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I was born Glenda Marie Stocks in Chelsea Naval Hospital in Massachusetts, U.S.A. on January 19, 1959 at 1:14 p.m. ( a baby boomer), and am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, but exhibit strong Capricornian traits. I graduated high school in our Bicentennial year (1976) in the last all girls class of Girls' Latin School, and was happy to have taken six years of Latin, because the vocabulary words still help me to translate new words, both in English and other languages. I was a plain all american girl who continued on into college at Northeastern University and then the University of Massachusetts at Boston, pursuing a degree in Marketing in Business Administration, until about 1983 when I decided to drop out, short two classes for the degree.

Becoming a Fundamentalist Christian

I was heavily involved in the 8-bit computer BBS world, marketing a BBS program (OASIS) for the old Atari computer, until that segment of the computer industry DIED. In 1979, I became what is commonly called, a "Born-again Christian" and believed in doctrines that would have had me labeled a "Fundamentalist". My area of study was Eschatology, or the study of the last days. I studied the Bible and other related books like the apocrypha, pseudipagraphia, Strong's concordance, and other study aids, and became an amateur Bible Scholar.

My experience with Christianity was marked by a personal communication with an entity whom I knew as Jesus, and with personal inspiration from a Spirit that I considered the Holy Spirit. These two influences began to teach me, among other things, the discernment of spirits. I was taught from within, that there are voices which speak to my mind, and that some of the voices are not at all, my own, but belong to other intelligences which try to influence me. I learned by the Holy Spirit to distinguish these influences, over a period of time lasting at least 4 years, before many of the troublesome influences had virtually ceased picking on me.

Expanding beyond Fundamentalism

Around 1992, I became bored with Christianity, because most teachings from the accepted church, were completely astray, according to what I had learned. I could not find any Christian books which could impart any "new" knowledge or understanding to me. So, one day, I asked Jesus, that if I were to read other teachings, if He and the Holy Spirit would guard me that I don't fall into any false doctrines. With that agreement, I began by reading Annie Besant's, "The Ancient Wisdom", which is a theosophy book that introduced me to the ideas of various planes of existence. All throughout my reading of the book, I would gain further understanding of certain topics, by the Holy Spirit reminding me of scriptures that related to what I was reading. From there, I began reading all sorts of spiritual material, all extra-Biblical, which finally led me to consciously step upon my own Path. Now, no label fits me; not Christian, not new age, not pagan, or whatever. The strictest definitions of these labels just don't fit me. Nevertheless, I do consider myself a Christian, because through it all, I have remained One with Christ. His voice is still in my mind, and His love is still in my heart. As a fundamentalist, I had built up a brick wall of "the traditions of men" around my relationship with Jesus. That wall was knocked down, as He and the Holy Spirit taught me MORE from within my own being.

Right now, my greatest interest lies in the study of Sacred Geometry, the Science of the Mind, and Particle Physics. :) Basically, I thirst for knowledge _and_ understanding of how the Universe works.

My advice to everyone is:

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
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The interviewer is the editor (JW) Judi Wells. (GS) denotes the responses from Glenda Stocks.

(JW) So many of our readers don't have access to the nets, and have an incomplete picture of what they are all about. I wanted to try to make the network scene make sense to them and at the same time bring out the Glenda who is so behind the scenes.
Glenda, how did you first get involved in the computer networks? What were you looking for?

Bulletin Board Systems

  (GS) A fellow at work told me in 1987 that if I got a modem for my Atari home computer that I could get a lot of game software from Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). After purchasing a 300 baud modem and connecting it to my computer, I began to connect via telephone to BBS' in the Boston Massachusetts area. I soon discovered that there were discussion areas called message bases on the BBS'. I participated in discussions on Religion and later found myself being insulted for my Christian faith. There were a few people who insisted that I should not be confident in what I held to be the Truth. These people wanted me to pretend that I was as unsure as they were. I decided to start my own BBS to provide a place for Christians in the telecommunicating community of the greater Boston area, to engage in discussions of their faith without being ridiculed.

