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The Triumph of Death

Site Design

This page needs to be neatened up, added to and rewritten. Right now it just gets the basic points across.

The site was designed for frame-capable browsers. If the tabled version of the poem is wanted then the browsers must be able to support a large table. The browser must also be able to display a new version of itself when a window is named/targeted. The site is usable with graphic displays off but the site may use an occassional small icon. Thus you can safely have graphics set either "on" or "off". The site also uses background colors and seperate colors for table cells. Having a browser that can handle this is helpful but should not be necessary. I'm assuming a graphics display of 256 colors. If you have a browser that can handle my site properly you probably will also have a system that can handle 256 colors.

The web page that contains the poem is fairly large (about 75 - 150 KB depending on the display version selected). Once downloaded, the browser may have to work a bit to present the poem (especially if you picked the tabled format). As designed though, I do not place anything in on top of the poem's frame so, once you are setup, the overhead should be minimal.

The HTML used in the web pages is pretty basic. You can control the font and size, the text and link colors. The background colors I use are not likely to be set by you to be your default text and link colors. Therefore there is a good chance of the text being visible without your having to re-define the text colors. The frames in the window are resizable.

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