Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger Designs EPP BluFO

Customers are always asking me "What do I need to complete this kit?"
This page contains all the pieces specifically for building and flying the EPP BluFO.
You will need batteries, a transmitter and a receiver as well.

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A Video review by Jim T. Graham from RCGroups.
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Joel is MetroGTI on RCGroups

Joel was inspired to come up with his design after he took some liberties with the original Blue Foam Wonder which itself has been around for sometime. He both stylized it even more and developed a better flying aircraft to boot. The name reflects the fact that the originals were built out of blue fanfold foam. Several additional variations have evolved including an EDF version and a couple of float planes. The current EPP version which is very durable for full contact combat events and FPV.

EPP BluFO (unpainted)

The link below will always contain the latest instructions which might be more up to date than the paper copy included with the kit. Plus you can click on the pictures and get large color versions to better see details.

EPP BluFO Instructions

The BluFO discussion and build log can be found at:

The BluFO YouTube video playlist.
FPV BluFO in Flight
An FPV BluFO in Flight
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Replacement Hatch

It has come to our attention that people have been losing hatches in flight
and in some cases they have gone through the prop, destroying them. So
we are offering a replacement hatch kit including the magnet.

$10.00 each

Creation date: Sunday December 11, 2016
Last updated: Thursday October 31, 2019

For more information send email to RA Cores

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