Computer Programmer

  I then began to write computer programs and got more involved in a BBS software program called OASIS. I purchased the source code rights to OASIS and began marketing the BBS software to Atari 8-bit enthusiasts around the world. I later became embroiled in bitter competition with my chief competitor, Keith Ledbetter and his Express BBS software. I found myself being attacked on Atari BBS' around the country by Ledbetter's supporters. I felt that I had the superior BBS software because I had programmed in the ability to run external programs, including online games and user surveys. I also had added color prompts for IBM clone users who called Atari boards running my OASIS software. Sometime in 1991 I became discouraged about marketing OASIS because the Atari 8-bit market was dwindling and because of the strength of the user-base loyalty to Keith Ledbetter. I sold the rights to OASIS to a man in Canada who had coveted OASIS all along. With that sale, I left the Atari telecommunications scene. Being disgruntled with the whole BBS scene, I took down my BBS in November 1991.

Discerning the New Age

  About one and one half years later, in early 1993, I began to call around to BBS' to participate in discussions on Spirituality. I had been a fundamentalist Christian since 1979, and in 1992 I had begun to study extra-biblical writings in search of more knowledge of God. I started to monitor discussion areas on the topic of "New Age". My Christian teachings had told me that "New Age" was of the devil, but I was learning to think for myself and discern what is good and what is not, with the internal help of my personal contact with an entity whom I knew as Jesus, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. At times, discussions in these message areas would turn to the topic of U.F.O.'s. I was mildy interested in UFOs, but again, my Christian teaching had said that these so-called aliens were actually demons of the devil.

Looking for UFO

  I was reading a message area on the Internet. On the Internet the discussion areas are called "Usenet Newsgroups". I was reading the newsgroup called alt.alien.visitors, when I would see a fellow named Don Allen posting messages from people who claimed to be channelling information from non-corporeal beings. Although orthodox Chrisitianity maintains that these channelled messages are doctrines of demons, I decided to "test the spirits to see whether they be of God". I found some of these channelled messages to be uplifting and not contrary to what I knew to be of God. I later saw a message from someone who said that Don Allen was the moderator (administrator) of a message area called UFO, on a network called FidoNet. I had already been reading messages areas on the Fidonet network, so I decided to monitor Don Allen's UFO conference.

Meeting Walter Bartoo

  While participating within the UFO discussion area, I met Walter Bartoo. Walter and I, and a few other people were approaching the UFO question from a spiritual perspective. We found ours, among the minority of viewpoints held by the users of UFO. We were insulted and ridiculed for our ideas. We were made into the "class clowns" or "whipping boys" of the discussion group, as people joined together in picking on us. After contacting Walter Bartoo by voice phone, I decided to put up my BBS again. I restored my BBS from backup disks and changed the theme from Christianity to Spirituality. Within a few weeks, I also decided to create my own network and called it SearchNet - for people who are "searching" for answers to life's questions. I created several message areas with different topics for discussions, like I_UFO, CHANNELS, and EARTH_CHANGES.

(JW) What does being an administrator of a world-wide computer network actually mean; i.e. what are your responsibilities?

How SearchNet NetWorked

  (GS) At first I advertised the availability of SearchNet and it's message areas, in conferences where BBS system operators (SysOps) might become interested and join. When a SysOp joins SearchNet, I will assign his system a SearchNet address number, called a node number. He will then setup his system to call my BBS to exchange packets of mail for each discussion area. In this way, the discussions are carried to each system, on which the users who call can communicate with other SearchNet nodes. As administrator, my technical duties are to assign node numbers and configure my software to collect and bundle messages for each member BBS. I also post messages and informational files, within the message areas, to provide stimulus for discussion.

SearchNet is a small network. At times in the past, we had member nodes in South Africa and Australia. We now have nodes around the United States, London England, and Austria. In order to connect to more people, in 1994, I decided to add our I_UFO and CHANNELS conferences to the Fidonet network, which has thousands of member BBS'. Fidonet has an application process by which you can add discussion areas to what is called the Fidonet BackBone. In May 1994, with their addition to FidoNet, I_UFO and CHANNELS became truly international discussion areas. More recently, in the summer of 1995, I created an Internet mailing list which I combined with the I_UFO conference. People with access to the Internet can subscribe their e-mail addresses to I_UFO and participate in the discussions. I_UFO is our world-wide showcase message conference.

(JW) What motivates you to dedicate so much time and energy to this effort? What do you get out of it?

