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27915. BBC Third Programme. The History of science, origins and results of the scientific revolution : a symposium. London : Cohen & West, 1963, 5th impression, 184pp., very good dust-jacket, very good yellow cloth, $7.5
Herbert Butterfield on Dante's view of the universe - M. Postan science in the middle ages - Herbert Dingle on Copernicus - C. D. Broad on Bacon and experimental method - Sir Henry Dale on Harvey and circulation of the blood - S. Lilley on 17th century scientific instruments - Butterfield on Newton - Basil Willey on scientific revolution and other fields of thought - Douglas Mckie on modern chemistry - F. Sherwood Taylor on 19th century - Hugh Clegg on Pasteur - C. F. A. Pantin on origin of species - Canon C. E. Raven on Darwin - J. A. Ratcliffe on electricity - Lawrence Bragg on the atom - M. L.Oliphant on "science today.".

13912. Bitschai, J. / Brodny, M. Leopold, 1905-. A history of urology in Egypt. [Cambridge, Mass.] Privately printed at the Riverside Press, 1956, vi, 122pp. illus., port. 24 cm, very good gray half-cloth, previous owner's stamp, Brodny's visiting card laid in. $35
2pp. preface by Max Thorek [(1880-1960) Noted Chicago surgeon, founder of Thorek hospital and Medical Center]. Reviewed by P. Huard and J. Brocas in Revue d'histoire des Sciences 10, 1957: 279-81.

31769. Buchdahl, Gerd, ed.. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Volume 1, 1970-1971. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. Oxford: Macmillan Journals, 1970, 381pp., PAPERBACK, complete year in 4 issues, very good but cover of number one a bit worn, $45
Number 1: Editor's introduction - J.E. McGuire : Atoms and the Analogy of Nature' : Newton 's Third Rule of Philosophizing - P.K. Feyerabend : In Defence of Classical Physics / Number 2: Robert Palter : An approach of the history of early astronomy - Carolyn Iltis : D'Alembert and the Vis Visa controversy / Number 3: P.M. Heimann : Molecular forces, statistical representation and Maxwell's demon - Edward E. Daub : Maxwell's demon - Jon Dorling : Maxwell's attempts to arrive at non-speculative foundations for the kinetic theory - Thomas K. Simpson : Some observations on Maxwell's Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism / Number 4: M. A. Sutton, J. F. Daniell and the Boscovichean Atom - T. A. Beckman, on the Use of Historical "Examples in Agassi's "Sensationalism" - Michael Ruse, Natural Selection in The Origin of Species.

24215. Caro, Paul. De l'Eau. Hachette, 1992, 137pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $12
"Paul Caro, correspondant de l'Académie des sciences, directeur de recherches au CNRS, est délégué aux affaires scientifiques auprès du président de la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie. Chimiste de réputation internationale, c'est un vulgarisateur de grand talent.". ISBN 2010180720

32159. Castel, Boris / Sismondo, Sergio. The Art of Science. Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press, 2003, 200pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $17
. ISBN 1551113872

24239. Chavanne, André, 1916-1990. Au fil des sciences. Recueil d'Articles. Genève: Georg Editeur, 1991, 145pp., large sewn PAPERBACK, 27cm, very good, $19
Articles written for the Tribune des Arts, 1979-1987, editorials from the review Industrie Atomiques, 1959-1967. History of science feuilletons. Illustrated. ISBN 2825704431

3379. Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-2003. Science, Servant of Man: A Layman's Primer for the Age of Science. Foreword by Dr. Harlow Shapley. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1948, stated First Edition, 362pp., dust-jacket worn around edges with a few minor tears, very good black cloth, $14
Early work by the Harvard historian of science with a misleading title. Rather than an introduction for laymen, it is a rejection of short-term utilitarian research illustrated with examples from the history of scientific discoveries. One reviewer wrote: "Dr. Cohen is also contributing to the self-consciousness of science." (Fleming, 1949). Useful products which may emerge from scientific research are the result of broader research programs.

24757. Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-2003. The birth of a new physics. Garden City, N.Y. : Anchor Books, 1960, later printing, 200pp., small PAPERBACK, very good, $10
cover design by George Giusti. Science study series ; S10. A Doubleday Anchor Original.

