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6584. Alff, Wilhelm, 1918-. Der Begriff Faschismus und andere Aufsätze zur Zeitgeschichte. Fr/M: Suhrkamp, 1971, Erste Auflage, 182pp., PAPERBACK, good but one or two ink notations, previous owner's name on first blank page, $12.5
Essays on the concept of fascism, Italy, the 20th July resistance, decadence and art in German fascist policy, the fate of Spanish revolution refugees in NS occupied France. Appears to be out of print.

25080. Althaus, Ernst. Die Behandlung der Personalangelegenheiten in den besetzten niederländischen Gebieten. Im Auftrage des Reichskommissars für die besetzten niederländischen Gebiete dargestellt von Ernst Althaus. Den Haag: no publisher, 1943, Zweite, völlig neu gegfasste Auflage, 183pp., good but quite worn sewn paper wraps, front cover loosening at top edge of spine, some foxing, some scattered pencil underlining in text, $125
Official report on occupation administration in Holland, including disciplinarly measures against bureaucrats, rules for civil employees in Holland, treatment of Jews; includes documents.

26743. Aly, Götz, 1947-. Hitler’s beneficiaries : plunder, racial war, and the Nazi welfare state. Translated by Jefferson Chase. New York : Metropolitan, 2007, stated First U.S. Edition, viii, 431 pp., 25 cm., very good dust-jacket, very good hardcover, one corner lightly bumped, $19
Part I Political Opportunists in Action -- 1 The Dream of a People's Empire -- 2 The Accommodating Dictatorship -- Part II Subjugation and Exploitation -- 3 With Unwavering Efficiency -- 4 Profits for the People -- 5 The Mainstay: Western Europe -- 6 Room for Expansion: Eastern Europe -- Part III The Dispossession of the Jews -- 7 Larceny as a State Principle -- 8 Laundering Money for the Wehrmacht -- 9 Subsidies to and from Germany's Allies -- 10 The Trail of Gold -- Part IV Crimes for the Benefit of the People -- 11 The Fruits of Evil -- 12 Speculative Politics -- 13 Nazi Socialism -- A Note on Calculations -- Currency Exchange Rates. ISBN 0805079262

22156. Aly, Götz / Roth, Karl Heinz. Die restlose Erfassung: Volkszählen, Identifizieren, Aussondern im Nationalsozialismus. Berlin: Rotbuch Verlag, 1984, 157pp., PAPERBACK, very good, a few lines underlined in ink on one page, a few minor ink notations in margins, $12
Rotbuch, 282. ISBN 3880222827

7643. Amt für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Stadt Frankfurt, ed.. Gedenkstätte am Neuen Börneplatz für die von Nationalsozialisten vernichtete dritte jüdische Gemeinde in Frankfurt am Main. Sigmaringen: Jan Thorbecke Verlag, 1996, 71pp., very good dust-jacket, very good white woven cloth, large format 28.5 cm, $35
Photographs, plans, sketches and text concerning the memorial to the Jews of Frankfurt. ISBN 3799523235

32879. Barbian, Jan-Pieter, 1958-. Literaturpolitik im Dritten Reich : Institutionen, Kompetenzen, Betätigungsfelder. Überarbeitete und aktualisierte Ausgabe. München: DTV, 1995, 915pp., PAPERBACK, good clean used copy but with firm fold-mark on spine opening to page 493, $45
DTV 4668. First published in 1993, based on a 1991 dissertation (Trier). Not to be confused with the shorter survey published by the author in 2010. ISBN 3423046686

7972. Baumgart, Reinhard, 1929-. Hausmusik. Ein deutsches Familienalbum. Fr/M: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1989, later printing, 243pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $9
First published in 1962; early sixties treatment of NS past and generational conflict. ISBN 3596295742

7899. Beer, Fritz, 1911-. Hast du auf Deutsche geschossen, Grandpa? Fragmente einer Lebensgeschichte. Berlin: Aufbau, 1992, 1. Auflage, 576pp., very good dust-jacket, very good red cloth, $30
Includes reminiscences of Prague literary community: Fürnberg, Kisch, Weiskopf, Herzfelde, Heartfield. ISBN 3351021615

22106. Beheim-Schwarzbach, Martin, 1900-1985. Führer sehen Dich an. Zeichnungen von Richard Ziegler, Vorwort von Ingeborg Drewitz. Worms: Georg Heintz Verlag, 1975, 19pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $35
Deutsches Exil 1933-1945, Band 8, first published in 1973. Full page drawings of Nazi leaders with critical verse on opposite page. Only text pages are numbered. ISBN 3921333083

6756. Bertrand, Louis. Hitler. Paris: Arthème Fayard, 1936, 120pp., PAPERBACK, white paper wraps in glassine, good copy, $15
Text in French.

