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The best way for me to introduce you to Orvotron and it's occupants, Walter Bartoo (Kortron) and Judi Wells (Solinus), is the same way that I came to know of this place, and these people. I will show you files and messages, over the years, that acquainted me with them.

What IS Orvotron?

Orvotron is a location.

Orvotron is a place on Stone Mountain, in NorthWestern North Carolina.

The following is a description of the site and it's significance, as published in an Orvotron Newsletter from December, 1990.

Stone Mountain, a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was for centuries a power vortex point and sacred mountain used for herb gathering, ceremonial councils and pow wows by the east coast indians under the Cherokee Nation.

About five to six thousand years ago darkness was over taking a world of peace and love. Stone Mountain, being a vortex door and energy point, allowed contact with other worlds and dimensions. The Elders saw that the world was going into a time of darkness that could not be put down. They knew it would correct itself in the future due to cycled renewal, a natural event that comes to all of the Father/Mother creation to re-establish and keep it pure in the Creator's image and his Divine Plan.

The last council, called in this time of darkness was one in which the elders saw the need to take steps to conceal the energy of the mountain from the mounting forces of evil sweeping Earth. Items of a sacred nature were hidden for a future time of renewal. These elders, knowing there was no such thing as death, decided to meet on the site in the future to re-establish the lowered vortex power of the mountain and to open the concealed door to the other dimensions. The door was closed to prevent evil from entering and polluting the other worlds and higher dimensions.

Now that Earth is in a time of purification from all evil and in its renewal time of return to peace and love these Elders are back to open this site to its original vortex energy and bring out the secret uses of the sacred items. It is time for certain things to be accomplished so that this can occur. One of these is the building of a pyramid which will be a directional grounding device to affix new star grids and Throne energies to help create Heaven on Earth.

A site has been prepared and we are asking for your assistance in building this pyramid. The pyramid will be 1,296 sq. ft. or 36' x 36', a structure that could host as many as 200 people at one time. It will accelerate and raise the energy in the east coast quadrant and in the process help millions of people.

Love donations and subscriptions to our bimonthly newsletter will help the Center for Higher Awareness (Orvotron) build the pyramid on this sacred site. Other places around the country are now being reactivated and will also have grounding energy pyramids on them. These are necessary in order to blend Earth and Star energies as the Throne Energies rise to octave resonance. These will help avert the upheavels created during the purification of planet Earth. Your assistance in our endeavor of love is needed.

Peace and Love, Kortron

As You Can See

The Pyramid is Built!

And Activated!

Who IS Kortron?

Kortron is

Walter Bartoo

Let Walter introduce himself to you, in his own words, from a message he posted in our I_UFO echomail conference this year. Walter is the Moderator of I_UFO, which is also our i_ufo-l mailing list.

From:             wb@rochgte.fidonet.org (Walter Bartoo)
Date sent:        Tue, 04 Jul 1995 14:40:09
Subject:          About Your Moderator
To:               i_ufo-l@world.std.com

->  SearchNet's   i_ufo-l   Mailing List

I can see alot of newbees here do not have any idea who I am. So here is a brief summary of your Moderator.

I was born in Somerville N.J. and knew, since birth, that I was a Star Person. Growing up, there was a long wait to being called up in why I was here on Earth. That call came in July of 1977. By Dec of 1977 I was out of N.J. for good after living there for 33 years. I was told, (by spirit), I would eventually find on this journey, my niche and place to be in service to Earth and Humanity. After bouncing around for two years with five kids I was again contacted in West Virgina, and told to relocate to North Carolina; by the third trip, I purchased land on Stone Mountain in Bethal North Carolina.

The Area was remote, undeveloped and had a dirt road for access up the mountain. The land purchased was nothing but woods. I was directed to put in roads, clear parts of it and build a house. After four years this was done to a varied degree with little or no money.

Through the whole experience I was told many things. One was this mountain was a sacred Cherokee mountain and the East Coast Power point. The most powerful one on the eastern united states and that it connected to the Earth grid in a very special way. After the house was livable I was then instructed to build a Pyramid and put out a newsletter. Both of these were accomplished by 1992.

