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1968-and-Vietnam - (22)
Africa - (7)
American-Literary-History - (39)
Analecta-Husserliana - (5)
Ancient-Egypt - (5)
Anthropology - (38)
anti-war and pacifism - (1)
Arbeitsrecht-Sozialpolitik - (25)
Archeology - (15)
Architecture - (70)
Art-history - (101)
Art-history-in-German - (121)
Asia - (6)
Austria-History - (43)
Austria-Hofmannsthal-Werfel-Zweig - (44)
Austria-Kraus-Canetti-Musil - (27)
Austria-Literature - (131)
Barock - (13)
Bavaria - (6)
Birds - (6)
Book-design - (54)
Book-History - (3)
Boston-History - (6)
Botanik - (5)
Brazil - (1)
Brecht - (36)
Canada - (5)
Carl-Schmitt-and-Circle - (32)
Catholic-Thought - (51)
Children's-books - (27)
China - (26)
Church-history - (5)
Cities-Germany - (13)
City-Planning - (20)
Classical-studies - (89)
Cold-War - (2)
Committee-on-Social-Thought - (10)
Computers - (1)
Conservative-Revolution - (35)
Cooking - (6)
Cultural-Studies - (49)
Czech - (5)
Dance - (6)
Decision-Management-Organization - (11)
Design - (16)
Economic-History-Germany - (1)
Economics - (12)
Economics-Austria - (4)
Economics-Theory-and-History - (27)
Economics-Wirtschaftsgeschichte - (19)
Economies-in-History - (12)
Education - (119)
Education-Children - (12)
Edward-Gorey - (9)
Egypt - (2)
Erotica - (12)
Essays - (1)
ETA-Hoffmann - (8)
European-and-Regional-Unification - (24)
Exilforschung - (34)
Exilliteratur - (12)
Exilverlag - (5)
Film - (31)
Frankfurt-School - (63)
Freud - (38)
Gardening - (1)
Gender-Studies - (41)
Geography - (11)
Geopolitik - (2)
George-Kreis - (24)
German-Americana - (10)
German-history-by-Journalists - (22)
German-language-study - (16)
German-Language-Study-Readers - (34)
German-Literature-19th-Century - (13)
German-Literature-Surveys - (23)
Germanistik - (12)
Germany-and-US - (22)
Germany-Cities - (1)
Germany-Staatsrecht-Verfassungsrecht - (32)
Gestalt-System-Cognitive-Theories - (52)
Goethe - (104)
Grammatik-und-Woerterbuecher - (12)
Graphology - (4)
Hannah-Arendt - (10)
Hesse - (20)
history-American - (128)
history-Eastern Europe - (10)
history-England - (29)
history-Europe - (72)
history-France - (43)
history-France-revolution - (8)
history-Germany - (120)
history-germany-17th-Century - (1)
history-Germany-1871-1919 - (73)
history-Germany-18thC - (9)
history-Germany-1945-1949 - (27)
history-Germany-1989 - (7)
history-Germany-19th-Century - (47)
history-Germany-BRD - (55)
history-Germany-DDR - (22)
history-Germany-early-modern - (15)
history-germany-Mecklenburg - (11)
history-Germany-politics-administration - (2)
history-germany-Regions - (25)
history-germany-Sozialgeschichte - (3)
history-Germany-Statistics - (8)
history-Germany-Surveys - (27)
history-Germany-Third-Reich - (132)
history-Germany-to-1848 - (5)
history-Germany-unification - (24)
history-Germany-Volk-und-Nation - (3)
history-Germany-Weimar - (79)
history-Germany-Widerstand - (1)
history-germany-Württemberg - (1)
history-Meinecke-and-Students - (11)
history-of-science - (73)
History-of-Science-Astronomy - (7)
History-of-Science-Biology - (62)
History-of-Science-Chemistry - (14)
History-of-Science-Geology - (5)
History-of-Science-Mathematics - (111)
History-of-Science-Medicine - (72)
History-of-Science-Meteorology - (1)
History-of-Science-Physics - (184)
History-of-Science-Technikgeschichte - (56)
history-Prussia - (2)
history-Renaissance - (17)
history-Russia - (21)
History-theory - (97)
Holocaust - (64)
Holocaust-Literature - (5)
Holocaust-Memoirs - (30)
Humor - (25)
Hungary - (7)
Iceland - (8)
Illustrated-books - (70)
India - (8)
Insel-Buecherei - (66)
intellectual-history - (3)
Intellectuals-and-NS - (18)
international-law - (5)
international-relations - (34)
Ireland - (2)
Islam - (7)
Italy - (22)
Japan - (7)
Journalism-and-Feuilleton - (21)
Judaica - (256)
Judaica-German - (87)
Judaica-Hebrew - (8)
Judaica-Yiddish - (3)
Jung - (21)
Kafka-and-Prague - (45)
Kleist-Proust-Dostoyevsky - (44)
Konservative-Ideen-1930-1960 - (2)
Language - (2)
Language-History - (9)
Language-History-German - (20)
Latin-America - (14)
Law - (71)
Law-Germany - (3)
Linguistics - (22)
Literary-history - (110)
Literary-History-England - (39)
literary-history-France - (15)
literary-history-Germany - (108)
Literary-Reference-German - (2)
Literary-theory - (27)
literary-theory-German - (24)
Literature - (32)
Literature-American - (18)