30760. Bleuel, Hans Peter, 1936-. Sex and society in Nazi Germany. Edited and with a preface by Heinrich Fraenkel, translated from the German by J. Maxwell Brownjohn. New York: Dorset Press, 1996, xi, 272pp., very good dust-jacket, very good hardcover, previous owner's name on half-title, $10
. ISBN 0760601008

27429. Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945. Letters and papers from prison. Edited by Eberhard Bethge. New York : Macmillan, 1973, 2d printing, x, 437pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $7.5

26825. Bracher, Karl Dietrich, 1922-. Die deutsche Diktatur : Entstehung, Struktur, Folgen des Nationalsozialismus. Karl Dietrich Bracher.. Köln: Kiepenheuer und Witsch, 1970, 3te Auflage, 580pp., large PAPERBACK, good copy, but attached dust-jacket is chipped around edges and taped down to the front endpaper leaving tape shadow, otherwise very good, $24

16349. Bracher, Karl Dietrich, 1922-. The German dictatorship. The origins, structure, and effects of national socialism. Translated by Jean Steinberg, with an introduction by Peter Gay. New York, Praeger Publishers, 1970, xv, 553pp., very good red cloth, previous owner's name, $15
Translation of Die deutsche Diktatur. Entstehung, Struktur, Folgen des Nationalsozialismus. ISBN B000OUT8LS

32643. Brockhaus, F. A.. Der Volks-Brockhaus. Deutsches Sach- und Sprachwörterbuch für Schule und Haus. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus / NY: F. S. Crofts & Co., 1938, 6., verbesserte Auflage A-Z, 793pp., very good blue cloth, appears little used, but with minor staining on lower half of foredge, $15
Mit etwa 3500 Abbildungen und Karten im Text und auf 68 einfarbigen und bunten Tafel- und Kartenseiten, sowie 35 Übersichten und Zeittafeln.

32370. Bullock, Alan, 1914-2004. Hitler and Stalin : parallel lives. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 1992, stated First American Edition, xviii, 1081pp., very good dust-jacket, worn around the edges, very good large black half-cloth, $7
. ISBN 0394586018

25712. Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Hrsg.. 20. Juli 1944. Bearbeitet von Erich Zimmermann und Hans-Adolf Jacobsen. Lizenzausgabe: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung, 5te Auflage, 374pp., good large sewn paperback, some pencil underlining or marginalia on a few pages, offsetting on pages 221-222, good reading copy, $15
Repeatedly expanded edition of a work first published in 1952, with photgraphs of resistance, maps in rear pocket plus fold-out synoptic chronology of the different groups and actions.

8612. Burgdörfer, Friedrich. Volk ohne Jugend. Geburtenschwund und Überalterung des Deutschen Volkskörpers. Ein Problem der Volkswirtschaft - der Sozialpolitik - der nationalen Zukunft. Mit 18 Karten und Skizzen. Berlin-Grunewald: Kurt Vowinckel, 1932, 448pp., very good gray-white cloth, some foxing to cover, blue titles, square-back spine, previous owner's stamp on title page, $40
The author's role as advisor in population matters in the Third Reich has recently been documented. Part of the technical intelligentsia which took over social policy in the 1930s. However, when the book appeared in 1932 it was reviewed positively in the labor journal Die Arbeit by Wl. Woytinsky, who called it "einen ausgezeichneten und durchaus zuverlässigen Führer durch die Bevölkerungsstatistik." Although B. failed to take into account increases in economic productivity, which would reduce the impact of an aging population structure, his statistics and methodology could be called "einwandfrei." The conclusions drawn were more debatable. Still, a left reviewer with no particular sympathy for the values of the author did not retreat in horror by any means: "B. hat zweifellos recht, wenn er die ausschlaggebende Bedeutung des Bevölkerungsproblems für die Zukunft des deutschen Volkes hervorhebt und die Gefahr des weiteren Geburtenschwundes und der Überalterung des Volkskörpers schildert. Er hat ebenfalls recht, wenn er die Rettung in den bevölkerungspolitischen, wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Massnahmen, zugleich aber auch in der geistigen Erneuerung, seelischen Umstellung des Volkes sucht. Ob die Grundlage dieser Umstellung eine sittlich-religiöse oder sittlich-sozialistische sein muss, ist allerdings eine Weltanschauungsfrage.".