Then after or during the construction of the Pyramid I was told to put up a BBS and start a world communications network. In the FidoNet UFO conference, I messaged to Glenda Stocks one day. We Immediately found a solid connection in each other. Out of that one message Glenda built Searchnet, and we were off after years of disgruntled exchanges in other conferences. This experience directed us to hone the rules to accomodate exchanges minus any flaming or character assasinations directed at users or us. Searchnet was born! This fact created a very negative response from many up and running conferences because folks could exchange minus any censorship or harassment whatsoever. Glenda kept me out of much of the Hellabellu that was nonstop for over eight months. But afterwards gave me moderatorship of this Echo.

(Fidonet I_UFO echomail conference)

So here we are. I've been in this all my life. Have had no less then seven attempts on my life. One death experience. Been paralyized for two months completely and been under Psychotronic warfare, Germ Warfare, and negative Et influences directed at stopping what we are doing. To date none has succeeded. On top of this I've come into a wide range of fields with every type individual and professional in every field wanting to create a better and freer world.

My draw backs are occasionally mispelled words in replys, due to a mind that works faster then I can type one fingered with failing eyesight. I'm fifty two years old, and extremely active from research to contact. I'm disabled with a pacemaker installed in 1975 that turned out to be by the company that builds your friendly implants for abductees. It's now ten years past it's change date but I refused this operation figuring I'd put it in God's hands, versus the grim reapers in a Veteran's Administration Hospital. I'm knowledgeable in many areas of Ufology and other fields not well understood and or known. I do about everything myself from dezigning to building about anything. This includes my house, Vehicles and the Pyramid right down to everything involved in the activated energy devices in it. The list goes on but I thought a brief summary was due here. To get to know all of you.


Regards Walter Aka Kortron, your Moderator.

-> This message was posted to the i_ufo-l Mailing List
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Orvotron & SearchNet: A Genesis

How did Orvotron and SearchNet come into this synergetic relationship?


The combined action of two or more substances or agencies to achieve an effect greater than that of which each is individually capable.

SearchNet is a telecommunications network, and, as it happened, Orvotron had a message to give to the world. I did not REALLY know this, back in 1993. If you have read my short biography, then you will remember that one factor that directed my movements in telecommunications, was that I was mistreated. I was picked on for being a Christian, so I started a Christian BBS. I was attacked for selling competitive software, so I quit the software business. And I was attacked for my spiritual views on the UFO question, so I started my own Network. But, what I did not know, was that the UFO related attack, had more to do with Orvotron's message, than it did with any of my views. In my quest to provide messaging conferences for people with differing opinions, I did not realize that I was also providing a means for the Orvotron message to get out.

There is no way that I can convey to you, the how, and the why, of Orvotron and SearchNet coming together, unless I tell you about the real opposition that Walter Bartoo and I faced, on the networks. Again, it was this conflict against us, that moved me in the directions that I took. Many people made the mistake of thinking that I personally agreed with Walter's every opinion on Ufology. I was not agreeing with Walter on everything. I saw that he had a viewpoint that was different, AND, that, for some reason, certain persons took an undue interest in stopping others from dialoguing with Walter. My focus, then, was to provide a place for Walter and Orvotron's message, to be heard; whether I happened to agree with it, or not. I sensed that, if his message was important enough to meet with this magnitude of resistance, then I, and SearchNet would be the only ones that would make a way for his message to be heard.

So, there were two processes happening at the same time. One, was that SearchNet was growing in popularity and readership, primarily through I_UFO in Fidonet, and through the snet-l mailing list on the Internet. The other process was, a growing opposition that was determined to stop the Orvotron message from coming to people, through the Networks. I did not realize, fully, that this other process was taking place, until well after 11 months of conflict.

Therefore, this section of this WEB page, will put you in my shoes, and in Walter's shoes. You will see how we came together in this synergy. You will see what I saw; some of the messages that Walter posted, back in 1993. You will meet Walter, the way that I did. You will see, some of the cast of characters who comprised our opposition. I will also share with you my suspicions that factions of the government intelligence agencies, took an interest in stopping the Orvotron message.

The following sections will be in the form of posted messages, from past and present. Together, these messages will convey to you the whole story behind the synergy of Orvotron and SearchNet.


In the following sections, you will come to know
a person named, Don Allen.  Don Allen had much
to do with most of the conflict that Walter and I
had on the networks.  I want you to know, NOW,
that we have RECONCILED with Don Allen, as of
October 21, 1995.  GOOD NEWS! Please keep our
reconciliation in mind, as you read our story.

