The Waste Land

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The Triumph of Death


Books and printed material

This page contains a T.S. Eliot bibliography. This will be a list of printed material about Eliot or The Waste Land. Links to other websites and pages are listed on a seperate page of links.

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Highly Recommended Books:

Here are my most highly recommended books and the reasons why they are:


Each of the books below that are hyperlinked have a page of information about them at the Exploring The Waste Land website. Just follow the links.

Mainly about The Waste Land:

Biographies, memoirs, biographical criticism:



Miscellaneous works:

These are works that may help you understand The Waste Land or may contain Eliot criticism but are not primarily about Eliot.

Although paperback copies of Weston's and Frazer's books are inexpensive even cheaper is downloading copies off the web. There are some links below that allow that.

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