25473. Cantril, Hadley, 1906-1969. The psychology of social movements. New York, J. Wiley & sons; London, Chapman & Hall, 1946, 4th printing, xv, 274pp., very good brown cloth, $12
Wiley books in psychology. Includes chapters on The Lynching Mob - Father Divine - Buchmanism, The Oxford Group - The Townsend Plan (anti-poverty pension and tax plan, California, 1930s) - and two substantial chapters on the Nazi party. Cantril acknowledges that his social psychology is heavily indebted to Muzafer Sherif. His chapters on Nazism were read "in great detail" by Hans Gerth and make use of unpublished material from the Harvard competition on refugee memoirs. The social psychology of Nazism here presents standard multi-factor explanation, as opposed to attributing the success of the movement to one deterministic element (anti-semitism, economic collapse, Versailles). Cantril makes use of Hans Speier's work on the salaried employees as well as Abel's interviews and studies by Sigmund Neumann and Robert Waelder. He concludes that any nation hoping to stop the Nazi expansion "must take care that the needs and frustrations within their own boundaries are satisfied so that appeals characteristic of the Nazi program will fall on deaf ears." A "redefinition of workable democracy" may be necessary. The model remains very much individual: seeking the psychological problems which allow organized groups to seduce them. The German history recounted here and on to the present day was already well-settled in 1941 and takes no account of genocide or brutal warfare, nor are they predicted.

6771. Däbritz, W. / W. Brandenburger, Hrsg.. Wirtschaft und Steuer: mit besonderer Berücksichtigung kriegswirtschaftlicher Fragen. Essen: Verlag Glückauf, 1941, 149pp., tan paper wraps with some foxing on cover, discrete institute library stamp and handwritten call number on spine, $45
Schriften der Verwaltungs-Akademie Essen, Heft 1. Includes 8 essays by members of the Reichsfinanzministerium, industry groups (steel, coal, accounting, mining), and university. J. Gebhardt, W. Krähe, H. Kreis, O. Bühler, H. Mühlhoff, H. Adler, H. A. Wieacker.

31012. Dickinson, John K.. German & Jew, the life and death of Sigmund Stein. Chicago, Quadrangle Books, 1967, xi, 339pp., very good black half-cloth, previous owner's bookplate and also blindstamp on title page: Rabbi Seymour Friedman, $12
Story of German lawyer whose story is true but with a fictionalized name: Sigmund Stein, 1896-1945. In his preface, Dickinson thanks H. G. Adler, Bruno Blau, Fritz Pappenheim, Yvonne Pappenheim and others.

16119. Dirksen, Herbert von. Moscow, Tokyo, London. Twenty Years of German Foreign Policy. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1952, stated First American Edition, 276pp., dust-jacket worn around edges with a few minor tears, very good black cloth, $19
"This book was written in English in the years 1947-1948" (preface).

26968. Domansky, Elisabeth, Hrsg.. Eine offene Geschichte. Zur kommunikativen Tradierung der nationalsozialistischen Vergangenheit. Hrsg von Elisabeth Domansky, Harald Welzer. Tübingen: Ed. diskord, 1999, 192pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $35
Studien zum Nationalsozialismus in der Edition diskord 4. Contents: Elisabeth Domansky und Harald Weher, Die alltägliche Tradierung von Geschichte. Heinz Bude, Der einzelne und seine Generation. Kriegskindheit und Jugendrevolte bei der 68er Generation. Dorothee Wierling, Nationalsozialismus und Krieg in den Lebens-Geschichten der ersten Nachkriegsgeneration der DDR. Sabine Moller und Karoline Tschuggnall, Familienerinnerungen. Kriegserlebnisse in den Geschichten dreier Generationen. Alexander v. Plato, Opfer-Konkurrenten. Die Verfolgten des NS-Regimes und der sowjetischen Besatzungsmacht im Kalten Krieg und in der Entspannungszeit. Michael Kohlstruck, Der Bildungswert von Geschichtsmedien und Deutungskonflikten. Judith Keilbach, Fernseh-Geschichte. Holocaust und Nationalsozialismus im amerikanischen und im bundesdeutschen Fernsehen. Inge Marßolek, Vertraute Töne und Unerhörtes. Radio und Gedächtnis im Nachkriegsdeutschland. Klaus Naumann, Die Presse als Gedächtnisort des Krieges. Narrative Zeugnisse von Schockerfahrungen. ISBN 3892956723