Summary of Next Sections:

Hello UFO buffs....
In the beginning....
Glenda seeks Walter's BBS Number
Scott speaks of Commanders and Starseeds...
Glenda asks for Walter's Newsletter...
Glenda starts to put it together....
Walter feels unwanted in Fido UFO...
Glenda wants to network with StarNet...
Glenda gets access to Walter's BBS...
Glenda tries to define StarSeed...
Steve Jones Sees Psy-ops Coming...
I_UFO STILL Under Attack...
Brief TimeLine 1993-1995
Walter and Glenda plan first voice contact...
I_UFO is Born!
Don Allen helps with advice for I_UFO
I_UFO was needed in FidoNet
A Look at The Aviary
Who is in The Aviary
How the Aviary Links to the Nets

 GS> The following are some excerpts from Walter  Bartoo's
 GS> newsletters from 1993, before and at the time that I
 GS> met him. Also, some net messages that Walter posted in
 GS> 1993 and 1994. Walter Bartoo's Starname is Kortron.
 GS> Walter and Kortron are the same person.

Kortron Speaks:

Summary of Next Sections:

Awakening To The Divine Spirit Within
The Negative Alien Agenda And The Secret Government
The Positive Alien Agenda and The Star People
Ashtar Speaks of Kortron
Why the attacks on Walter?

Who IS Solinus?

I invite you to meet Solinus, by reading a message which she
wrote herself, back in March, 1993.  Again, this message was
posted by Don Allen, who was open-minded back in those days,
and who often presented to people on the nets, various
viewpoints for their consideration.  The message below was
written by Solinus of Orvotron.

Date: 03-20-93 (13:37)       
From: DON ALLEN      
  To: ALL         
Subj: FILE: Mar/Apr93 Orvotron       Conf: (1555) TalkReligNewage

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,talk.religion.newage,alt.paranormal
From: dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen)
Subject: FILE: Mar/Apr93 Orvotron Newsletter - Ashtar on Team effort
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1993 02:07:31 GMT

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to
the computer network system. I am Solinus. I am a
multidimensional being and my mission is to help those that
I come in contact with on Mother Earth to realize that both
she and they have come to a crossroads and it is time to
make a choice about negative and positive energies.

Many of you have read messages from Kortron and responded.
Many more of you have read the conversations, the debates,
the bashings going both directions and have remained silent,
keeping your opinions to yourselves. This has been my
position for quite some time now, but Spirit is now gently
prodding me to get involved in a more direct way. Therefore,
I wish to make myself known to all of you. I am Kortron's
earthbound ground (much to his frustration some times as he
has a tendency to be "other worldly" - much to my

Rather than become a "computer widow" I now join forces with
Kortron on another level. In doing so I am merely extending
the role that I accepted three years ago when we came out of
the closet and began actively seeking to communicate with
other Lightworkers. It began very simply with the
publication of the Orvotron Bimonthly Newsletter which I
edit and publish. As projects have a tendency to do however,
the newsletter grew both in length and distribution. No
longer were we just communicating with our Family of Light
but others who were on a spiritual path attempting to
understand their purpose for being on Earth at this time
became interested in our work. With the creation of Spirit
BBS we began to reach a worldwide audience and through the
gathering and exchanging of information our network has
expanded at a phenomenal rate.

At the same time a 39' x 39' wooden pyramid was being
constructed on our property. It is being built entirely by
love donations from our subscribers and supporters because
they have discerned for themselves that the building is a
necessary element in the transformation of Earth and her
inhabitants. It is a building built for love, by love. It is
a receiver/transmitter of the love vibration which will
eventually bring Heaven to Earth or Earth to Heaven - either
perspective is correct. The point is it is happening and
there is nothing that you, the negative ET's or the dark
forces operating to keep you under their control can do
about it. One can choose to resist the vibration, the energy
of love, and suffer the consequences of that decision, or
one can choose to blend with it, to become it. Our message
is that simple.

Kortron, as you may have noticed, has a tendency to go off
on tangents when he is attempting to answer questions or
communicate his truth. This is natural as ALL IS ONE, all is
interconnected and one subject leads to another. I am
especially aware that Kortron does this since I live with
him, listen to his conversations with others and edit his
input in the newsletter. Since he is an ET the English
language, both spoken and written, are sometimes difficult
for him to use to get across his ideas; afterall telepathy
is the only means of communication used where he is from. So
my job as his ground is to interpret alien into English, to
make it a little more understandable and perhaps a little
more palatable by adding light and love here and there. His
heart is in the right place. He definately works for The
Source, the One Creator, but he is a Tron (Metatron) and
therefore blunt, matter of fact and a little abrasive at
times, as we all can be.