31542. Cohen, Robert S. / Wartofsky, Marx W.. A Portrait of Twenty-Five Years. Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1960-1985. Dordrecht, Boston: D. Reidel Pub. Co., 1985, viii, 323pp., sewn PAPERBACK, worn used copy, $15
Contributors include: Adolf Grünbaum, Herbert Marcuse, Noam Chomsky, Hilary Putnam, Nelson Goodmank, Stephen Toulmin, Herbert Feigl, Ernst Mayr, John Stachel, Marjorie Grene, Robert S. Cohen, P. L. Kapitza, Marx W. Wartofsky, Noretta Koertge, Stephen Grossberg, Carl G. Hempel, Abner Shimony.

20347. Conant, Jennet. Tuxedo Park: a Wall Street tycoon and the secret palace of science that changed the course of World War II. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2002, xvi, 330pp., [16]pp. of plates: ill., ports., map . 25 cm, very good dust-jacket, very good black half-cloth, $9
. ISBN 0684872870

29344. Crick, Francis, 1916-2004. The astonishing hypothesis : the scientific search for the soul. New York: Touchstone, 1995, later printing, 317pp., PAPERBACK, good used copy but with minor ink marks in margins on a few pages only, $3.5
. ISBN 0684801582

23953. Crick, Francis, 1916-2004. The astonishing hypothesis : the scientific search for the soul. NY: Touchstone, 1995, 317pp., PAPERBACK, very good used copy, $6.5
. ISBN 0684801582

30852. Curie, Eve, 1904-. Madame Curie : a biography. Translated by Vincent Sheean. Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, Doran, 1938, 275th thousand, xi, 412pp., dust-jacket frayed and chipped around edges, very good brown cloth, previous owner's name in ink: Dr. Elizabeth Benda, $20
Marie Curie, 1867-1934.

14877. De Santillana, Giorgio, 1902-1974. Prologue to Parmenides. Cincinnati: University of Cincinnati, 1964, 49pp., stapled PAPERBACK, good clean copy but with fold or pressure marks on cover and pages, stamp on title page: preliminary publication not for sale, $35
Lectures in memory of Louise Taft Semple, University of Cincinnati. De Santillana: Italian born and trained historian of science who came to the US in 1936 and made his career at MIT.

29754. Eckart, Wolfgang U., 1952-. Geschichte der Medizin. Berlin ; New York : Springer, 2005, 5te, korregierte und aktualisierte Auflage, 324pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $21
. ISBN 3540212876

27630. Eckman, James Russell, 1908-. Jerome Cardan. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1946, xii, 120pp., large sewn PAPERBACK, very good, but a few minor pencil marks in margins, light wear around edges, $19
Supplements to the Bulletin of the history of medicine ; no. 7. Dissertation written under Dr. Olgerd P. de Sherbowitz-Wetzor at Georgetown. Deals with Jerome Cardan, (Girolamo Cardano), 1501-1576.

13598. Engelmann, Th. W.. Gedächtnissrede auf Hermann von Helmholtz. Gehalten am 28. September 1894 in der Aula der Universität Utrecht. Leipzig, Wilhelm Engelmann, 1894, 34pp. 24 cm, fair sewn paper wraps, cover detached, signature separating, worn around edges, $65

29757. Fechner, Gustav Theodor, 1801-1887. Elemente der Psychophysik. Erster Teil. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel, 1907, 3., unveränderte Auflage, xvi, 341pp., VOLUME ONE ONLY good 3/4 leather, worn at top of spine and edges, $125
3., unveränderte Auflage, mit Hinweisen auf des Verfassers spätere Arbeiten und einem chronologisch geordneten Verzeichnis seiner sämtlichen Schriften.

29316. Fondation Universitaire. Programme du Colloque de L'Academie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences, 7, 8, 9 Septembre 1964: Objectivité et réalité dans les différentes Sciences. Bruxelles: Fondation Universitaire, 1964, 112pp., PAPERBACK, very good, library gift stamp inside front cover, blind stamp on corner of cover, light wear to covers, $45
Includes F. Gonseth, Comment fonder une discipline exacte - J. L. Destouches, Observation - Max Born, Symbol and Reality (pp. 13-27) - D. Dubarle, Objectivité et réalité - Mario Bunge, Reality in Physics - H. P. Wolvekamp, The Scientific Symbol in Biological Research - J. Ladriere, Objective et realite.