26407. Drews, Richard / Alfred Kantorowicz, Hrsg.. verboten und verbrannt. Deutsche Literatur - 12 Jahre unterdrückt. Berlin: Ullstein-Kindler, 1947, 1.- 60. Tausend, 215pp., black paper cover with red lettering, well worn, chipped around edges, paper browning, spine paper chipped in middle, previous owner's name, Complimentary card from Ullstein-Kindler Verlag laid in. $15
Classic yet idiosyncratic anthology and biographical dictionary of writers silenced or forced into exile during the Third Reich. Includes both the external and the internal emigration, with authors like Frank Thiess and Gertrud von Le Fort next to Max Brod and Heinrich Mann. Most notable is the number of completely forgotten authors represented here by a biographical note and a short excerpt from their work.

22026. Dülffer, Jost, 1943-. Nazi Germany 1933-1945: faith and annihilation. Translated from the German by Dean S. McMurry. London, New York: E. Arnold, 1996, ix, 242pp., very good hardcover, $15
. ISBN 0340652659

20822. Ecke, Felix, 1924-. Die braunen Gesetze : über das Recht im Unrechtsstaat. Berlin : Staatsverlag der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, 1990, 1. Auflage, 187pp., 22 cm, PAPERBACK, very good, $25
. ISBN 3329005823

4844. Eisler, Gerhart / Norden, Albert / Schreiner, Albert. The lesson of Germany; a guide to her history. New York, International publishers [1945], 222 p. 22 cm., badly torn dust-jacket chipped at spine extremities, brown cloth, badly torn at bottom of spine, otherwise binding and paper solid and clean., $6

13290. F.A. Brockhaus Verlag Leipzig. Taschen-Brockhaus zum Zeitgeschehen. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1940, 284pp. illus., plates (1 col.) maps (1 fold., in pocket) diagrs. 24 cm, very good 1/4 cloth with printed boards, previous owner's name: Gottfried Kehr, $45
Thoroughly illustrated Nazified alphabetical reference work, includes two unrestrained pages on "Juden.".

6074. Feder, Gottfried / Dr. A. Buckeley. Der kommende Steuerstreik. Seine Gefahr, seine Unvermeidlichkeit, seine Wirkung. Bremen: Faksimile-Verlag, 1983, Facsimile reprint of 1922 edition Diessen vor München: Verlag Jos. C. Huber, 107pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $18

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Current problems series edited by Ernest Barker.

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The American edition and title. Author: Ernst Franz ("Putzi") Hanfstaengl. Close friend of Hitler's and participant in the Munich putsch of 1923. From 1931 foreign press chief for Hitler then in his personal staff, but he fled to England in 1937 and assisted in US psychological warfare against Germany; returned to Germany in 1946. Historian Peter Hoffmann refers to the book's "hollowness", especially in comparison to truly insightful biographies such as Konrad Heiden's. However, it remains an oft-cited source on Hitler's personality and lower-middle-class attitudes (see Michael Kater). Contemporary reviewers had few other sources for commentary on Hitler's sexuality, for example (see Koppel S. Pinson in JSS 1958). "Putzi's" life still fascinates as seen in Peter Conradi's biography: Hitler's Piano Player, or - more provocatively, Lothar Machtan, The Hidden Hitler.

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29pp. speech, 120pp. of documents concerning Maurice Bavaud, a catholic theology student who planned to assassinate Hitler. ISBN 3498028499

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Cover photograph of Frankfurt sculptor Benno Elkan's "Den Opfern" with jacket flap description of his exile to England. The book first appeared in English under the title: Across Barriers. The book is a report of Howard's 20 years experience as a Quaker in Germany and is organized as a chronological history from post-war Germany through the NS takeover, experiences with the Gestapo.

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Cover illustration by William Sharp shows fat peasant overseeing slave laborer in the fields, with home in background decorated with Nazi flag.

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Substantial bibliography designed to assist particularly those abroad in forming an overview of publications in Germany 1933-1938. Divided by subject. Full bibliographical data but no annotations.

