, Hans Mommsen, Eckart Kehr, Reinhart Koselleck, Hajo Holborn, Rudolf Stadelmann, Frolinde Balser, Heinrich Heffter, Jürgen Habermas, Hans Rosenberg, Wolfgang Zorn, Karl Erich Born, Friedrich Zunkel, Günther Roth, Thomas Nipperdey, Wolfgang Sauer, Hans-Ulrich Wehler, Hans Linde.

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. ISBN 3205984714

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Mostly summaries of American social theories. Series edited by Ralf Dahrendorf.

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Pelican original, A741.

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28765. Zentrum für Türkeistudien, Hrsg.. Ehre : veraltetes Konzept oder Schlüsselbegriff der multikulturellen Gesellschaft?; Dokumentation einer Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Sensibilisierungsprojektes gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit in Duisburg und Essen am Zentrum für Türkeistudien am 24. Juli 1995 in Duisburg. Köln: Önel, 1996, 122pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $30
Tagungskonzeption und Red. der Dokumentation: Claudia Kleinert.

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27462. Zijderveld, Anton C., 1937-. Humor und Gesellschaft : eine Soziologie des Humors und des Lachens. Aus dem Niederländischen übersetzt von Diethard Zils. Graz, Wien, Köln: Styria, 1976, 227pp., PAPERBACK, good but worn and used copy with previous owner's ink marks in margins, some underlining and marginal notations on about 20 pages, previous owner's name: Berger [=sociologist Peter L. Berger], $35
Zijderveld is heavily influenced by Peter L. Berger (ex. The Precarious Vision, 1961) and by the phenomenological sociology tradition revived by him: Schuetz, Plessner, Huizinga. Oddly he does not seem to cite Heinrich Lützeler's, Philosophie des Kölner Humors, although Lützeler as a student of Max Scheler falls into this same tradition. ISBN 3222109176