23945. Freedman, Russell. The Wright brothers : how they invented the airplane. With original photographs by Wilbur and Orville Wright. NY: Scholastic, 1993, 129pp., oblong PAPERBACK, very good, $6
Nicely illustrated for young adults, but suitable for adult study as well. ISBN 0590464248

10360. Galilei, Galileo, 1564-1642. Dialogues concerning two new sciences. Translated by Henry Crew and Alfonso de Salvio. Evanston: Northwestern University, 1946, xxi, 288pp., 24 cm., very good blue cloth, spine faded with slight wear at extremities, $15
Translation of Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intorno a due nuoue scienze ... This translation contains the dialogues of the first-fourth day, without the appendix.

26046. Gardner, Martin, 1914-2010. Gardner’s whys & wherefores. Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1989, ix, 261pp., very good dust-jacket, slight wear, very good red cloth, previous owner's bookplate taped to front pastedown, previous owner's name, $7.5
Short essays and reviews in science and math. FROM THE JACKET TEXT: "includes articles on the puzzles in James Joyce's Ulysses and on the fantasies of Ray Bradbury, Arthur Clarke, Lord Dunsany, Gilbert Chesterton, and H.G. Wells. Gardner expresses strong opinions about the "anthropic principle," computer programs capable of discovering scientific laws, the philosophy of W.V. Quine, Marvin Minsky's view of how the mind works, the idiosyncrasies of Allan Bloom, the reality of unknown digits that "sleep" in pi, and whether physicists are really on the verge of discovering Everything.". ISBN 0226282457

4160. Gebrüder Borntraeger. Gebrüder Borntraeger. Berlin und Leipzig 1790-1930. Verzeichnis der seit 1790 erschienenen Werke und Zeitschriften. Mit einem Sachregister. Berlin: [Borntraeger], 1930, no date [about 1930], 351pp., very good orange cloth, library withdrawn stamps on endpaper and title page, otherwise very good, clean copy, $40

33275. Gillispie, Charles Coulston. Dictionary of scientific biography. Volume IX. A. T. Macrobius - K. F. Naumann. New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1974, xiii, 620pp., good large blue cloth, ex-library with spine call number removed, old bookplate, $20
ONLY VOLUME 9. ISBN 0684101203

31835. Gorn, Michael H.. The Universal Man: Theodore Von Kármán's Life in Aeronautics. Washington D.C. and London: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1992, xii, 202pp., very good dust-jacket, very good gray half-cloth, previous owner's name, $15
. ISBN 1560981652

31043. Haeckel, Ernst, 1834-1919. The evolution of man. A popular scientific study. Translated from the 5th (enlarged) edition by Joseph McCabe. New York, Peter Eckler, publisher, no date, around 1906, xiii, 364pp., good brown cloth, but chipped at top of spine, with tiny chip in cloth at mid-spine, previous owner's name: Adelaide Green Sands, $12
Preface dated 1906. A Putnam edition appeared in 1910.

17556. Hall, Everett Wesley, 1901-1960. Modern science and human values. A study in the history of ideas. Princeton, N.J., D. Van Nostrand Co. [1956], 483pp. illus. 24 cm, very good dust-jacket, very good cloth, front endpaper worn away at hinge, photo of author on back of dust-jacket, previous owner's name: Israel Scheffler, $10

32712. Haslett, A. W.. Ungelöste Probleme der Wissenschaft. Deutsche Übersetzung von August Schloßhauer. Wien-Leipzig: Otto Lorenz Verlag, 1938, 2. Auflage, 331pp., good used green cloth, but with chip at top of spine, wear around edges, paper well-preserved, binding solid, previous owner's name, $12
German translation of Unsolved Problems of Science. The author wrote short popular essays for the Morning Post.