Literature-Ballads - (21)
Literature-England - (25)
Literature-English-American - (11)
Literature-Epos - (5)
Literature-France - (72)
Literature-France-19th-Century - (6)
Literature-France-Africa - (2)
Literature-Germany - (92)
Literature-Germany-1890-1925 - (9)
Literature-Germany-18th-Century - (10)
literature-germany-1900-1914 - (15)
Literature-Germany-1930s - (14)
literature-germany-1970-to-present - (9)
Literature-Germany-19th-century - (63)
Literature-Germany-Early-German - (14)
Literature-Germany-Karl-May - (1)
Literature-Germany-Nachkriegsliteratur - (87)
Literature-Germany-Nibelungenlied - (4)
Literature-Germany-Poetry - (55)
Literature-Hoerspiel - (1)
Literature-in-English - (21)
literature-in-Spanish - (10)
Literature-Maerchen - (24)
Literature-Switzerland - (24)
Literature-translated-from-German - (6)
Literature-translated-into-English - (5)
Literature-translated-into-German - (41)
Local-history - (4)
Luxemburg - (1)
Mann-family - (88)
Maps - (1)
McCarthyism - (2)
Media-Studies - (5)
Memoir - (29)
Mexico - (1)
Military-history - (27)
Mittelalter - (52)
Music - (152)
Music-Cabaret-Film - (5)
music-history - (33)
music-scores - (35)
music-Wagner - (23)
Netherlands - (1)
Numismatics - (1)
Philosophy - (81)
philosophy-18thC-Germany - (15)
philosophy-19thC-Germany - (65)
philosophy-20thC-France - (82)
philosophy-20thC-Germany - (270)
philosophy-aesthetics - (15)
philosophy-American - (56)
philosophy-Austria - (1)
philosophy-before-1750 - (30)
philosophy-England - (35)
philosophy-Enlightenment - (49)
Philosophy-ethics - (21)
Philosophy-Existentialism - (2)
philosophy-France-Camus-Sartre - (14)
philosophy-French - (9)
philosophy-Germany - (1)
philosophy-Germany-1933-1945 - (25)
philosophy-Greek - (29)
philosophy-Hegel - (45)
philosophy-Heidegger-and-Students - (58)
Philosophy-History - (1)
philosophy-Italian - (12)
Philosophy-Joachim-Ritter-and-students - (3)
philosophy-Kant - (13)
philosophy-logic - (6)
philosophy-logical-positivism - (52)
Philosophy-Lukacs-Sonntagskreis - (36)
philosophy-Machiavelli - (4)
philosophy-Marx - (29)
philosophy-Medieval - (1)
Philosophy-Mystik - (8)
philosophy-Nietzsche - (37)
philosophy-of-language - (2)
philosophy-of-law - (1)
philosophy-of-science - (28)
philosophy-phenomenology - (46)
philosophy-reference - (2)
philosophy-Russia - (3)
philosophy-Spanish - (7)
Philosophy-surveys - (1)
Photography - (24)
Poetry - (47)
Poland - (4)
Political-Leaders - (27)
Political-theory - (40)
Political-theory-authority-power - (8)
political-theory-civil-society - (1)
Political-theory-classics - (3)
Political-theory-communism - (2)
political-theory-conservatism - (1)
Political-theory-England - (17)
Political-theory-Europe - (14)
Political-theory-freedom - (7)
Political-Theory-Germany - (4)
Political-Theory-Hochschule-fuer-Politik - (3)
political-theory-in-French - (14)
Political-theory-in-german - (98)
Political-theory-in-Italian - (1)
Political-theory-in-Spanish - (2)
Political-theory-Marxism - (3)
political-theory-realism - (6)
Political-theory-State - (33)
Political-theory-surveys - (5)
political-theory-US - (52)
Political-theory-war-revolution - (29)
Politics-Emergency-Crisis - (2)
Post-Structuralism - (53)
Post-und-Eisenbahn - (7)
Press-books - (10)
Psychoanalysis - (16)
Psychology - (105)
Publishing - (28)
Race - (12)
Reference - (24)
Reformation-Luther - (24)
Religion - (54)
Rilke - (35)
Ritter-Muenster - (2)
Romanistik - (8)
Romantik - (66)
Rosenstock-and-friends - (17)
Rousseau - (70)
Russia-Literature - (13)
Schiller - (35)
science-fiction - (2)
Shakespeare - (22)
Ships - (4)
Social-History - (6)
Social-history-and-Annales-school - (11)
Social-Psychology - (4)
Sociology - (221)
Sociology-Dortmund-Muenster-Bielefeld - (7)
Sociology-France - (12)
Sociology-of-Knowledge - (5)
Sociology-Weber-Heidelberg - (40)
South-America - (2)
Southern-History-and-Criticism - (25)
Sozialgeschichte - (2)
Sport - (3)
Structuralism-Poetics-Rhetoric - (33)
Switzerland - (23)
Theater - (61)
Theology - (120)
Theology-Evangelisch - (14)
Travel - (27)
Turkey - (1)
United-Nations - (1)
universities - (27)
Unternehmensforschung - (5)
Virgil and Dryden - (2)
Virginia-Woolf - (8)
Visual-History-and-Design - (12)
Warburg-Cultural-Studies - (21)
Weimar-Literature-1919-1933 - (102)
Wirtschaftsgeschichte - (6)
World-History - (35)
World-War-I - (11)
World-War-II - (17)
Zoology - (1)

