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This WebSite is a reflection of the author. The views expressed, are those of the author. The author wishes to use these pages, to share her thoughts with the reader.


This WebSite is dedicated to all " people", everywhere.

About The Author:

Glenda Stocks created this WebSite.


You need to know what the purpose of these web pages is, in order to understand what you will read in the other sections. The purpose of these web pages is to provide a one on one link between me, Glenda Stocks, and you, the reader. I wish to share my thoughts with you.

Over the last few years, I have come to realize that, I have personally, been getting a crash course in "What Life is All About". I only became spiritual minded in 1979, but in 1992, I became aware that there is a specific Path for me. There is a unique Path, just for me. This Path is not the same for you, or anyone else, but just for Glenda Stocks. Some people call this sort of thing, "their mission in life", or "their calling". I like the simplicity of the word, Path, as it is less "grandiose". To me, consciously following my Path, simply means that I am doing what I want to do, and that I am doing what comes naturally to me. To do what comes naturally, is to use my natural "talents" in what I "choose" to do.

In recents months, I have discovered, that as I had been actively pursuing knowledge and understanding regarding how the universe works, that answers have been coming to me. I began to look at this process objectively. If I were someone else, and looked at what Glenda Stocks has been learning in the last year or so, I would say that she is being systematically "trained" in the knowledge and understanding of how the universe works. The process is just like as if someone had course textbooks, and was leading me chapter by chapter, and concept to concept. The process is almost as though I am studying for a final exam. As I have been learning, of course, I have also been sharing what I learn on various networks and my mailing lists.

I am not a teacher. This process has been "a learn as you grow" experience. I am inviting you to learn with me. I think that my Path includes my desire to share with you, what I am learning. It is for these reasons, that I have created these web pages. Now, you need to understand a few things about "how" I will share with you, here.

I am not an expert. I have no degrees, and no titles. I have no proofs, and no evidences. I am not a teacher. I am no one... special. This process of learning, is something that is happening to me, and I wish to share the process with you. Within these web pages, I will share with you what I "know ", "think", and "believe". I will assert many ideas, within these writings. You are cautioned not to be offended by any of my assertions. For example, I may assert that "all of Creation is contained within the thinking of the One Mind". I will assert that. I will not say, "that in my opinion....". I will not say, "well, maybe....". I will not even say, "I believe that....". If you would feel more comfortable with these sorts of disclaimers, then you may mentally insert them into any of my assertions. For myself, I will make no excuses, nor apologies, for any of my assertions.

I am not a guru. I have no followers. I do not want any followers. I do want you to read my sharings, because I do think that I have been learning some important things. I do have a strong feeling that each new concept that I learn is a carefully orchestrated progression that will lead to a momentous conclusionary event.

Again, I have no proof that this is so. Perhaps it is just a gut feeling. But, because the feeling is so strong, I cannot ignore the sense that I am being led to certain understandings that prepare me for what is taking place, and for what will take place. Surely, if this were so, then this preparation is not meant, just for me. Therefore, with these thoughts in mind, I have a great desire to share with you, so that you also may be prepared, according to your unique Path.

To conclude the warnings, I will say, that I am not telling you, that anything I say in these pages is Truth, or Right. The way I word something may seem as though I am saying that it is Truth, but in those cases it is only Truth, for me. It may not be Truth for you. So, my advice to you, is to Relax , and Enjoy the Journey.

Light Workers


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Table Of Contents


The SearchNet network is described in this section. Instructions are given for joining the SearchNet network, and the SearchNet mailing lists.

Sacred Geometry

You are introduced to Sacred Geometry. Examples of theorems are given. Understandings gained from SacGeo are shared.

Mind and Will

Ideas about using Mind (thinking) and Will (intuition) are shared.


Science basics for laypeople are shared. The focus here is on simplicity. Emphasis is on energetic forces and particle physics. Using geometric models, a basic understanding of the physical universe is discussed.


Information on the Orvotron Light Center is shared. An energetic vortex at Orvotron in North Carolina, is home for a pyramid and the "LIFE TIMES" Newsletter. Walter Bartoo and Judi Wells are your hosts at Orvotron.

Lady Nada

Putting it all together, is LadyNada who shares her thoughts on everything under the Sun. (LadyNada is Glenda Stocks.)


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