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The Triumph of Death

Reader's comments about the website

This is my 'at-a-boy page.

Thank you Steve for these kind words:

First of all, thank you for sharing your incredible Web site with me. You have created a rare and beautiful web site. One that is technically supurb and a major contribution to poetry lovers.

I found the site very easy to navigate and easy to retrieve tons of useful information. I have been studying The Waste Land for several months now, and you've cited most of the references that I have found useful.

Your concept of using hypertext and frames to elucidate the poem is fantastic. It should become a standard way of presenting complex poetry. It's amazing how creatively you used technology for the purpose of illuminating art (where 'technology' is often seen as the antithesis of art.) Well done.

Brett Baer wrote:

Thanks for putting in the depth of work to make the site what it is. I've been interested in reading The Waste Land for some time, but never sensed that I had the time or energy to dig in as much as I owed the poem. Your site takes the burden out of doing so.

. . . 

I did a fair amount of searching before I really sat down and read the Waste Land on your site. Your site was particularly useful because it didn't spoon feed the meaning of the poem, but it did make it digestible.

Peta-Jane Fields wrote:

Just a note to say thank you very much for your web site on T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land : it is clear; easy to follow; superbly illuminating; and penetrates deeper into its subject in a disciplined scholarly manner than any other literary website I have found to date - thank you.

Preeti Pajwani wrote:

We just finished reading The Waste Land on your fantastic web site. ... Thanks for all the work you put in--it is the first time I've been able to read The Waste Land all the way through without giving up in utter confusion and frustration.

K.H. wrote:

I'm doing my senior research project on Eliot's The Waste Land. I just wanted to thank you because your site has been extremely helpful in my research. I have to admire what you did with it, because you made such a wealth of information availible and all of it is useful. It has made me appreciate all the allusions which escaped me before. Thanks

Marcas O'Duinn wrote:

Your 'Exploring The Waste Land' site is the best use of the web I have ever seen!

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