But let's admit it folks, he has gotten your attention. He
has made you consider and think about life as you know it
from a different perspective. His goal is to have you
operate from and focus on the Big Picture, not the Little
Picture of your individual, often mundane lives. One truth I
have learned from him is that adopting the larger
perspective as a base of operation has put the smaller
picture of my own life naturally in its place, in the right
perspective. My personal woes and concerns have become
secondary to those of the planet, the galaxies, the
universes and as I become more open to the myriad of
possibilities, I learn that anything is possible.

You will hear more from me as I have now joined Kortron and
others in the effort to awaken the seekers who use the
computer echo systems to communicate about UFO's,
governmental controls and ET's - the good, the bad and the
ugly. With that I now send you the March/April, 1993,
Orvotron Bimonthly Newsletter. My sincere hope is that you
too will accept the Love Vibration and become one with LOVE.
I Am That I AM.

                       With Love in The Light,

Please Read a 1993 Message from Orvotron

Glenda recaps the score....

In the Spring of 1993, Kortron and Solinus were telling the
readers of their Orvotron newsletter, that we were in PHASE
TWO of Earth's ascension process. They warned us about the
technological advances in mind control and mass media
programming. As a Tron, Walter worked with Energy Grids,
through the pyramid at Orvotron. Earth's Magnetic and
Etheric fields were taking in the Higher Vibrational
Energies of Fifth dimensional consciousness. Walter advised
all Light-Workers to contact their own Source Within, and
join together in a GROUP effort to manifest Love on Earth.
We were admonished to begin practising our abilities to
Consciously Create.

Today, Light-Workers worldwide are familiar with all of
these themes, but in 1993, the Orvotron newsletter was just
starting to be shared on telecommunications networks. Don
Allen was posting some issues of the Orvotron newsletter on
the Internet's usenet group, alt.alien.visitors. Walter had
begun to share his ideas on Fidonet's UFO message conference
(echo). Walter's words would have triggered many
lightworkers online, but he was shouted down by many, on the
UFO echo. When I met Walter in March, 1993, he was already
in the midst of users taking a vote as to whether anyone
wanted to discuss his ideas in the UFO echo. Walter's dream
of creating "StarNet" for online lightworkers, manifested in
my SearchNet network. Walter helped me get SearchNet linked
up with many participating Bulletin Boards, in North
America, and around the world.

Walter and I continued to try to reach people in Fidonet's
UFO echo, for about one year, before I was able to add our
I_UFO echo to the Fidonet Backbone of message conferences.
Little did I know, that once Walter had a platform to be
heard by 1000's of people worldwide, that antogonists would
come forth to stop Walter. For eigth months from May, 1994
until December 1994, our I_UFO echo was under SEIGE by
protaganists who were determined to keep our message forum
disrupted. Their main goal was to DESTROY the credibility of
Walter Bartoo. They seized upon his every sentence. They
nitpicked, ridiculed, questioned, anf refuted, everything
that Walter would post in I_UFO. Their relentless attacks in
I_UFO, together with their possible machinations behind the
scenes, were hampering Fidonet users' ability to get
involved in discussions in our I_UFO echo.

In January, 1995, I decided to drum up some support for
I_UFO, and to invite new Fidonet users to join our echo. I
wrote an article and submitted it to the Fidonews
newsletter. The Fidonews newsletter is an online,
elecotronic publication for fidonet enthusiasts. I will
share with you here, now, my article from January 16, 1995.

In The Face of Adversity

In the face of adversity, I wrote two articles for the Fidonet Fidonews online newsletter.


GOOD NEWS!  Although Don Allen had much
to do with most of the conflict that Walter and I
had on the networks.  I want you to know, NOW,
that we have RECONCILED with Don Allen, as of
October 21, 1995.

Vintage Kortron

Some more candid remarks by Walter Bartoo, a.k.a. Kortron. Three messages that Kotron posted from 1993 to 1994.

Early Orvotron

Take a look at the message from Orvotron, from three years before I met Walter and Judi (Kotron and Solinus). This article is from their FIRST Orvotron Newsletter, in Jan/Feb 1990! This five year old article is PROPHETIC. Clearly, five years ago, Kortron spoke about EXACTLY the situation that is before us, TODAY, in 1995.

Please explore some selected excerpts of Orvotron NewsLetters, from 1990 through 1994.

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