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The Triumph of Death

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The Waste Land, T.S. Eliot and his times

The Waste Land (under construction)
T.S. Eliot (under construction)
Copyright and The Waste Land
Timeline - What was happening in the 'roaring' 20s (under construction)
I plan on creating my own timeline page for 1910-1929 but, until I do, use this wonderful website dealing with the events of the 1920s: Welcome to the 1920s


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About the commentary
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T.S. Eliot and Jean Verdenal
Eliot's friend may be Phlebas. This page is partly informational, partly commentary


Informational pages

Marie, Countess Larisch
About the real Marie of The Waste Land
Songs in The Waste Land
Lyrics, sound files and such


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For most of you.
For tech-head poetry lovers.
For those who 'think different' [sic].
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My other Eliot pages
On a different section of my website.
Bibliography section
Besides having a list this section also has links to pages describing the books.
Organized links
A page of links to other websites and pages. I have attempted to organize these.
Unorganized but more complete list of links
This page is an attempt to list every link made on this site to another site. These are number with a unique number. The URL of each link is also displayed for these links.
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Theme paper topics
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Fancy words to give your paper a little extra.


Understanding The Waste Land

Hints for reading and understanding The Waste Land (under construction)
How to use this site (under construction)

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