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EPP Flat Foamie Series

Our **NEW** 40" EPP Yak55 XL kit.
Our 32" Original EPP Yak55 kit.
Our 32" Lightweight Yak55 kit.
Our 22" Mini Yak55 kit.
Our 32" EPP Extra kit.
Our 22" Mini Extra kit.
Our kit of Leadfeather's 3D Delta from RCGroups. (RCGroups discussion thread).

EPP Warbird Series

Our 33" EPP P-51D kit (RCGroups discussion thread).
Our 22" Mini P-51D kit. (RCGroups discussion thread).
Our 34" EPP Spitfire kit. (RCGroups discussion thread).
Our 34" EPP ME-109 kit. (RCGroups discussion thread).

Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger Designs

EPP BluFO and all the necessary accessories to complete it.
EPP BluFO-XL introduced at Joe Nall Week 2017 and all the necessary accessories to complete it.

R/C Combat Gremlins ***Discontinued***

After 26 years of manufacturing and selling R/C Combat Gremlins, I have decided to discontinue production. I held the kit price constant while my costs have risen and demand has tapering off, I don't feel raising the prices to a profitable level which would further depress demand justifies the inventory commitment on the materials to continue producing the kits. Nothing else in my product line uses EPS Foam and downspout.


We have put our instructions up on the web so people can click on the images and see a full sized color image.


Indoor accessories are now available for our EPP foamy friends.
Recommending Beacon Foam-Tac EPP and Depron glue (the only glue we use for building our RTF models), Beacon Foam-Finish filler, smoother, waterproofer, Beacon Hobby Coat protective coating and sealer, and Blenderm hinge tape for building our Flat Foamie Series designs

News, Pictures and Videos

See some of the News and Interviews we have had
Be sure to check out our Product specific YouTube playlists.
A demonstration video of John Glezellis flying one of our 32" EPP Yak55 kits
A demonstration video of Jessie Russell comparing our 32" EPP vs Depron Yak55 kits
A gallery of some of our Customer's Flat Foamie builds

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