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Valuable collection on the history and theory of education. Historical treatment of Schleiermacher, Dilthey, Frischeisen-Köhler, Hermann Nohl, Aloys Fischer, Theodor Litt, Eduard Spranger, Georg Reichwein, Wilhelm Flitner, Fritz Blättner, Erich Weniger, Albert Reble, Josef Derbolav, Martin Buber, Romano Guardini, Martinus J. Langeveld, Heinrich Roth, Theodor Ballauff. ISBN 3429019044

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Studies in the philosophical and social foundations of education.

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cover design by Jane Pitts. Studies in economics, SE2. Praise on back cover from Alexander Gerschenkron.

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Report of the Joint Committee of the Toronto Board of Education and the University of Toronto dealing with English, Social Sciences, and Science. Northrop Frye provides a 15-page introduction, D. F. Theall a separate 9-page report on "Rhetoric". C. B. Macpherson was chairman of the Social Sciences committee, but their 37-page report is not signed by any particular member.

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150th anniversary of the school.

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Expanded outgrowth of a conference on the subject convened in May 1997 in Washington, D.C.

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Essays on Grunwald by Axel Holtz, Ingeborg Waldschmidt, Manfred Berger, Brigitte Hegenbart, and 6 essays by Grunwald. Clara Grunwald was one of the first enthusiasts of Montessori in Germany and the course of her work to establish this new form of education in the 1920s, through her death in Auschwitz, is documented here. The historical essays reveal little-known struggles over educational reform in the 1920s and the role of war, nationalism, and local intrigue in stifling it. The revival of the Montessori movement in the late 1940s is also described. Grunwald's essays make the case for the Montessori approach. ISBN 3927179302

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Wissenschaft und Bildung, 127. Includes several photos of Montessori children and discussion of Montessori methods and toys.

