Drang Nach Osten: The Rules

This scenario was designed not only for WiF Deluxe with certain optional rules, it was designed with certain WiF Super Deluxe rules in mind. Also, assume the latest official errata are in force as well (unless superceded by a WiFSD rule, of course!)

Firstly, here is a list of the standard WiF optional rules that I strongly suggest you use (if there is nothing next to the number, I couldn't find the rule in the rulebook!; will update later, sorry):

Now, onto the WiF Super Deluxe Rules! This list is easier. The list of WiFSD rules on my other web page (here) puts the rules into sections. I'll address them that way too.

There it is! I've tried not to require too many of the WiFSD rules, but you can tell that I think those rules really add a lot to the game. Hope you try many of them.

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