Flora of Central Panama

(plus habitats, nests, people, and miscellaneous)

We did the 7-night birding package at Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge (SLPL) Feb. 21-28, 2005

Passion flower Rare yellow flower flower and bug

Hot Lips

More flora:

Orchid (47k)
Translucent seed pods (44k) These were on our doorstep at SLPL.
big mushroom (53k) at Fort San Lorenzo.
Ficus tree (82k) and Michael Ariel Castro
Tree (81k) on the bank of the Chagras River. Same individual as last showcased tree .
One tree strangling another (18k) in Soberiano National Park
Dead trees (43k), a.k.a. logs.


Common tody flycatcher's nest (32k). It was hanging over a pond and the bird was going to and fro.
Crested oropendula nests (70k)
Nest of a Great kiskadee (39k) on Old Gamboa Road.
Pendulous nests (36k) I don't know if they belonged to the Yellow-rumped Caciques or the Chestnut-headed oropendulas. There were colonies of both at our picnic spot at Fort San Lorenzo.


Michael, Gonzalo, and Herman (76k) birding Achiote Road. Gonzalo is the proprieter of SLPL.
Pipeline road (71k)
Soberania National Park (83k)
Fort San Lorenzo (89k): Gonzalo Horno, Michael Castro, and Herman D'Entremont
Herman (48k) walking along the access road to Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge
Eva had a refreshing swim at La Poza (79k) on Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge property
Here's a similar natural swimming pool (78k) at Soberania National Park
Imitating a bird call (70k). Michael had about 50 calls in his repertoire.
Herman and our great guide Michael Castro (62k) talking on Pipeline Road.

Man-Made Stuff:

The Panama Canal (42k)
We lunched here (93k) the day we did Achiote Road; The view (43k) from the restaurant.
View (86k) from the SLPL dining porch.
Breakfasting (76k) on that porch.
Our balcony (55k) faced the forest
Fruit stand (67k); We were served lots of fruit and unusual juices at Sierra Llorona Panama Lodge. We ate everything and we both felt great throughout the trip.

Birds seen Feb. 21-27, 2005 on this Panama trip
Non-avian fauna seen on this Panama trip
Annotated Trip List

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