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Schriften der Hamburger Stiftung für Sozialgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts, Bd. 1. Schöner neuer Mensch / Karl Heinz Roth - Geburtenregelung und 'Menschenökonomie' / Annegret Klevenow - Die Innere Mission und ihr bevölkerungspolitisches Programm / Sabine Schleiermacher - Die Bevölkerungsplaner im Sachverständigenbeirat für Bevölkerungs- und Rassenpolitik / Heidrun Kaupen-Haas - Hans Wilhelm Jürgens, ein Repräsentant bundesdeutscher Bevölkerungswissenschaft / Ludger Wess - Human Betterment, Zwangssterilisation und Retortenbabies / Susanne Heim. ISBN 3891909527

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Band 1. 1. bis 17. Januar 1943 - Band 2. 18. bis 31. Januar 1943 - Band 3. 1. bis 15. Februar 1943 - Band 4. 16. bis 28. Februar 1943. ISBN 3813520994

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Fictional story of a Professor Karl Muller and his wife and their failures in Germany which helped lead to that "turbulent flood of suffering and destruction." Kitsock was an American Military Government Officer in Germany for six years. Here he asks "whether the German people in general are guilty of sinning against mankind, or whether they were merely misguided and trusting souls, helpless in the hands of scheming politicos and ruthless dictators.".

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Digitale Bibliothek 150.The first complete transcription of the handwritten diaries in both digital text form and in full facsimile. About 15,000 pages or three times the length of the previously published abridged editions. With extensive commentaries by the editor and with references to all names mentioned. Out of print in this form / beim Verlag vergriffen. ISBN 9783898535502

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Editor Riemschneider (1921-2002) was professor at Keuka College in upstate New York. ISBN 3421016380

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Translation of: Heimatfront. Produced by the Werkstattgruppe der Frauen für Frieden/Heilbronn. Short reminiscences by 28 women of daily life under the Nazis, the bombing of Heilbronn, and the end of the war. ISBN 0940880245

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Second volume of a three-volume history, stands alone. 24 essays by noted historians cover the humanities, law, and political science fields of the period.

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Der Deutschenspiegel. Schriften zur Erkenntnis und Erneuerung ; Bd.3. Relationship of ideas and power in explaining rise of Nazis, see Haug in Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Germanistik. First postwar book by Germanist specializing in medieval literature, unusual in his concern with the political past.

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Serious work by Director of the Archives at Yad Vashem. ISBN 0826457118

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Il laboratorio ; 6. ISBN 8882810313

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Schriftenreihe Agora. Bd. 28.

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Ausstellungsreihe Stuttgart im Dritten Reich. Projekt Zeitgeschichte.

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Frick, Wilhelm, 1877-1946: jurist, early NSDAP member, Minister of Interior, Reichsprotektor etc. ISBN 3506774867

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Digitale Bibliothek 49.Das Dritte Reich. Daten - Bilder - Dokumente. Eine Tageschronik mit 1,700 Abbildungen aus dem Bildarchiv Heinz Bergschicker. Detailed report chronicling events of each day of the Third Reich, 1933-1945 with over 1800 contemporary photos and documents. Also includes documentary appendix by Wolfgang Schneider. ISBN 389853149X. ISBN 389853149X

Digitale Bibliothek 49. Oeresch, Manfred / Saal, Friedrih Wilhelm et al, Hrsg.. Das Dritte Reich. Daten - Bilder - Dokumente. Eine Tageschronik mit 1,700 Abbildungen aus dem Bildarchiv Heinz Bergschicker. Digitale Bibliothek, volume 49. Berlin: DirectMedia, 2000, , cd-rom for pc or for mac with pc-compatible software, $35
ISBN 3-89853-149-X. Digitale Bibliothek 49.Detailed report chronicling events of each day of the Third Reich, 1933-1945 with over 1800 contemporary photos and documents. Also includes documentary appendix by Wolfgang Schneider. ISBN 389853149X

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First version was written in prison, 1931/32 by this former editor of a communist daily paper.

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6 essays by Jürgen Kapischke, Ulrich Maaß, Wolfgang Weber, Gerhard Pauli, Klaus Schacht, Hans-Eckhard Niermann.

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Bibliothek des Widerstandes. ISBN 387682026X

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Beiträge zum Thema Widerstand, 17.