33168. Hausen, Harald zur, Hrsg.. Natur und Migration : Vorträge anlässlich der Jahresversammlung vom 5. bis 7. Oktober 2007 zu Halle (Saale). Stuttgart: Wissenschaftliche Verlags-Gesellschaft, 2008, 225pp., very good dust-jacket, very good light blue cloth but with slight wavy wrinkling to bottom edge of pages, $35
Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Halle, Saale: Nova acta Leopoldina ; N.F., Nr. 358, Bd. 97. CONTENTS: TER MEULEN, Volker: Vorwort - Festvortrag: HACKER, Jörg, und MERKERT, Hilde: Migration und Seuchen - Wissenschaftliche Vorträge: GEISEL, Theo, und BROCKMANN, Dirk: Seuchen und Reisen - Neue Modelle zur Vorhersage von Epidemien in einer globalisierten Welt - WEISS, Dieter: Elektronenmigration in ballistischen und diffusiven Halbleitern: Von Elektronenbillards zu Ferromagneten - HELM, Barbara: Migration der Vögel: Zusammenspiel von genetischen Programmen und Umwelteinflüssen - KEPPLER, Hans: Migration geologischer Fluide - JÜLICHER, Frank: Biophysik der Zellbewegungen: Von molekularen Motoren zu zellulärem Transport - AFFOLTER, Markus: Migration als treibende Kraft in der Organogenese - WIESTLER, Otmar D.: Migration von Tumorzellen - FROTSCHER, Michael: Neuronale Migration und die Entwicklung der Hirnrinde - KEMPERMANN, Gerd: Adulte Neurogenese - Geburt, Migration und Sesshaftigkeit neuer Nervenzellen im erwachsenen Gehirn - DASTON, Lorraine: Analogies and the Migration of Scientific Ideas: The Strange Career of the Normal Curve - Öffentlicher Abendvortrag: FAIST, Thomas: Diversität als neues Paradigma für Integration? - Leopoldina-Lecture: FRÜHWALD, Wolfgang: Vorspiel der Globalisierung - Die Emigration deutscher Wissenschaftler 1933 bis 1945 und das Ende der Bürgerlichkeit. ISBN 9783804725003

3392. Hindle, Brooke, 1918-2001. The pursuit of science in Revolutionary America, 1735-1789. Chapel Hill: Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Va. by University of North Carolina Press, 1956, xi, 410pp. : ill., ports. 24 cm., fair dust-jacket worn around edges with a few chips and tears, very good blue cloth, $19
Includes "fascinating vignettes of such important figures in early American science as John Bartram, Cadwallader Colden, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Peter Kalm, David Rittenhouse, Charles Thornson, John Winthrop, and others." / "Scientific endeavor during colonial days was closely connected with the development of natural history. Many of the men involved in the movement were collectors, not classifiers. Knowledge and growth, together with the tremendously important assistance rendered by European scientists, broadened their activities. Scientific organizations were developed and expanded; professional journals were conceived and published. The drama encompassed the work of a legion of Americans from the self-educated to those who possessed the prestige of European University training." / The author: "attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University. In 1949 he received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania.".

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Introduction, by G. Holton. - Three eighteenth-century social philosophers: scientific influences on their thought, by Henry Guerlac. - Science and the human comedy: Voltaire, by H. Brown. - The seventeenth-century legacy: our mirror of being, by Giorgio de Santillana. - Contemporary science and the contemporary world view, by P. Frank. - The growth of science and the structure of culture, by R. Oppenheimer. - The Freudian conception of man and the continuity of nature, by J. S. Bruner. - Quo vadis, by P. W. Bridgman. -Prospects for a new synthesis: science and the humanities as complementary activities, by C. Morris. - A humanist looks at science, by H. M. Jones.

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Contents: Ernst Mach and the fortunes of positivism - More on Mach and Einstein - Quanta, relativity, and rhetoric - On the Jeffersonian research program - The controversy over the end of science - The anti-science phenomenon. ISBN 067479298X

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FROM THE DUST-JACKET : "Ranging all the way from the secrets of life to the mythological significance of one big, dark bird, from a children's hospital in Africa to German concentration camps, from the mysteries of biochemistry to the paradoxes of human sexuality and eroticism, from experimental immunology to the elusive tranquility of a Jerusalem evening, this book is facinating, challenging, deep, and sometimes fun reading" (Amos Oz). ISBN 0262111551

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Acta biohistorica ; 4. With substantial 68-page introduction by the editor. Carl Vogt (1817-1895), Jacob Moleschott (1822-1893), Ludwig Büchner (1824-1899), Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). ISBN 392534750X

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Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, new series vol. 45, pt. 4.

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International encyclopedia of unified science, volume 2, number 2. First edition of the famous work, which was expanded and revised in the second edition.

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The Nobel Prize winner in 1905, "for his work on cathode rays", who later became a notably anti-semitic opponent of Einstein and supposed "Jewish science". More detail can be found in Beyerchen, Scientists under Hitler. Lenard's book was translated into English in 1933, but the odd exclusion of Jewish scientists was noted in a 1951 review; though at the same time Edwin Boring felt it worth mentioning as a serious work. But the obituary for him in Isis spared no feelings: the book "was singularly biassed. Lenard's genius was obscured by Nazi fanaticism.".

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Series: Psychanalyse et civilisations. First published in 1858. ISBN 2747516466

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Intellectual biography of the 18th century Russian scientist and literary figure.

