hopper, 1993 [abstract, overview switchboard, references]

Courseware projects in advanced educational computing environments
Mary E. Hopper, Doctoral dissertation, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Table of Contents (ToC)

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Methodology

Chapter 3 Educational Contexts

Chapter 4 Technical Contexts

Chapter 5 Organizational Contexts

Chapter 6 Summary and Implications

The References


I would like to acknowledge my committee members for their contributions to my academic pursuit: Dr. Robert Lawler, my major professor, for his friendship, advice, and support throughout my doctoral program; Dr. William LeBold for his friendship and guidance; Dr. Franz Frederick, for his advice; Dr. James D. Lehman, for the role he played during the initial proposal of this research; and Dr. Steven Lerman, of the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives at MIT for sharing his knowledge, time and insights as both participant, committee member and reviewer during this study. I would also like to thank all the participants who were involved in this project. This study would not have been possible without their extraordinary generosity in sharing their time and knowledge with me during both the initial interviews and later reviews of passages and interpretations. I am particular indebted to Rob Tillotson, for sharing his knowledge and time, to Judy Rehwinkel, for her expert review of this document, and I am forever grateful to Neil Carlson for his continuous help and understanding. Finally, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the School of Education at Purdue University for offering me the opportunity to pursue my academic goals.

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