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15 top contributors, including Kempner, Kirchheimer, Ingeborg Maus, Brünneck, Ilse Staff and others. ISBN 3789008907

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Not in Exilarchiv; listed in St/T2..

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Polish White Book with documents and reports on German policies and atrocities in Poland. The association copy: British born historian E. J. Knapton (1902-1989) taught European and particularly French history at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1907-1986) emigrated to the US in 1938 as Polish cultural attaché. Was one of the founders of the Polish Institute in NY in 1942 and editor of the Polish Review, taught at Columbia University.

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Memorial volume for the fallen son of a famous historian. First published edition; composed and first distributed by hand in 1942.

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Karl Loewenstein wrote: "To many, including the present writer, the best existing reportage on Nazi Germany. Well-informed, observant, colorful, and on the whole undeceived by Nazi semantics" (Gov'ts of Continental Europe, p. 567). The Australian historian spent 3 months in Germany in 1936.

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Includes sections on Hans Ehrenberg, Bruno Benfey, Heinrich Lebrecht, Willy Ölsner, Alice Salomon, more. Focus on the so-called "non-aryan" Protestants and Catholics. ISBN 3766831763

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The Humanist library.

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Includes essays by Ernst Meyer, Ernst Krieck, Werner Oehlmann, and Rudolf G. Binding, as well as art reproductions. A curious volume: was it designed for German prisoners of war in Russia or in the US? and how did it reach them in 1944?.

32864. Schieder, Wolfgang, 1935-, Hrsg.. Außenwirtschaft und Außenpolitik im "Dritten Reich" - Issue of Geschichte und Gesellschaft Jg. 2, Heft 1, 1976. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1976, 142pp., PAPERBACK, very good, previous owner's name: D. S. Landes, $12
Important contributions by Hans-Jürgen Schröder, Joachim Radkau, Bernd Martin, Henry A. Turner, Peter-Christian Witt, Volker Berghahn, Wolfgang J. Mommsen.

28007. Schilde, Kurt, 1947-, Hrsg.. Eva-Maria Buch und die "Rote Kapelle" : Erinnerungen an den Widerstand gegen den Nationalsozialismus. Herausgegeben von Kurt Schilde ; mit einem Geleitwort von Hanna-Renate Laurien. Berlin : Overall, 1993, 2., ergänzte und durchgesehene Auflage, 175pp., PAPERBACK with separate dust-jacket, very good, $25
Buch, Eva-Maria, 1921-1943. ISBN 3925961097

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Heyne-Bücher, Heyne allgemeine Reihe, Nr. 01/10277. ISBN 3453124464

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Suhrkamp Taschenbuch, 905. Bio-bibliographies: pp. 425-477. ISBN 3518374052

14917. Schott, Georg, 1882-1962. Von Gott und der Welt. 15 Briefe an Deutsche. Stuttgart, Tazzelwurm, no date, afterword dated 1937, 222pp., very good small woven white cloth, but some foxing on covers, $20
The author was a disciple of H. St. Chamberlain, and a member of the NSDAP from 1920.

28325. Schüddekopf, Charles, (contributor). Der Alltägliche Faschismus : Frauen im Dritten Reich. Berlin ; Bonn : Dietz, 1981, 221pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $19
Interviews and essays by 10 women, many from Hamburg, on their experiences. ISBN 3801200574

30996. Schumann, Willy, 1927-. Being present : growing up in Hitler’s Germany. Kent, Ohio : Kent State University Press, 1991, xi, 212pp., dust-jacket with call number on spine, in library plastic sleeve, very good green cloth, ex-library with stamps, pocket, but text clean, binding solid, appears barely used, $7.5
. ISBN 0873384474

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Buchreihe des SFB,4. Ich bin eine unbesungene Heldin, von H. Zerna. - Darauf kam die Gestapo nicht, von H. Kasper. - Orden für einen "Helden," von R.-G. Wagner. - Eine Chance blieb ungenutzt, von K. Schober. - Ein Rundfunkauftrag von Dr. Julius Leber, von H. Antione. - "Im Namen des Volkes," ein Urteil des Volksgerichtsshofes.