Discussion Areas for Mutual Respect

  (GS) From the moment that I started telecommunicating, no matter what subject I was involved in, I found myself being mistreated by other people. At first, I was insulted in Religion forums for my confidence in Jesus Christ. Then I was way-laid on Atari BBS' by loyalists of Keith Ledbetter. Next I was insulted and ridiculed for my spiritual perspective on the UFO phenomena. I think there are other people who view life's realities with an eye to the spiritual, and who have made contact within themselves with a Higher Power. I think that these people deserve telecommunications forums where they can converse with like-minded people, without being harassed for who they are. I am motivated to provide forums for discussion and informational resources for these people, as well as code of conduct rules in the forums, to ensure that no one is picked on for expressing his ideas. I have found that the simple rule of enforcing polite and mature discussion, has made the participants feel much more comfortable about sharing their perspectives on the various topics. ALL ideas are welcome.

I get satisfaction from knowing that I am doing something that helps people to help themselves. By exposing people to here-to-fore censored information and viewpoints, they are learning to think more for themselves and are more consciously developing their OWN outlook on life. In Western society, it is so easy to grow up developing a canned and politically correct outlook on life, such that you may find yourself having views about many things, that you had never actually thought about for yourself. When alternative viewpoints are expressed, and immediately met with condescending ridicule, other readers are apt to dismiss what was shared with little thought. The simple difference of allowing ideas to be shared in an atmosphere of polite and mature discussion, allows readers to dig in, put on their thinking caps and ponder what was said without undue distraction. I, also, learn much from participating in these same forums.

(JW) Explain the difference between Searchnet and other computer networks.

SearchNet compared to other NetWorks

  (GS) SearchNet is smaller than the FidoNet or the Internet networks. SearchNet has less than 50 participating member Bulletin Boards. We make up for our size by sharing our most popular discussion areas, I_UFO and CHANNELS, with Fidonet, Internet and MufoNet. CHANNELS is combined with the Internet Usenet group called alt.paranormal.channeling. There is, however, a little more autonomy within Searchnet, because we are small. Fidonet has become heavily dependent on one satelite service, Planet Connect, which, if it were to fail, would virtually stop the movement of mail for a time. Internet is also subject to site failures, but is so large there may be little more than a regional effect. Yet, with commercial communications companies taking over the movement of internet mail, the chances for a more wide-reaching stoppage of mail are greater. Within SearchNet, if one node goes offline, everyone else can still exchange mail. It is for these reasons, that we still advise people to join SearchNet and receive their node number assignments, even if they are already getting our popular areas from other network providers. As a safeguard to any future stoppage of mail, SearchNet members would simply call up and begin getting their mail from Searchnet.

(JW) What are the major areas of interest covered on Searchnet?

Topics discussed in the SearchNet Network

  (GS) We have the areas of interest separated into different discussion areas in SearchNet, but we also have another Internet mailing list which covers EVERYTHING. The internet mailing list is called SNET-L, and is also made available as ONE message discussion area within SearchNet. So that, if you are a System Operator, you could opt to carry only SNET-L, and then get the I_UFO and CHANNELS areas from Fidonet, Internet or Mufonet. Some of the topics we cover are:

(JW) What rules for continued membership have you found to be essential? What is the code of ethics? What happens if someone doesn't comply?

Disruptors sought to censor other views

  (GS) We have not found a need to ask any SysOp member of SearchNet to leave. Our code of conduct for posting in the message areas, is to be polite and mature. By mature, we mean to not waste everyone's time with too much "silliness". Joking around a little is fine. Basically, everyone needs to be "tolerant" of other people's ideas whether they agree or not. If someone habitually attacks, insults or ridicules another participant in our message areas, then we will bar the attacker from that discussion area. We have, unfortunately, had to bar quite a few people from our I_UFO area, because of systematic attacks from users of Don Allen's UFO area on Fidonet. Apparently some of them were unwilling to recognize the right to exist, of a forum for other people's viewpoints. They were bent on disrupting our discussions, ridiculing participants and their ideas, and harassing the moderators (administrators). Once we determine that a person has no intentions of being polite nor mature, we are forced to banish them from our discussion areas. In the case of I_UFO, we have had to banish about 20 people. I have found that many people are suprised that we have a list of banned people. It seems to me, that we are among the few administering conferences, who are willing to ensure that participants treat each other with common decency.

(JW) Have you ever reached the point where you felt you just wanted to give up your involvement in the network? If so, what happened to cause you to feel that way? What kept you going?