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70-page text translated into english, followed by substantial documentary appendix in Italian. Illustrated with photos. LAID IN: brochure: A Short History of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (11pp.).

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Series: Paul Schlenther hrsg. Das neunzehnteJjahrhundert in Deutschlands Entwicklung, Bd. 6.

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Classic first published in 1925 with a different introduction and an afterword by Inge which was removed for this edition. CONTENTS: Introduction by George Sarton - Magic, science and religion by Bronislaw Malinowski - Historical relations of religion and science, by Charles Singer - Science and religion in the nineteenth century by Antonia Aliotta - The domain of physical science by Arthur S. Eddington - Mechanistic biology and the religious consciousness, by Joseph Needham - The sphere of religion by John W. Oman - Religion and psychology by William Brown - Science, Christianity and modern civilisation by Clement C. J. Webb.

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For comments and a photo of the book see my PDF-CATALOG: 20th CENTURY PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Boston studies in the philosophy of science, volume 139.

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Histoire de la pensée ; 8.

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Includes essays on the institution and the various sciences represented: chemistry, physiology, hygiene, biology, philosophy, Virchow. Essays by Peter Karlson, Dietrich von Engelhardt, Wolfgang Jacob, Pieter Smit, Armin Hermann und Ulrich Benz "Quanten- und Relativitätstheorie im Spiegel der Naturforscherversammlungen 1906-1920" (125-137, Otto Krätz, Gerhard Rudolph, Helmut Siefert, Hans Querner. ISBN 3540058877

Digitale Bibliothek 85. Reference. Lexikon der Naturwissenschaftler - cd-rom. DirectMedia, , , text in German, cd-rom for pc (or mac with free software download), $25
Digitale Bibliothek 85.Die Cd-Rom basiert auf der Buchausgabe von 2000 - Spektrum Verlag, Heidelberg. With articles on 3000 scientists in all fields, 788 portraits, 550 concept definitions. ISBN 3898531856. ISBN 3898531856

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Papers presented at a symposium held in Capri in April 1974 and sponsored by the Gruppo italiano di storia della scienza. Contributors include: Allen G. Debus, Cesare Vasoli, Guglielmo Richini, Owen Gingerich, Willy Hartner, Luigi Belloni, François Duchesneau, Stillman Drake, A. C. Crombie, Pierre Costabel, Richard Westfall, Paolo Casini, Marie Boas Hall, Paolo Rossi, A Rupert Hall and René Taton. ISBN 0882020188

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Substantial essays on the history of the medal, Prechtl, and the Technische Hochschule Wien, followed by two pages of text and photo of each prize-winner: Two of the winners pursued careers outside of German and Austria during the 1930s: Guido Beck (b. 1903) and Arthur Thomas Ippen (b. 1907). Biographies and photos of: Karl Renner, Franz Landertshammer, Christian von Hofe, Heinrich Mache, Friedrich Böck, Alfred Wogrinz, Arno Demmer, Hans Gundacker, Anton Poschacher, Franz Rosenauer, Alfed Sighartner, Johann Vurnik, Erich Dittrich, Emil Hopfgartner, Woldemar Laszloffy, Hermann Oberth, Ludwig Frederick Audrieth, Guido Beck, Rudolf Brill, Erika Cremer, Walter Grossmann, Fritz Hartl, Arthur Thomas Ippen, Peter Koller, Rudolf Koller, Otto Kratky, Joachim Siegfried Meurer, Josef Nagler, Ernst Neufert, Guido Peter Pirquet, Arnulf Reuschel, Willem Schermerhorn, Hans Schmid, Eduard Schrack, Franz Stockreiter, Johann Theodor Thijsse, Josef Umlauf, Friedrich August Henglein, Max Auwärter, Zoran Rant.

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. ISBN 0801817110

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Volume I. Le Lycee des Arts. - a second volume NOT PRESENT HERE appeared in 1960 containing the diary of Fougeroux de Bondaroy but is not essential for an understanding of Lavoisier (Roger Hahn, Isis, 1962).

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No indication on this reprint from which volume it is taken. Text and color illustrations.

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Contributions by Robert G. Frank - Victor Thoren on Tycho Brahe - Richard Berendzen on The Exponential Growth of Science - Frances Yates review of the Pagel Festschrift - Anthony Jackson - D. P. Walker review of Frances Yates on the Rosicrucian Enlightenment - M. A. Hoskin book review about Copernicus - W. F. Bynum book review.

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For comments and a photo of the book see my PDF-CATALOG: 20th CENTURY PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Full biographical memoir with frontispiece photo.

