32" 9mm 1.3# EPP Leadfeather Yak55

Customers are always asking me "What do I need to complete this kit?"
This page contains all the pieces specifically for building and flying the 32" EPP Yak55.
You will need batteries, a transmitter and a receiver as well.

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Picture of Yak55 torque rolling
Showing all sides of the paint job on our painted kits.
(actual plane in flight extracted from video)

This is the typical version of the plane flown. It has the light weight and great handling characteristics and yet the EPP foam gives it some resilience to the bumps and less than perfect landings seen when learning new maneuvers. It is fully capable of 3D maneuvers and can be flown indoors or outdoors and yet can be toned down to be grown with and into. This is not a self-righting trainer airplane but it is a great option for learning more advanced tricks and a fun companion indoors over the winter that will move outdoors with you in spring.

Flat Foamie Series 32" 9mm EPP Yak55

The link below will always contain the latest instructions which might be more up to date than the paper copy included with the kit. Plus you can click on the pictures and get large color versions to better see details.

EPP Flat Foamie Series Yak55 Instructions

The 9mm EPP Yak55 YouTube video playlist.

There is a review of this kit on RCGroups here.

Robert Viskil at tallguysrc.com did a video review
of this kit here.
The Yak Rainbow
The colors available
Click to Enlarge


Select prop based on 2S or 3S battery.

Creation date: Sunday December 11, 2016
Last updated: Friday May 15, 2020

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