Anti-Political Correctness

  (GS) What I have found, at the times that I felt like quitting, is that I am frustrated by people who think that SearchNet areas are designed to promote a certain doctrine. Some have gone so far as to call it a CULT. I am perplexed as to why these people do not understand that SearchNet's areas are a vehicle for people to share ALL ideas, not one idea that is somehow SearchNet's idea of what is. SearchNet's conferences and mailing lists are there to counter-act the cult of political correctness. So many discussion forums, in practice, frown upon dissenting ideas; they are stagnant with people patting each other on the back for maintaining the status quo. I think that it irks some people that SearchNet provides forums where those they would shout-down get a chance to be heard. And so some of these holders of the party line, take it upon themselves to disparage SearchNet areas in order to convince people not to participate. These people's activities are what discourage me, when I see others fall for their rhetoric, instead of checking out the SearchNet area for themselves.

I keep going, because whenever I feel like quitting, someone calls or I get an e-mail from someone which reminds me of how SearchNet has helped them in some way. And when I hear or read that, I am encouraged once again, to keep on, keepin' on.

(JW) I know your interest in computers goes well beyond running up your phone bill by calling around the world writing messages and passing information to folks. For instance, Kortron (Walter Bartoo) and I rely on your expertise in such matters as software and hardware problems on a regular basis. How did you learn so much?

Computer troubleshooting

  (GS) All that I have learned about Hardware and Software troubleshooting on the computers is self taught. I began with the Atari 8-bit in the late 1970's. I taught myself to program on the Atari in Basic, and Assembly Language. When I got an IBM clone, it was easy to convert my earlier understandings to the new platform. I would say that understanding how to program gives an edge in troubleshooting software problems, because you have an idea of what the software is supposed to be doing, internally.

(JW) What is your connection to Kortron? How did you first become involved with him and how did the idea of Searchnet develop?

Walter Bartoo's role on SearchNet

  (GS) I met Kortron (Walter Bartoo) while I was participating in Don Allen's UFO conference on Fidonet. I noticed that Walter was not allowed to engage people on UFO in discussions, because of other people who constantly picked on him. After talking to Walter, I realized that he had some unique perspectives on the UFO question, and that people, if given an opportunity, would probably want to discuss his ideas in a message forum. I, myself, had no background, and minor interest in the UFO / ALIEN question, so that, when I began to think about creating a network for people who are searching for answers, I thought that Walter could bring his expertise to our network without being harassed. I thought of myself as the one with the Spiritual background to share in SearchNet, and Walter as the one with the UFO / ALIEN background to share. Together, Walter and I had enough experience to be able to steer SearchNet in the right direction.

(JW) What type individual are you trying to reach?

SearchNet is for Independent Thinkers

  (GS) SearchNet tries to reach people who are finding themselves, in what I call, 'search mode'. The same search mode that I found myself in, in 1993. I was searching out everything, and wanting to figure out everything. SearchNet tries to reach people who are becoming conscious of their-Selves and are questioning who they are, what they are, and why they are; people who are disatisfied with the "pat answers" that they have been given all their lives. Instead they want to think and rethink what they believe and know; people who are willing to ask the hard questions that others would rather have an expert answer for them; people who are willing to test information and ideas and come to their own conclusions; people who are fed up with someone else outside themselves telling them what to do, and what to think. Searchnet seeks to help independent thinkers and others to become independent thinkers. We hope to see people regain their "personal power" of their "free will".

(JW) I know that lately you've been spending a lot of time revamping your computer capabilities. Why have you done this? Where do you see this all going?

The Costs of Volunteer Work

  (GS) I was blessed to have been befriended by a wonderful lady who feels that SearchNet is a worthwhile endeavor and has helped me financially to purchase computer products to increase my productivity. Among these items, I have obtained a sheet-fed scanner so that I can convert hard copy articles into computer files, in order to share excerpts in the discussion areas on the networks. The new computer also enables me to create a World-Wide-Web page on the Internet (called the Super-Information-Highway). With the WWW page I will be able to share selected writings and ideas with more people world wide. One user in our I_UFO area predicted that the Internet and specifically WWW pages will become like unto a separate entity in Cyberspace - taking on a life, of sorts, on its own - made up of all the minds or consciousness of the people who participate. Others have made the same prediction, and I see it coming to pass, right NOW. This information explosion will see more people coming into their personal power, and perhaps together we will restore harmony to our planet.

(JW) I don't expect answers to all of these - some are just another way of asking the same thing - so go with the flow and say what you want others to know. I'm trying to bring out the idea that what you are doing, what you have accomplished is a major dedicated endeavor, and has it's problems as well as rewards. I LOVE you.

