Drang Nach Osten: the Scenario

Suggested Players
1. Axis (Germany)
2. Communists (USSR/Communist China)
3. Allies (USA/France/Nationalist China/CW)
(4. CW separate from the other Allies)
(5. Japan/Italy separate from Germany)
(6. France separate from the USA/Nationalist China)
(7. Italy separate from Japan)
(8. Communist China separate from the USSR)
(9. Nationalist China separate from the USA)

3 players are the reasonable minimum, but 5 to 7 are vastly preferred so that CW and Japanese/Italian actions take on greater independence. As many as 9 are theoretically feasible if you have 2 newbies willing to watch while playing part of China. Of course, this is WiF, any number of players should be fun -- including solitaire!

War Situation

The following political circumstances are true. Only the declarations of war specified below may be made on the first set of impulses of the game.

Firstly, this is a genuinely 3-sided game, with the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) moving together, the Allies (France, Nationalist China, CW and USA), and the Communists (USSR and Communist China) each having their own impulse, and able to declare war on each other. MPs of those three sides may never be at war with another MP on the same side. (Note: this requires a new approach to the initiative and the impulse track, which you should read over.)

Initiative: the Axis have initiative and have chosen to move first; the Allies move second, and the Communists third.

Weather: the first weather roll is a "10", Fine weather worldwide.

Production: use multiples as shown on chart (modifiers apply, preferably the WiFSD production modifiers). Multiples for 1945 also apply for every year thereafter (ie, no improvement for anyone past the 1945 level).

Lastly, here are some new minor country units for this scenario

Major Powers, in order of set up

Communist China

Nationalist China

The United States


The Soviet Union

The Commonwealth




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