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Lectures 1956-65 by former President of the Ford Foundation, President of MIT on university education and the sciences. Includes: The Purpose and Goals of MIT, Abstract and concrete, Physics and Engineering in a Free Society, A Technological University, A Commitment to Earth Sciences. Stratton studied in Switzerland and Germany 1926-28.

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Element und Verbindung - Zur Systemproblematik der Chemie - Die Atomkernspaltung - 50 Jahre nach Hiroschima und nagasaki. Gedanken zum Atomwaffeneinsatz aus deutscher Sicht - die Rolle von Frauen in der Entdeckung der Kernspaltung. ISBN 3929134144

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Pubblicato dal Consorzio Universitario manto. Includes essays about Agostino Masetti, Gilberto Govi, Filippo Brunelleschi, Gino Fano, Leon Battista Alberti, Giovanni Ceva, Giuseppe Moleti, Adolfo Viterbi, Giulio Vivanti, Gino Loria, Paolo Donati.

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. ISBN 0300074174

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Substantial essays on genetics, breeding and improvement of crops and animals: Gove Hambidge and E. N. Bressman, Foreword and Summary - J. H. Kempton, Heredity under the Microscope - J. Allen Clark, Wheat - H. V. Harlan and M.L. Martini, Barley - T. R. Stanton, Germ plasm in oats - Jenkin W. Jones, rice - Merle T. Jenkins, corn - John H. Martin, sorghum - E. W. Brandes and G. B. Sartoris, Sugarcane: its origin and improvement - G. H. Coons, sugar beet - J. O. Ware, cotton industry - A. C. Dillman, flax - Garner, Allard, Clayton, tobacco - W. H. Black, cattle - H. C. M'phee and O. G. Hankins, swine - M'phee and Spencer, sheep - Williams and Jackson, horses and mules - M. A. Jull, poultry - R. R. Graves and M. H. Fohrman, dairy herds.

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Substantial essays on developments in animal and plant science as they relate to agriculture by: Gove Hambidge, Victor R. Boswell, T. W. Whitaker and I. C. Jagger, H. A. Jones, B. L. Wade, Roy Magruder, C. F. Poole, Ross C. Thompson, Arthur m. Brunson, F. J. Stevenson and D. F. Clark, George M. Darrow, Frederick V. Coville, J. R. Magness, Elmer Snyder, F. P. Cullinan, Hamilton P. Traub and T. Ralph Robinson, H. L. Crane, s. L. Emsewller, Roland McKee, H. N. Vinall and M. A. Hein, Morgan W. Evans, H. M. Tysdal, Wl J. Morse, A. J. Pieters, D. C . Smith, Ernst J. Schreiner, W. V. Lambert, V. L. Simmons, W. M. Dawson, Stanley J. Marsden, A. R. Lee, Frank G. Ashbrook, Wl H. Nolan, E. N. Bressman, Robert Cook. SUBJECTS TREATED: vegetable crop breeding, genetics of tomatoes, cucurbits, onions, peas and beans, leafy cruciferous vegetables, improving root vegetables, improving salad crops, sweet corn, popcorn breeding, potato breading, strawberry improvement, and breeding and improvement of many other crops; forest trees, angora goats, milk goats, dogs, turkeys, ducks, fur animals, bees, "Fundamentals of Heredity for Breeders (1419-1449), "A Chronology of Genetics" (1457-1478).

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Includes contributions by R. Schickele, Erich Kraemer, Oswald Schreiner, Albert R. Merz, Emil Truog, E. N. Munns, Constantin C. Nikiforoff.

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Series: Collection Discours de la méthode. The mechanical theory of nature, from Descartes to Kelvin, applied rigorous mathematics to science, but was limited to the theory of differential equations. It failed to account for phenomena such as ageing, proliferation, and death - addressed here by Vogel. ISBN 2040059865

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Walker: Professor of Physics, Emeritus, University of Connecticut. Appears to be a private publication, preceding Oxford Press publication.

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. ISBN 3528184043

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For comments and a photo of the book see my PDF-CATALOG: 20th CENTURY PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Actualités Scientifiques et Industrielles, 1053. Printed in France with rear colophon stating "8-1948" and rear cover stating "7-1948".

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For comments and a photo of the book see my PDF-CATALOG: 20th CENTURY PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Zweite Auflage Sonderausgabe des Schlussabschnittes zur sechsten Auflage der Physiologischen Psychologie.