  (GS) Thanks, Judi. I LOVE YOU 2 !


Master LadyNada

  From the book "Lords of the Seven rays", by Mark L. and Elizabeth Prophet, are the following excerpts about Lady Master Nada.


Gifts of Diverse Kinds of Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues

Assisting Saint Germain in his "great gathering of the elect" who will serve with him in the cause of world freedom is beloved Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray. This Ascended Lady Master also serves on the Karmic Board as the representative of the Third Ray. Through both offices she teaches Jesus' path of personal Christhood through ministration and service to life.

On Atlantis Nada served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The etheric counterpart of this temple, which is designed after the pattern of a rose, is centered above New Bedford, Massachusetts. Each petal is a room, and in the center there burns the flame of Divine Love -- tended by brothers and sisters of the Third Ray for the healing of Earth's evolutions by Love, which Jesus says is the fullfillment of the law of Karma.

In other embodiments, Nada took up the advocation of law and became an expert in the defense of souls oppressed by the spoilers in the earth. During her meditations upon the Law of God and in the course of her ministrations in the temple, she perceived the Law "as the certain defense which the Mother must use to protect her children from the wiles of this world, from the fallen ones who seek also to use the Law to their unjust purposes."

As Lord of the Sixth Ray of Ministration and Service, the Ascended Lady Master Nada assists ministers, missionaries, healers, teachers, psychologists, counselors at law, professional people, public servants in government as well as those devoted to serving the needs of God's children in every branch of human and health services. You will also find her at the side of businessman and -women, blue-collar, skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, ranchers, defenders of Freedom and revolutionaries of Love in every field.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit which Nada administers are those of diverse kinds of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. These gifts involve the mastery of nuances of vibration in the five secret rays and their almost infinite combinations with the elements of the seven rays as the qualities of the Word are released through the petals of the chakras.

As pertains to human, divine, and angelic tongues, these gifts involve the mastery of speech, communication and the delivery of the Word. They range from the mastery of earth's languages for the transmission of the Word universally to all to proficiency in the tongues of angels as spoken by angelic messengers through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Thus the science of the spoken Word in all of its very human and divine ramifications is Nada's forte, which she conveys with the gifts of tongues and the interpretation thereof. So, too, it must be borne in mind that once the Word is spoken, instantaneously it becomes the manifest Work of the Lord through His mediators on earth.

Following in Jesus' footsteps, beloved Nada had assumed the full Chohanship of the Sixth Ray by December 31, 1959. Nada serves in Jesus' retreat in the etheric octave over Saudi Arabia, where many disciples of the Lord have received their training directly from his Sacred Heart, face to face, during the Saviour's two-thousand-year occupancy of that office.

Here in the home of the Prince of Peace Nada instructs and gives exercises in the God-mastery of the emotions and the quieting of the inordinate passions of the desire body.

Here is where I disagree with E.C. Prophet's channelling on Master Lady Nada. It may be that she was receiving information about Nada's concerns about the emotions, but perhaps Prophet colored her reception with her own ideas here. Nada wishes to teach the divinity of our personal Will, which is revealed to us, through our Emotions. This somewhat new revelation is what Nada and Jesus were working on. No, E.C. Prophet has it completely in error here, because the DENIAL of the emotional body's messages, is what needs to be healed today. The judgement of passions as inordinate, is an error. The quieting of our emotions' messages is an error.


As Nada directs disciples in the application of the radiant purple-and-gold flame of the Sixth Ray --- a key step in the nine steps of precipitation taught by the Master Alchemist Saint Germain and the priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek (as well as by the Seven Mighty Elohim and the elemental builders of form) --- she stresses the path of devotion (bhakti yoga) through the reestablishment of a personal heart-tie to Jesus.



In the "I Am" teachings, Lady Nada is considered the master of the sixth ray of peace, service and brotherhood. She serves on the Karmic Board as a representative of the third ray. Her deep commitment to universal law and justice connect her to Sophia, the Angel of Wisdom in the Kabala tradition. She could also be represented as the feminine symbol of blind justice holding the scales.

Lady Nada works with mental healing and upliftment. The thousand petaled lotus on her forehead symbolizes enlightenment for the feminine, as well as the masculine, mental body. She teaches that intelligence requires the addition of love to become wisdom.

By Celeste ©1992.

Lillith ? also LadyNada?


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