Panamanian Non-Avian Fauna

I failed to photograph the coatimundi, the agouti, and most of the butterflies.
We did the 7-night birding package at Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge (SLPL) Feb. 21-27, 2005

Northern tamandua Three-toed sloth Mantled howler monkey

Capybara Leaf-footed bug White capuchin monkey

Toad (frog?) Frog on the SLPL trail Frog

Preying Mantis Gecko

For Quicktime movies of Tamandua, Capuchin, and Sloth Click Here

Other shots of the species showcased above:

Tamandua (56k) Fort San Lorenzo.
He looks like he's wearing a 1920's-style bathing suit (63k) His tail's as long as his body.
Sloth (28k) sitting.
Sloth climbing (52k) near Achiote Road.
See no evil: (47k).
This more slothful individual (26k) was at Fort San Lorenzo.
Howler (11k), Fort San Lorenzo.
Nice view (22k) of the Caribbean.
Viewing me (43k).
Capybara family (96k).
Adult with 2 young (66k).
Profile (46k)
Ever see a capybara's hand? (83k).
World's largest rodent (53k), at 114 lbs or so. Note the baby at the adult's left flank.
Capuchin monkey (60k).
Another (65k).
(36k).Get a load of that prehensile tail!
White Capuchin Monkey (6k), Pipeline Road.
Papoose (63k);Another piggy-back pair (87k).
Gecko (4k), (??)

Species not showcased above:

3 inch (estimate) Grasshopper (8k)on Herman's shoulder; rotated 90 degrees (6k).
tick-like insect (14k).
Insects (35k) with great camouflage, at Fort San Lorenzo.
Turtles (18k)
Vine snake (79k) Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge hedge.

Panamanian Birds
Flora, habitats, nests, and people photographed on this trip to Panama.

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