13991. Sereny, Gitta. Albert Speer: his battle with truth. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1995, stated First Edition, xiv, 757pp. : ill.. 25 cm, very good dust-jacket, very good large purple half-cloth, $15
. ISBN 0394529154

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Documents the stories of the over 6000 forced laborers in the Freiburg area under the Nazis, including prisoners of war and those kidnapped from Poland. Well-produced archival work with many photos. ISBN 3923272308

28804. Stargardt, Nicholas. Witnesses of war : children’s lives under the Nazis. New York: Knopf, 2006, 493pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black hardcover, slight wear, $11
. ISBN 1400040884

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Schuld und Verstrickung der Kirche / Berndt Hamm -- Die Bekennende Kirche, ihr Erbe, die Verpflichtung aus ihrer Geschichte / Kurt Scharf -- Evangelische Kirche und "Endlösung der Judenfrage" / Kurt Meier -- Busse der Kirche? / Johannes Dantine -- Diakonie und Eugenik im "Dritten Reich" / Jochen-Christoph Kaiser -- Christliche Judenfeindschaft und Neues Testament / Wolfgang Stegemann -- Erinnerung zwischen Betroffenheit und Historisierung / Marcus Keinath. ISBN 3170117351

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Originally a 1968 Freiburg dissertation. ISBN 9027976511

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Mitteleuropäische Quellen und Dokumente, Bd. 8.

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. ISBN 3893312811

25261. Toland, John. Captured by history : one man’s vision of our tumultuous century. New York : St. Martin’s Press, 1997, stated First Edition, xiv, 415pp., very good dust-jacket, very good hardcover, $15
Memoir by Pulitzer Prize winning Hitler biographer. ISBN 0312154909

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Issued under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Inidividual sections were written by "members of the staff of the Royal Institute". The substantial chapters on National-Socialist Germany (pp. 111-203), further discussion of diplomatic negotiations involving Germany (pp. 203-317). Three maps in rear cover China, The World, and Manchurian railways.

6815. Traudisch, Dora. Mutterschaft mit Zuckerguß? Frauenfeindliche Propaganda im NS-Spielfilm. Pfaffenweiler: Centaurus, 1993, 206pp., PAPERBACK, very good, $19
Includes analysis of racist and antisemitic elements of five films and studies the messages involving women, specifically "anti-natalism": Jud Süß (1940), Die goldene Stadt (1942), Ich klage an (1941), Kora Terry (1940), Opfergang (1944). ISBN 3890854257

32231. Turner jr., Henry Ashby. German big business and the rise of Hitler. New York : Oxford University Press, 1985, 2d printing, xxi, 504pp., very good dust-jacket, very good black half-cloth, minor wear, $20
Jacket text: "After scrutinizing the attitudes of the Nazi Party's leadership - Hitler in particular - toward economic issues and big business, the author proceeds to trace the known contacts between the Nazis and the men of big business down to the triumph of Nazism in 1933. For the first time, the story is told from both sides, employing documentation from Nazi as well as business sources. In the course of assessing the significance of financial contributions to Hitler's party, the author provides the first systematic analysis of Nazism's sources of income.". ISBN 0195034929

8409. Uhlig, Heinrich. Die Warenhäuser im Dritten Reich. Köln: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1956, 1. Auflage, 230pp., worn tan cloth, some light foxing, internal ex-library markings and deaccession stamp but NO spine label or external markings, scattered pencil notations have been carefully erased, a good usable copy, $45
The history of department stores in Germany, the NS ideology mandating their elimination, and the economic reality of their survival.

6772. Verein für Versicherungswissenschaft. Entwicklungslinien und Grundgedanken deutscher Versicherung. Veröffentlchung des Deutschen Vereins für Versicherungswissenschaft, Heft 68. Berlin: Verlag E. S. Mittler & Sohn, 1941, 290pp., orange paper wraps, some foxing, discrete DDR library stamp inside front cover, $30
24 essays on technical, historical, economic aspects of insurance in Germany, ca. 1941.

27862. Vogel, Ilse-Margret. Bad times, good friends : a memoir, Berlin 1945. Riverdale, N.Y. : Sheep Meadow Press, 2001, 250 p. : ill. ; 23 cm., PAPERBACK, very good, but cover a bit worn, $6.5
A non-Jewish woman from a small town in Silesia lives out the war in Berlin. ISBN 1878818988

6562. Warner, Konrad. Schicksalswende Europas? Ich sprach mit dem deutschen Volk... Ein Tatsachenbericht. Rheinfelden: Langacker Verlag, 1944, 4.-8. Auflage, 235pp., illustrated dust-jacket, worn with a few small tears on cover, very good gray cloth, $32
A Swiss author who lived for many years in Germany reports on conditions there in the 1930s and 1940s, writing from the security of Switzerland.