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Beginning with his educational reforms in Munich in the 1890s Kerschensteiner gained a reputation as a reformer and organizer. Calls for education in civics, in some form, went back to Fichte, but had become more urgent after 1871 (Dörpfeld). Reformers and social-pedagogical philosophers (such as Natorp) addressed the issue in the late 1890s. Kerschensteiner became the standard-bearer for educational reform and civics reform, fulfilling calls in the Weimar Constitution for civics education. The reform efforts should not be confused with liberal attitudes: Kerschensteiner's early response to the outbreak of war in 1914 was little more than a series of patriotic cliches (Brief an meine amerikanischen Freunde, 1914).

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Introduction to the philosophy of education.

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The printed dedication is to Robert Ulich.

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Yearbook on research in arts and aesthetic education, 2. Co-sponsored by CEMREL, inc., and the Education Program of The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, with support from The National Institute of Education. Contributors include: Harry S. Broudy, Martin Engel, Anita Silvers, David R. Olson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Howard E. Gruber, Julian Hochberg, Jeanne Bamberger, Nancy L. Stein.

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Monographs from the Mandel Institute, 4.

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With 2-page preface by Mario Montessori dated Karachi, May 1949. The story of Montessori's engagement with India and with the Theosophists is told in Rita Kramer's biography, particularly pages 341-348. Kramer notes that The Absorbent Mind "was first published as a summary of her training-course lectures in less than adequate English. She later rewrote it in Italian, and that version was published in an English translation made by Claude A. Claremont" (356) [the 297pp. Edition published by this same publisher in 1959]. This history may account for the scarceness of the 1949 printing. With respect to the content of her work in India, Kramer remarks: "Watching the early development of babies in the Indian family, where they were stimulated by being in the center of things, seeing, hearing, being touched and handled, she worked out the ideas that she set down in the books written during the Indian years, particularly The Absorbent Mind" (347).

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Colección filosófica . 95.

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Dust-jacket and vignettes by Hans Herman Hagedorn. The volume consists of short, epigram-like descriptions of modern life from Kosmetik and Stirnrunzeln to Geisteswissenschaften. The short explanations provide a guide to the culture of the time, in idealized form. For ex.: Rauchen: "Das Zigarettenrauchen der Mädchen ist keine Frage des Bedürfnisses, sondern eine Frage der Dekoration. Andernfalls müßte es Mädchen geben, die bevorzugt Zigarre oder Pfeife rauchen." Odd that girls who smoke are considered uppity, tobacco is called innocent, and the decorative function of pipes for men is not mentioned.

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Includes frontispiece photo of the author tipped in.

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Arcobaleno ; 2. With 94 illustrations in color of children's artworks. Texts in Italian. ISBN 8886222491

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Gedenkausgabe zu seinem zweihundertsten Geburtstage hrsg. von Paul Baumgartner. VOLUMES 1-5 AVAILABLE: 1-2. Lienhard und Gertrud (no date in these volumes).--3. Christoph und Else.--4. Schriften aus den Jahren 1765-1783.--5. Schriften aus der Zeit von 1792-1797.-- NOT PRESENT: 6. Schriften aus den Jahren 1798-1804.--7-8. Schriften aus den Jahren 1805-1826, 1.-2. T.

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Studies in philosophy, SPH 2. Reid taught Philosophy of education in London and was influential on the development of the curriculum.

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Includes photo on page 21 of Fritz Morstein Marx and Carl J. Friedrich, page 25 Wilhelm Reinhold Koehler, page 28 three women collecting for the Refugee Scholars fund in front of a hand-drawn poster: "How Many Refugee Scholars" with silhouettes of women in skirts.

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Deals with Winifred Taft, 1860-1909, wife of Horace Taft, her early life and role in the early years of the Taft school, including selection of architects Cram, Goodhue, and Ferguson to design the first building.

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3-89853-165-1. Digitale Bibliothek 65.Out of print in this form / beim Verlag vergriffen. Digitale Bibliothek, 65. Based on the 4th revised and expanded editionof the book edition (2000). 1700 entries on the history of educational thought, the educational systems of modern times, biographical and institutional themes. ISBN 3898531651

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