15755. Weber, Erwin. Zwölf Jahre Nationalsozialismus. Backnang: Praktikus, 1945, erweiterter, berechtigter Nachdruck, no date, arou, 31pp., very good small stapled paper wraps, unexpectedly well preserved paper and wrapper, $20
"Der Inhalt war Gegendstand eines Vortrages gehalten am am 3. Juni 1945 in der Bürgerversammlung in Calw." Note at end of text refers to Konrad Heiden's Hitler biography under literature used. ALSO INCLUDED Hans Ballmann, Im K-Z. Ein Tatsachenbericht aus dem Konzentrationslager (Backnang, Praktikus-Verlag, (also a 1945 lecture), 15pp. stapled wraps. AND: Schriften des Südkurier, Der 20. Juli 1944. Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Widerstandsbewegung, (Konstanz, Südverlag, ca. 1945 15pp.). Sonderdruck aus dem Südkurier. Mit einem Nachwort von Dr. Fritz Harzendorf (paper wraps, quite worn, edges frayed, fair condition).

30718. Weil, Simone, 1909-1943. Écrits historiques et politiques. Paris : Gallimard, 1960, 413pp., sewn PAPERBACK, very good with some wear around edges, paper white, cover a bit soiled, short closed tear on half-title page, most pages still uncut, $45
Includes her substantial essay on the origins of Hitlerism (1939-40) and several shorter essays on conditions in Germany around 1932 based on her visits.

9471. Weissmann, Hanne. Auf der Suche nach den Moorsoldaten: Emslandlager 1933-1945. Papenburg: Aktionskomitee Emslandlager, 1986, Neuauflage, unpaginated ca. [80]pp. : ill.. 21 cm., PAPERBACK, yellow stapled paper wraps with cover drawing of prisoner, worn but good copy, $19

26021. Wieber, Ida. Ernährung und Kleidung im Dritten Reich. Ein hauswirtschaftliches Fachbuch. Breslau: Heinrich Handels, 1938, 103pp., very good blue sewn paperback, $45
A guide to the home economy under the 4-year plan. Actually a guide for teachers, containing the necessary geography, statistics, and information on sources of food, cycles of consumption, waste, reproduction. Most interesting are the cartoons designed to present new forms of behavior: showing the root vegetables marching into the root cellar, for example. Interesting visual material.

26298. Wildt, Erich. Das heilige germanische Reich deutscher Nation. Oslo, Blix, 1943, 62pp., plain library binding, Library of Congress duplicate, original stiff wraps bound in, $12
Typed review comments by Wolfgang Stammler laid in.

3344. Windisch, Hans. Führer und Verführte. Eine Analyse deutschen Schicksals. Seebruck: Chiemsee, Heering-verlag, 1946, Erste Auflage, 286pp. 21 cm., very good black paper wraps, well-preserved copy, $15
Cover title: Totentanz und Wiedergeburt..

15701. Ziebill, Otto. Geschichte des Deutschen Städtetages. Fünfzig Jahre deutsche Kommunalpolitik. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 1955, 399pp., very good dust-jacket with a few minor tears, very good blue cloth, a few library donation and discard stamps, otherwise clean, $35
Important administrative organization, currently of interest for its role in consolidating NS power.

20917. Ziegler, Wilhelm, 1891-. Volk ohne Führung. Das Ende des Zweiten Reiches. Hamburg, Hanseatische verlagsanstalt [1938], 10. Tausend, 309pp. 23 cm, very good orange cloth, previous owner's stamp on title page, $28
Ziegler was director of the Berliner Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage and active anti-semitic propagandist.

23926. Zwischen den Zeiten. Zwischen den Zeiten, Jg. 11, Heft 3, 1933. München: Chr. Kaiser Verlag, 1933, 185-288pp., very good sewn paper wraps, chipped at top of spine, $25
Intriguing essays at the turning point, protestant cultural journal: Paul Schütz, Der protestantische Mensch in der politischen Zeit. Predigt - Heinrich Vogel, Kreuz und Hakenkreuz. Thesen des Protestes, der Frage und der Bitte and ie "Glaubensbewegung Deutscher Christen" - Georg Merz, Glaube und Politik im Handeln Luthers - Adolf Sannwald, Entwicklung und Entscheidung.